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  1. Are there many drops coming out of London? I’m hearing talk that it’s a total bloodbath in London - the numbers I heard were closer to 10% off to get viewers! (Though there were such strong rises in prior years guess i shouldn’t be shocked at 10% falls in a year)
  2. What is it described as by the operators if not an unlicensed lottery? edit: presume that’s the skill adjustment do a game of skill ?
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46838687 Really light on the news on this crackdrown. Maybe it’s on the hmrc news feed and an update that they have collected £200mn
  4. “The draw was made by a random number selector computer at Sterling Lottery Management, which is approved and audited by both the Gambling Commission and PwC. It selected 100 tickets and local MP Christopher Chope drew the winner from that number.” Oh here we go.Roll eyes.
  5. Do they setup a special purpose vehicle for the raffle? Surely must do else the risks are massive! IMO the likelihood of selling all the tickets is was 0 and to get it closer to 1 costs too much in promotion costs etc. Wonder how they choose who they worked with?
  6. where I am chain comes in for 6months, fails and then a new chain restaurant comes in. It’s bizarre. The Mexican is now an American Diner. The Thai that opened 6mths ago has closed up soon to become some other restaurant.
  7. One is Intu Lakeside. Debenhams is at the other end so a little surprised that’s closing.
  8. Debenhams Plc share price is sub 8p with market cap sub £90mm. I’ve not followed the news or checked the shorts register.
  9. A lot of the reductions posted suggest to me buyers are struggling for viewings (beyond the seasonal normal). My gut feeling is demand has collapsed. This is an interesting thread!
  10. Sadly every time I travel I end up in a traffic jam. 10 minute journeys take 30 mins. 60 min journeys- well unless I have to I pass. Occasionally I’m pleasantly surprised. I can’t imagine what the traffic is like in London!
  11. The share price is quite close to all time lows around 8.15p. Lots of things going against Debenhams. M and S reported poor numbers, aswell as poor advertising outlook from ITV on advertising. It may be worth running some numbers on what happens if they can’t sustain their margins over the crucial Christmas period.
  12. Moodys downgrade to Caa1 at the end of last week. https://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/news/AN_1541170197944182500/moodys-downgrades-debenhams-rating-amid-difficult-debt-refinancing-.aspx
  13. Anecdotal Kent - I’m hearing lots of tales of no viewers at x price, and sellers having to discount asking price by x price just to get viewers in. A few sales going through. Ok asking prices were up in the sky but buyers and sellers seem to be quite far apart. Tallies up with a lot of reporting even from the likes of Nationwide. I think we have to be looking at double digit % drops looming.
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