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  1. Just when I thought my mortgage couldn't get any cheaper, it does. More importantly the fact that they are even talking about cutting the BOE rate suggests that rate rises are not even on the near term horizon and probably will not rise for 10 years. The problem is, where do you put your money? If only property wasn't such a rip off it really would be the ideal place to dump your hard earned wad. It has become a matter of principle for most of us on this site now though to pay today's asking prices.
  2. Only if you cut all of their money. Just reducing the amount may just blow off some of the froth. Most people are able to cut back a bit but will fight hard if you try and force it on them. I think it will happen in this country. I pay into my public sector pension but I ignore it when thinking about future benefits as I think it unlikely I will ever see any decent inflation adjusted returns from it.
  3. Why would Germany have to pay though. What is to stop th ECB printing a trillion euros and buying worthless euro bonds?
  4. How to survive in a japanese style stagnation - buy government bonds. If you'd sold everything and bought bonds 20 years ago in Japan you would be a very happy man. Do you really see the UK going the same way? I don't.
  5. All doctors will be at work on strike day, seeing emergencies only. Do you think public sector workers should just agree to any pension changes without a fight?
  6. Current,y travelling around Canada on 2 week holiday. Fuel much cheaper Food much, much more expensive Houses a bit cheaper.
  7. Nope. That would go against my thinking of a mega bull market.
  8. It doesn't matter. If you are investing in stocks and shares you should only buy shares you will hold for around 10 years. Long term you are likely to do far better buying in shocking enonomic times like now than when the economy is booming. Buy low, sell high. If you buy low and it goes lower then buy more. That's my strategy anyway. Short term it can be painful though but I am a major bull on the worlds stock markets as I am of the belief that unprecedented ongoing money printing will fuel them.
  9. The lucky few with good jobs and BOE base rate tracker lifetime mortgages continue to benefit from the crashing economy. Once again this happens a few months after scare articles in the popular media about ditching your tracker mortgage now for a fix. I hope the sheeple didn't fall for it. I wonder what will happen to Evildodgybank BOE but not BOE rate tracker mortgages though. They are probably stuffed.
  10. I'm hooked on the idea of self build now. Seems a way for ordinary folk to have a decent house without getting ripped off.
  11. It is sad how so many links to daily mail articles are posted on this website. They have nothing useful to say and every article should be ignored as it does not convey any intelligent, thoughtful information.
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