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  1. Peter Hale (executive director of the Foundation for Vaccine Research in Washington): “[There is] growing support at the highest level of the Biden administration for the notion that the Covid-19 pandemic may well have stemmed from a lab escape”. https://www.ft.com/content/818fc569-14ba-49cc-a001-bc76c50499ac
  2. I remember when these boards were properly moderated.
  3. It was the same in Scotland. I grew up in a protestant village. So you had to hate the pope and hate Celtic. Which also made you a staunch Unionist. But they hated the English, so that was odd.
  4. Is this the last thing on which we all here agree?
  5. From that link: "while B.1.617.2 numbers are not currently that big, they are doubling every week"
  6. Just to be clear, this is not a trick question.
  7. Nice one! Whatever happened to wind instruments? Particularly the saxophone. I remember Madness had a sax. And so (at 0.49) did these retrobates:
  8. Yes, but for very obvious reasons, that was never going to happen. To be fair, if there was anyone who (politically speaking) could have done it, it would have been Brown. But he didn't. Because he couldn't / didn't want to / didn't think of it? I dunno, but is there is one clear outlier in the above 3 options? PS. Why can't I get a new line without it forcing a new paragraph?
  9. The bailouts were not the problem, they were just a panicked (but effective) sticking plaster. The problem was what went before - letting the banks* get too big, too over leveraged and too over-connected. * there's more to it than that, but never mind PS. I posted a question in off-topic that some people here might be able to answer.
  10. Please can someone tell me what UK GDP is in GBP using the expenditure methodology? I'm being a bit thick.
  11. I don't know if anybody has noticed, but cases are going up again. At the same time, the number of deaths is becoming vanishingly small. Is that because the NHS is better at treating / no longer overwhelmed? Is it because the dominant strain is not as deadly as the original? Or something else? And are these two things connected?
  12. That is some serious shit. I wonder how many then go on to be accepted for more "exotic" products?
  13. (...) If peoples click on one link this year, make it this one. It is astonishing.
  14. Easy tiger - The man is just opening up and sharing his personal experience. This is of value to all of us. We all have history.
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