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  1. If those are the ones surviving maybe it's a help and the skinny ones died....
  2. It will tell you you have been near someone who has it so you know to isolate and get tested
  3. If enough people have the app and it's used properly people would be able isolate very early in the disease, before they show symptoms and potentially before they are infectious to other people. That will have a massive impact in reducing infections once lockdown is lifted
  4. Left them selves a hell of margin of error on that graph...
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-52165397
  6. Different tone on the news today leaning towards lifting the lockdown to save the economy. My guess is that all these super hospitals are going to be required for phase 2 when we start going back to work and looking for herd immunity
  7. I don't understand why they think the wave will be over. If a few people are still infected would we not end up back in the same situation in 2 months?
  8. I see this policy is abandoned now but if it had gone ahead I think it would have led to a spike in prices. Money saved for stamp duty would have been added to the deposit and for folk who max out their borrowing with say a 10% deposit the stamp duty would been 10X onto the price. Eg. I have 10k saved and need to pay 2k stamp duty. I have 8k deposit and can can pay 80k for a house. I have 10k saved and no deposit. I can now pay 100k for the house.
  9. Stuff is flying where I am. Really not surprised by this news. Scotland the job market is scorching too. Lots of folk chasing good houses. Not sure what would turn the market just now
  10. https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/about-us/contact/how-find-us Big tower in Canary wharf with their name on the top
  11. Up in Scotland things are still going to closing date and selling over home report value in the areas I've been looking. Hopefully we're just lagging a bit behind the rest of the UK
  12. "Wealth store" down 80 % as it does every couple of years. That is not a place to store wealth. Everyone knows about bitcoin now and everyone will see it tanking live on CNBC and Bloomberg. Where people expect the next wave of buyers to come from I have no idea.
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