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  1. Don't understand why she feels the need to wait for months or years. Think her best chance of a big victory , is to hold the referendum ASAP.
  2. If independence is what everyone wants, what's the issue? Why all the anti English stuff? Just have the vote, and go for it.
  3. When is the referendum in the other EZ countries? Should more money be lent to Greece? Yes or no.
  4. Funny, but I think the exact opposite to that.
  5. So many will want to move there, I'm not sure how it is going to be controlled.
  6. I wonder, how long it will be after a yes vote, that the population in Scotland would double.
  7. I've got a warning point. Just the one. No idea why
  8. You can get three per cent on a current account, whatever your age!
  9. Wouldn't you still have a tax free allowance each year? Take it at 10,000 per year. Together with all the ISA investments and savings. Should be able to live tax free??
  10. They seem to be having a few problems with the online stuff today too. :-)
  11. Can someone please tell me how much rbs lost per working day?
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