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  1. the dow may go up in the short term then it will fall again...for how long, will this carry on
  2. just a few weeks left, in march we will see who will be ...joking apart this is the calm before the storm...ramping is when you hope to get people to buy, to improve your own investment or bet call it what you like,i don't care if they do or don't i just wanted to warn people what is going to happen... everyone will see very soon how right or wrong i was...!!!
  3. yes if prices are as low as 80k but in london it's more like 250k...the job losses are going to get much worse,this will slow things,,when interst rates go through the roof then what !!! crash..it's too early, really to be sure of anything, anybody buying their home and can afford the repayments today needs to think could they at say 8% or 12% it will get that bad just after the next election. however if they can get a 5 year fix deal then they will be ok...
  4. well he was god to the bankers so he might want more !!!
  5. yes that's true but it's not going to happen any time soon...and incomes are still out of sink with prices,they would still need liar loans even if 10% deals came back.
  6. i will take up up on your offer,,the pound is going to crash in march you know zip...give me even 2/1 i will take you up on your offer,,,let's do it for your house i will put down half of what you think it's worth if you lose i get it..if you win off course you get to keep my money....let's set this up...sibley ans ASP pls.
  7. the pound will crash in march !!! now is the last chance to get out of the pound it's so very true....just a few weeks left.
  8. pls don't forget to take your tablets, if this is what happens to you when you don't take them !!! oh yes, the jobs market is also very strong now isn't it !!! get real...the d.express has become a joke, with a stupid story like this along with many otheirs over the year's...!!!
  9. oh no!!! they only think interst only ever go down,,just like property prices only ever go up...oh dear,oh dear,,many will be cut down when interst rates go back up, which they will do sooner or later...
  10. the half naked sounds nice... no but you have a good point maybe it will help to save the world,if every one did the same !!!
  11. bump !!! are they taking the piss or what surely that can't be right for USA...prices will drop to 1970's if they carry on, at this rate..oh dear,oh dear,,yes indeed pass the tinfoil old chap !!!
  12. you could well be right my freind !!! god knows he can afford them with 50bn...!!!
  13. it's the sort of stuff said on HPC it was indeed a nice read....yes they did try to talk sense to the seller. i doubt he will drop his price i reckon it will be a repo in a few months..90 year lease he diden't need to get a new one for a few years..i wish he, had been one of my lease holders.. just look he wants to sell on this market, is he clever or what !!!
  14. ok we get it,,what did you take to get to this level of thinking !!! is it legal ....
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