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  1. to buy leasehold is foolish.this will always be the case unless, the freehold is given to the flat owners as is the case in belgium.
  2. none of the PIGS.. is ever going to pay back...it's, never, never land..markets go up some people make money,as they do when the same markets go down. third world debt has never been paid back nor will it BE...usa is never going to pay back...the PIGS are never going to pay back..the only people to pay back are the little people.
  3. the largest note is only 100 rmb...here in china everybodys accepts it. yes people check the notes to make sure your not giving a fake note.thats the case in europe too.
  4. try working for yourself,,,only you will ever pay yourself, what you think your worth...why blame the rich.....
  5. I was told march 2009 1=1 euro against the pound back in 2007, so kept my money in euro's have changed 50% of my money in jan 2009 into £'s. will hold on to my otheir 50% in euro's.I have made a few bet's on the euro against the pound in the last 6 months made very good money. if i had changed my money back in 2007 like i was thinking of doing,it was around 1.5 euro's =£1 at the time.I would have lost a great deal of money. I hold my hands up yes i was wrong....but i am a very happy man with the out come. as to otheir peoples anger towards me,it's just a part of life. I have all i need, have not really worked for over 26 years collecting rent is not work,bought property in brussels for peanuts sold it at good price.i have my freeholds in london.all the lease holders leases are under 75 years now.i have been very lucky in my life. i wish everyone on HPC all the best.even to all the people who hate me. they will hate me even more as i have bought property in london to rent out..btl landlord is the most hated person on HPC,well so what !!! the world is not about to end,doom & gloom is here now it will be gone in a year or two..even if it takes 5 years so what if you have money & property,or a job. I feel sorry for all those who have no job no hope.I hope the frustrated people on hpc find what their looking for..hate is not the ans for them the sooner they find that out the better off they will be. I hope people on hpc carry on it's a great forum, good luck to everyone on it...
  6. the sooner we get ea's boards saying 50% of peak the better !!! maybe someone should put up boards saying this for the 01-04 help some of the fools see sense
  7. if you had the same chance what would you do ??? more to the point if you were a mp woulden't you get everything you could ...so what he got caught with his pants down good luck to him
  8. what's wrong with giving poor people more money to live on ? I doubt very much that life on the dole is something people look forward to as they lose their jobs,income support or dole will not make you rich !!! the bankers got bn's go after them...no one on the dole will get that sort of money.. or why don't we stop all dole payments would you like to do that ? get real dole is the only thing that poor people have to live on !!!
  9. bump. theft by tenant or landlord is wrong. as for all landlords being scum as some claim on this site, this must be some sick joke, just look at the scum who want people to cheat on the housing alowance. I doubt any landlord would want any tenant to cheat the government out of money meant for housing. all cheats are scum !!!
  10. oh dear, oh dear,,the reason at the time i had to take out insurance was to cover some bet's for jan&feb i had made..i have no insurance for this month doing very well so far and it's going to get better !!! I don't need to work now do you ?
  11. just a few days left,march is here just watch what happens to the pound & dollar... at the end of this month i know who will be
  12. I have said since early oct 2008 that by the end of march the euro will be 1=1 or better... this month will prove to be one of the best months ever for the euro... what do you say ?
  13. I said parity with the pound this month or better !!! stop taking drugs
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