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  1. this and the fact that a vocal twitter and online forum community reinforce each others view that they are a majority when in actual fact they are a deluded minority
  2. Imagine if the UK govt did that or even said that ... but the EU can never do wrong
  3. Its not a bad idea is it - or even have a shared one between 3 or 4 houses - is there any promising research in this area ? Ground source heat pumps depend on the slightly warmer temperatures below ground - deep bore holes could exploit a much greater temp differential
  4. You said it !! Thread should be renamed whiners forum or sour grapes love in - flat earthers still clinging on to outdated ideals
  5. Good luck .. once we start having polls on rejoin, that should kill this thing once and for all !!
  6. The GE was very clear .. each party had a distinct Brexit policy and that is how policy has always been decided in this country. Any referenedum held at any time would have a similar number of people claiming it wass 'flawed' - usually this would be the losing side - the only flaw is that people in this country have forgotten how to lose gracefully and do not understand losers consent
  7. Let me state another fact .. there is no democratic way of implementing any policy in this country except through the current FPTP system. A GE is the only currently available means for deciding any policy issue in this country. A referendum was found to be undeliverable because the current system isnt geared to delivering referendum results.
  8. Its already sold off .. I went to my local one this morning, the patients outside on gurneys, doctors and staff sent home, Operation Theatre already converted to a casino and billboards of Trump everywhere
  9. No, not at all. The standard Brexiteer response to any suggestion of a 2nd referendum is "how many", to which my answer is as many as necessary. If we need another two or three then so be it. I doubt that the country would have an appetite for an infinite number of referendums so will probably reach some sort of agreement in due course, but multiple referendums would be preferable to one faction dragging the majority of the people, screaming and kicking, in or out of the EU. I would like to hear the "clunking fist" of Brexit voters voting, along with whatever sound that Remainers make when they cast their votes. Ol Bruce Banner above and my prediction - 6 months on and deeply satisfying
  10. endgame friends - VoNC will not acheive anything unless done by today - revoke is a possibility but not when an election is round the corner
  11. Actually I only discovered .. its not rude .. the correct word is remainiacs .. its what they call theselves https://twitter.com/RemainiacsCast?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  12. Latest Comres polling concludes.. The majority of the British public (54%) agree that irrespective of whether or not they voted to leave the EU, the 2016 Referendum result should be respected. Half of the British public disagree (49%) that Brexit should be delayed for a further three months to 31 January 2020, whilst less than three in ten (29%) agree.
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