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  1. Don't understand why she feels the need to wait for months or years. Think her best chance of a big victory , is to hold the referendum ASAP.
  2. If independence is what everyone wants, what's the issue? Why all the anti English stuff? Just have the vote, and go for it.
  3. When is the referendum in the other EZ countries? Should more money be lent to Greece? Yes or no.
  4. Funny, but I think the exact opposite to that.
  5. So many will want to move there, I'm not sure how it is going to be controlled.
  6. I wonder, how long it will be after a yes vote, that the population in Scotland would double.
  7. I've got a warning point. Just the one. No idea why
  8. You can get three per cent on a current account, whatever your age!
  9. Wouldn't you still have a tax free allowance each year? Take it at 10,000 per year. Together with all the ISA investments and savings. Should be able to live tax free??
  10. They seem to be having a few problems with the online stuff today too. :-)
  11. Can someone please tell me how much rbs lost per working day?
  12. that's very true. Far too much negative thinking these last 30 years or so!
  13. I would think that in my case, a total sum of about £200 would be enough. The first week would be like having a week off work. The second week would be alien to me. I think by the end of week three, I would have died of boredom.
  14. Yes. I am sure they will give you a good 'price' for it.
  15. http://www.irishexam...est-199430.html * The price of an average one-bed apartment fell 62% since 2007 from €231,000 to €88,000; * Two-bed terraced houses are 59% cheaper, at €113,000, down from €273,000; * Average three-bed semi- detached is down 55% from €343,000 to €156,000; * Four-bed bungalow prices have fallen 50% from €519,000 to €262,000; Five-bed detached houses are, on average, 48% cheaper at €330,000, compared to €630,000 in 2007. However, Mr Lyons said there should also be a scheme for people whose mortgages are not distressed, but who want to upsize from a one-bed or two-bed home they bought to get on the ladder. ">"One option would be to allow them become landlords of the one-bed and become a tenant somewhere else," he said.
  16. http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0626/insolvency-bill-cuts-bankruptcy-from-12-years-to-3.html The way out.
  17. I should have got paid last Thursday, but it didn't happen (along with the other 100 or so I work with). The company uses NW. It finally went in this morning first thing. It went in again about two hours later Can they take that back out???
  18. The U.K. central bank will activate an unused plan to inject at least 5 billion pounds ($7.8 billion) a month into the financial system. Another plan will allow lenders to swap assets with the central bank in return for money to be lent to companies and households. The Treasury will indemnify the bank for any losses. I don't really want any part in this. Can I opt out of it?
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