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  1. Thank you. So there we are. You don't get it unless you have asthma or COPD etc.
  2. Interesting - thanks. I'd love to see some evidence that this is being followed in the UK. I'm not saying it is not - I just don't know.
  3. Gosh, that is a long (and possibly Spanish) document! Is there any particular bit of interest? Excellent. Would you mind demonstrating how you know this?
  4. It seems they are working on it... https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1873 So (once infected) a man is twice as likely to die from Covid as a woman, but someone with severe ashma is only 25% more likely to die as someone who does not have ashma. This seems odd, perhaps these is some other variable at work? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8300001/Men-TWICE-likely-die-coronavirus-women.html
  5. Go to any small village. Around the village green, many of the houses have overly large front windows. Once, these would have been the butchers, the bakers, the village shop etc. The village I live in even had a coffee shop! These are all now homes. I suspect something similar will happen in towns now.
  6. Yeah, regulatory capture. But the reason for my own caution is that personal (household) experience may be coloring my perception. I know. And so does the NHS now. If they didn't, Boris would probably be dead. But I take your point - just before lock-down, intubation probably was the go-to approach for very serious cases. But this begs the question - if the NHS is capable of adapting to facts experience (tactics over strategy if you will), why are they not using the well understood corticosteroids approach. Is it because it does not work, or something else? I didn't get that far - I can't even find the facility!
  7. Well, thanks for replying! I really hope that posters with more knowledge than me will look at your link and either dispute it or discuss it. What you have posted is either a total game changer, or fake. -------------------------------------------------------------- For people who didn't see my original reply: The steroid that cured(?) my wife is the same (similar name?) as that specified in the approach outlined in Arpeggio's link. Obviously I have skin in this game... (And no, she never had a test. The treatment was based on asthma associated complications, not Covid) Thanks for the other links - I did try and PM you. Is that facility now disabled? I hope you don't mind me snipping your post.
  8. This is interesting. One week before the lockdown, my wife started showing symptoms - cough, difficulty breathing, chest pains. She was really struggling and we were worried. She routinely gets chest infections associated with asthma, but this was worse than in the past. She also had a high temperature for a short amount of time. She has severe asthma and the symptoms were treated as a chest infection associated with the asthma. The thing cleared up in days and it was a struggle to get her to isolate from the family for the full 7 days. The treatment was steroids (and antibiotics because of the suspected infection). The steroid was prednisolone (not sure about the Methyl prefix). This is of course only an anecdote, but we joked at the time that she had discovered the cure for Covid.
  9. Not sure what you mean by this, but I remember "let to buy" mortgages from the early '90s. You just had to find a tenant for your underwater home and you could buy a new one. They essentially created the BTL thing - lots of people got into it by accident and were surprised to find they had fallen into a nice little earner. I'm not sure how well it would work now - BTL is not what it was and a lot of people would find they had fallen into a nice little cluster******. Perhaps if they were HMG sanctioned?
  10. It depends on individual circumstances, but whatever the package, it is just kicking the can down the road, not a free house. From their website:
  11. This is the story they should have run with - "yes, I did break the rules. I'm very sorry. The police have investigated and tell me it was a minor infringement and they do not intend to take any action. I am however very very sorry and I will be making a donation equivalent to the maximum fine for this offence to Sir Captain Tom's charity." *hangs head, manages not to smirk* Instead, we got "I'm 100% innocent, move along there, I was testing my eyes, nothing to see here" *dupers-delight* Now, the issue is all about his character and that of Boris et al, rather than some bluebells.
  12. This is good news. I'm always pleased to be surprised by good news. Worth bearing in mind though, that perhaps Nissan feel that they can get the productivity increases they want more easily in a post EU UK, once amendments to workers rights in the UK are made.
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