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  1. My thread giving my reasons to believe prices have bottomed out has been deleted I was quickly insulted and accused of being a troll and then the tread was deleted? Why? Is that how this forum works? - that you can only make new threads that agree house prices will halve?
  2. The whole thrust of Rightmove's report is bad news - but their own figures on asking prices, time on the market and enquiries, defy that - as do the Halifax figures.
  3. Writing to an MP is a complete waste of time. I've done it many times. MPs are already aware of the problems. The fact that the story, for example, of the girl raped by a gang and burned with acid and the judge gives them a few years may have appeared in the tabloids, doesn't make it any more acceptable. The fact is MPs are quite HAPPY with this situation or they would do something about it. Change will only happen if enough people join forces and say enough is enough, as they did in Kidderminster when they elected a local doctor as an independent to save their hospital. As for the police, since when has "I'm just following orders" been an excuse to abdicate themselves from the job they are expected to do and presumable wanted to do.
  4. 1/ Halifax provides statistical evidence the housing market may be turning around with prices rising 1.9% in a month 2/ Rightmove shows asking prices rising by 1.2% in a month - rising in 7 out of 10 regions 3/ These headline figures can only have a further positive effect on house prices and housing market confidence 4/ Rightmove confirms estate agent activity is increasing with enquiries up 108% on a year ago 5/ Rightmove shows time on the market for property has fallen 6/ Interest rates continue to fall to record lows putting an upward pressure on house prices 7/ With low interest rates, would-be deposits are not earning much interest sitting in the bank 8/ Housing stock coming onto the market has fallen 45% from a year ago 9/ Pent up demand is huge as potentially hundreds of thousands of buyers have stayed out of the market due to high prices, poor affordability and lack of confidence in the market 10/ House price affordability has improved from a price-to-average earnings ratio of 5.84 to 4.48, with further interest cuts that is moving towards the long-term average of 4
  5. Ever heard of the expression "starter homes?" Since when have first time buyers been able to afford the average house? Wishful thinking maybe on your part, but it isn't going to happen.
  6. So she's has around 70k of equity if she sold now. How many people live with her? Would she consider a lodger to boost her income? 'm not sure how the 10 years mortgage comes in? My interest only mortgage effectively runs until I die if I don't pay it off before. Is there anything that can be done wihout too much cost to improve the value of the house? Obviously she may have to downsize at a later date to pay off the loan if she can't keep up repayments in the future.
  7. Don't worry about it. She is doing fine with a great mortgage deal, very low payments with interest rates low and has the cushion of the capital. The worst thing she could do is use her cash to reduce the mortgage. Spend more time worrying about yourself.
  8. Now is the time to pick up an absolute bargain There is nothing like owning your own place If you rent you are living in somebody elses house If you own a house you can change it around inside Put in any style of kitchen or bathroom Paint the front door any colour You move when you decide, not when your landlord decides to sell up for example There is an emotional connection in really making your home your own Home ownership is something worthy to aspire too
  9. I remember the last two recessions well. I particularly remember the ERM fiasco. We came out and devalued the pound and slashed interest rates. We were on the way to recovery as soon as we came out. Yes things are bad right now, but add all the positives together, low interest rates, government stimulus, cheaper fuel, inflation falling. Most people have got more money in their pocket now than 6 months ago and as the interest rates feed through that can only get better. Yes savers are worse off, but by definition savers aren't big spenders. Yes jobs are going, but that is because of the mistakes of the past year or so rather than the direction we are now heading.
  10. This headline will be a much needed boost for the confidence of the housing market. The tide will turn.
  11. "Just behind the curve?" Where does this curve come from? What makes you think Britain will follow America? We have NOT had the same sub-prime situation. UK house prices started falling because the British lenders were being affected and mortgage deals fell through the floor. Then we had the credit crunch, high fuel prices and interest rates too high for too long, and then the bank bailouts and a crisis in the flow of money. That is different from America where it all started because millions couldn't keep up their payments and an influx of foreclosures undermined the market.
  12. May I take this opportunity to remind you of some of the rules of this forum: # No derogatory comments against others, including slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political affiliation. No personal threats or harassment. # Always treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy. I look forward to your apology.
  13. An excellent post. I agree. HPC seem to WANT prices to fall. A lot of it is to do with confidence and this website and others that run down the ecopnomy are very damaging to the prospect of a early recovery. HPC using comments by Vernon Coleman to support the case that prices will fall 50% is frankly ridiculous.
  14. The American situation is very different. The market there has been undermined by the problems of sub-prime mortgages. Yes we are in a deep hole here, but don't forget the main cause of our problems was created in America.
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