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  1. A direct question to you: Do you think they are just incompetent, or are there dark works afoot in the corridors of power?
  2. I didn't mention it the first time (I assumed it was a typo and you meant bedroom). But you have said this twice now, so I have to ask: Do you have your own bed in the current place?
  3. I'm in almost exactly the same boat, and I'm having second thoughts too. The difference is, I'm not a FTB, so it is more of a sideways move.
  4. That might explain it. I seem to remember there were a number of gold threads that were deleted when the "Gold strategy" thread was pinned... in 2011.
  5. Yeah, but my point is that they might find it harder to reboot the property ponzi. In other words, they might be in our 2006, but their 2010 might not look like ours.
  6. Hi Zugzwang, what has happened to your posts? I don't mean the quality, I mean the record / history of them. According to the search function, you joined in 2007, but didn't make your first post until 2011. Now, one might make an assumption about what that means, but I also joined in 2007 and am sure you were around and posting at that point. (I remember because I am a chess fan and I made an early post relating to trébuchet.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zugzwang#Trébuchet
  7. But isn't there a difference, in that in the period 1987 - 2007, we didn't build enough homes, whereas China has built too many?
  8. I'm sort of wondering if they (the BOE) will make the same mistake again. (Raising rates much too late and a little too hard.) They do have form in this...
  9. So would you agree with me? (My post that you replied to is copied below.)
  10. Um. All of you anarchists love being owned by corrupt rulers, don't you? But seriously, WTF?
  11. 😀 I saw the first line of your post and thought "20%". So yes, I think we agree on something!
  12. I think the market has already turned. I don't think the BOE rate will go beyond 2.5%. By the time they get to 2%, house prices will already be cratering.
  13. LOL I think that would be a fair description of a corrupt system!
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