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  1. He can't go for a walk. It's just for the drive. It's really maddening not being able to get an answer from the authorities.
  2. I'm happy to obey restrictions where they make sense. But the only thing my disabled father can do for a bit of light relief is going for a scenic drive in the countryside. But this is banned. Obviously, there's no chance of him catching or infecting anyone from his car. So, is there a reason this activity is banned? Could it be to make it easier for police to spot people who actually are doing something which might spread covid? Or, to minimise the use of petrol stations?
  3. I'm not saying it is. My wording was sloppy. I was just interested in why they didn't use something like "the will of the people" as a justification rather than the blatant lie that it's about domestic legislation. I was wondering if there was a constitutional or legal reason.
  4. Why did they bother concocting the Queen's Speech reason for suspending Parliament? I think it just makes them look shifty and untrustworthy. Is it that the Queen would have refused otherwise? I think it would have been much better to simply say they're doing it to stop Parliament from frustrating the will of the people.
  5. It's sounding very much like we're going to be getting the tried and tested plan for electoral success - a house price boom and tax cuts, mainly for the wealthier, funded by a huge rise in borrowing .
  6. Is that 6% higher than previous high or 6% higher than previous close?
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/01/labour-plans-landowners-sell-state-fraction-value The actual building cost of a council flat of 700 square feet should be about £40,000. I just can't figure out why it's so expensive here, even when the price of the land is reduced. Can anyone shed any light on these figures and if they make sense?
  8. In the areas of the North where I'm looking I've seen a much bigger divergence between posh and not. Some areas down 30% since 2008 getting close to fair value - but others not so far away up almost 30% into total insanity.
  9. This feels a lot more to me like it's going to be a traditional 1991 type recession - but bigger by many times - than a 2008 financial crash type. So much deja vu.
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