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  1. Theres something about Goody2shoes women that gets me off. Lovely women.
  2. The car scappage scheme has been great for countries like Germany & France who have been the real winners. When these various scrappage schemes come to an end, I think we will see these countries falling into a double dip recession. I dont know anyone who was conned into buying a car at the 2k inflated price. Most bought from auctions where car were prices reasonably low for a 2 year old, low milage car. What fool buys new, unless your leasing for a business.
  3. They are working on software which can do the job faster and safer than humans, its due for release next year after testing. I suppose if your going to argue for a pay increase, then you need to do it before your replaced rather than after.
  4. Best time to buy in the last 10 years to be sure. Can you haggle a lower price . . . probably.
  5. Its hard to find anything good to say about this bank. It has terrible customer service, it is massively indebted to the taxpayer through bank bailout, it had to rescued by Lloyds and is essentially a dead loss. Gordon Brown, saved the world from the banks through his idea (to his credit) of recapatising the banks. Now its time to take the next step, liquidation. The first order of business is to take the HBOS and move all of its savers and current account holders over to the Lloyds Bank and dissolve the name Halifax. these should be Lloyds customers. The take the mortgage book and hold it trust as a public organisation. Essentially anyone with a halifax mortgage, is living in a council run house which is subsequently owned by the local government. All mortgage payments should be made to local government and offset against what is paid to them from central government. The rest of haliifax such as staff, should be given a reasonable redundancy payment and the doors to be closed on this walking disaster which is Halifax bank of Scotland. Then the same should be done to Royal Bank of Scotland, making Natwest & Natwest Coutts the lead banking arm. RBS should close. There is no need for a Halifax bank !!!
  6. About as difficult as me crediting my own account with cleared funds of 10 million quid. If I aint got it, then "soon as possible", will have to do.
  7. If your a homeowner, then your home is increasing in value. Gone are the days of sliding house prices and write down of your assets. The recession is over and everything is right and rosey again. Well isnt it ... .. ... erm .... . .. .. NO !!! What a load of tut. From what I have read about Goldman Sach, then I think another Lehman Brothers is on the horizon and we no cash left for a bailout, I predict 2010/2011 to be shall we say interesting.
  8. Fraud is one of the few crimes which practically everyone tries to brush under the carpet, especially the Police. It is very difficult if ever to secure a conviction, let alone expensive. Mortgage fraud is even harder to prosecute against. We have all heard of Liar Loans (thanks to Eric Pebble). How many people have commited mortgage fraud, 1000 or 100,000 even more. How many prosecutions have their been, practically none. If house prices increase as predicted by the popular, and the property market starts to move again. The many of these fraudsters will profit from their crimes and dissapear completely undetected. Right now you probably thinking, so what. What have they done wrong really. Who cares. This is the reason why fraud is an acceptable crime in the UK, we just dont take it seriously enough and so it is prolific.
  9. Ireland is next door to the United Kingdom. Euro countries love the UK to join to strengthen the Euro, once it has its deficit under control too. You dont get new countries to join you decadent currency by beating upon its next door neirbour. Instead you hold Ireland up as model of how much the Irish love their new currency that they want more of it by signing the Lisbon Treaty. Come on UK, get your house in order, get rid of Gordon and join us in the Euro. BTW Ireland, theres a fricking big whole in your budget, sort it out or you'll be like Greece and Spain. We cant let the UK see what a dismal failure the Euro is, until they've joined and can help pick up the mess we have created over the past 10 years.
  10. Greece is a typical example of a country that shouldnt be in the Euro. Greece make most of its income from taxes, mostly related to tourism, shipping amongst others. Greece is a lovely country, but so is Turkey. One is more expensive than the other and that in part is thanks to the Euro. The number of tourists visiting Greece's neirbours such as Turkey and Egypt have gone through the roof, while Greece has seen year on year decline since ditching the drachma. Sorry Greece, but you need to remember where you came from, because we loved you the way you used to be. If Greece doesnt get rid of the Euro or bailed our by the big boys then this is definitly one to watch, expecially regarding property.
  11. I have already thought of a cure for this. I am going to watch BBC News 24 for a full 24 hours. A good dose of propaganda should straighten me right out.,
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