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  1. I think she will try every and all means to either stop a brexit, hold it up or keep Scotland in the EU. Once she has exhausted all of those then she can hold a referendum and be able to say we have tried all means to keep Scotland in the EU, Independence is now the only way.
  2. Well I don't think anyone knows for sure right now. Time will tell. But if it is viable I am sure Nicola will have no qualms in keeping England and Wales in the EU against their will as she is simply acting on behalf of the people she represents and besides England and Wales are happy to drag us out of the EU against our will.
  3. If you would actually take the time to read what I have written you might have noticed I wrote: "If this option is viable" I haven't claimed whether or not it is possible and have not alluded to it being a certainty. You have invented that.
  4. I assume she is talking about this: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/210330-scottish-independence-referendum-2/?p=1102976836 If this option is viable I am certain she will go for it. It is a complete win win for her to do so. Her duty is first and foremost to the people of Scotland. The Scots have shown that they want to remain in the EU. If she upsets the English and Welsh doing so then that can only benefit the cause in the long run. The Brexit team should have sorted all this out before hand.
  5. Oh CCC, you seem to have had your opinions formed by the unionist press and hardened by group think on forums such as this. The Scottish Economy grew by 1.9% last year and is on course to grow again this year. Don't believe me? Educate yourself: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Economy/state-economy/latestSofE http://stv.tv/news/politics/1356313-scottish-economy-falls-behind-uk-growth-rate-figures-show/ http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/business/business-news/report-scotland-facing-third-consecutive-8123848#cVSEKbBAgKrXOVDp.97 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-36458464 http://www.heraldscotland.com/business/14537760.Growth_in_Scotland_to_slow_to_snail___s_pace_amid_North_Sea_downturn/ Although Scotland's growth is slowing, it is not the catastrophe you and your unenlightened chums would like to paint.
  6. You lot only love Scots who share your right wing ideals. A shrinking number to be sure.
  7. The real world. Where are you from? Oil and gas revenues have fallen sure, but that seems to have balanced out due to the increase in economic activity cheaper fuel has brought.
  8. You do realise that she is only trying to cover all the bases so that she can say to the Scottish people that she has tried every option to remain in the EU, but the only way to do so is to vote for Independence and then rejoin. This puts a future NO campaign in a very difficult position. I think that if Labour and the Lib Dens have any hope of ever regaining relevancy in Scotland they will now need to support Independence. There are already signs that this is happening. So potentially it will be every political party in Scotland bar the Tories supporting Independence. Ruth Davison is also tainted by being a key member of the Remain team. How is she going to argue that staying in the UK is better than staying in the EU? Nicola Sturgeon is a very clever Woman.
  9. You heard wrong. I believe that was the Spanish foreign minister bumping his gums rather than any official statement from an EU nation. Scotland will have no problem joining.
  10. Joining the euro sounds quite appealing now that Boris and co. have taken a massive s*it on the pound! As for Schengen, last time I checked the republic of Ireland hadn't signed up to it. The EU is going to want to make an example out of England and Wales. They will want to make sure Scotland (and Northern Ireland?) are seen to be successful countries inside the EU and that England and Wales made a mistake leaving to show other EU countries that leaving is a bad idea. Anyway, Scotland wants to be part of the EU, Scottish Independence or not, so your argument is kind of moot.
  11. Fake Independence! That's good. Fake independence sounds a lot more appealing than the "union" we are currently in. A union which has us being ruled by an un-elected head of state, an un-elected second chamber and a first chamber governed by a party which took 1.7% of the seats in Scotland. A union which, if Scotland does nothing, will act against the wishes of 62% of people who voted remain in the EU referendum. A union who's representatives promised the Scottish people multiple times that if they wanted to stay in the EU then it was imperative that they vote NO to Scottish independence. I'd love me some of that there "fake independence"!
  12. I am just soooooo excited though. Scottish Independence has never looked so likely!
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