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  1. I fear Brexiters will be letting another opportunity go to waste due to simply failing to read the situation.. The 2017 elections were the first mistake .. Brexiters thought Brexit was in the bag and because Labour was also campaigning on the Brexit platform, did not give the Prime Minister the backing that she would need to negotiate from a position of strength. Brexiter mistake no 1 - You arent out till you are out .. Brexiters should have given the PM a thumping majority (but they didnt) There is no Brexit deal that does not involve compromise or that will appeal to all. Here we are with the electorate failing to grasp politics at play .. Once we are out, things can change further ... if Brexiters miss this opportunity and do not back the PM once again, there is no better deal waiting round the corner.. The only possible deal will be a no-deal .. while some brexiters may want this, there wont be a majority who support it Slowly slowly catchy monkey.. support the PM, make sure we are out and then change things further .. If the PMs deal isnt backed, the only practical option would be the continuation of the status quo and never ending 'negotiations'
  2. moneyfornothing

    Stamp duty revenues plunge as housing market freezes

    Is that the MP definition of 'main residence' or the pleb version ..
  3. moneyfornothing

    Is it worth me buying house anymore?

    And on cue .. Published today .. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5596423/Murders-rapes-60-unexplained-deaths-Brits-Thailand-just-two-years.html
  4. moneyfornothing

    Rent for sex Ellie undercover

    Same as money for sex, whats different ?
  5. moneyfornothing

    Brexit - Have you changed your mind?

    There were two outcomes possible before the Brexit vote 1) A remain where economically we would continue the norm of Europe wide mild growth to stagnation for the developed economies 2) A Brexit (from all EU the major institutions and frameworks) that would cause near term economic issues but deliver mid term to long term recovery and growth due to being more agile than the EU behemoth What we will get due to the vote being close and the fact that remainers are still desperate to stall all efforts to strengthen the UKs negotiating position is a worse of all deals where neither the Brexit objectives are met nor the Economic prospects. This will then be pointed out as 'See, we told you so' Unfortunately the average voter can see through this sham - caused by lack of leadership and a political establishment that consider the electorate to be beneath contempt and 'know better' - ably supported by the London dominated media that pushes 'Project Fear'
  6. moneyfornothing


    Has anyone really watched this clip before commenting :-) .. as I said its long .. but I suspect most people have formed an opinion and nothing will change that ..
  7. moneyfornothing


    Its a bit long I know .. and the haters will be looking for holes.. no matter.. When was the last time the UK had a leader who could talk from the heart and without a teleprompter without being PC and still make sense... Some say putting everything out there without engaging the PC part of the brain is a big no-no .. I see him as an open book, he tells it like it is and no hiding under political correctness.. Most of all he truly has his countrys interests at hearrt .. when actually he could have spent the next 10 or so years in retirement and enjoying his millions .. but the establishment and popular media will have it in for him... If we wanted to make a success out of Brexit, we need someone like him .. as it is, we will just muddle through and end up in a state where somehow we will have self inflicted the worst possible outcome on ourselves.
  8. I have stopped commenting on this thread.. the remainers should get the second vote they are crying for .. they will run into the clunking fist of the Brexiters vote (the only language they understand) .. the only downside is that they will keep asking for one no matter .. or decide that democracy should only be for remainers.. :-)
  9. moneyfornothing

    Tax Credit Sad Face :-((((((

    How about we make the the mum and dad contribute equally self earned after tax pounds.. let the dads match the mums earned contribution towards the childs upbringing.. if mum puts in £50 a week towards the childs costs (earned through work, not benefits), lets get the dads to match that contribution.. fair ?
  10. Wow 245k for that .. so much for the 'altrusitic' boomers .. if only they could find a way of poisoning the tenant .. something did smell fishy..
  11. Well done on buying a house .. However, you already paid off BTL in a lumpsum by buying at a price that is inflated due to having BTL loose in the market. The time would have been right when BTL were hesitating to buy ..
  12. Replace 'Negotiating new Agreement' with 'Giving in to whatever the EU wants' At least that appears to be the realistic name of the task .. Have seen the Bristish govt willing to be flexible, yet to see that from the EU .. why call it a negotiation in the first place ..If we start calling it what it really is, it becomes clear that the only real option is 'no deal'
  13. Mate .. this logic is lost on remainers .. Being like Australia or New Zealand would reduce us to paupers in their world
  14. moneyfornothing

    Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    That gets me everytime.. thanks for saying it aloud ..!!

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