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  1. If you want to amuse yourselves for a while go and read the reactions on twitter. She truly is out of touch.
  2. Thanks Mark Looks like your investments are really paying off. I'm looking into another avenue now also and would like to get peoples thoughts. Possibly drawn down a loan on my bitcoin and have some miners hosted for me by compass mining. https://compassmining.io/ How much bitcoin could you mine per day/per miner each 90TH/s Stupid idea or not?
  3. Does anyone have any experience of earning interest on your crypto. I'm considering investing some at https://nexo.io/ with a 6% return paid daily. @MonsieurCopperCrutchdid you mentioned you have a little staked somewhere?
  4. The seller has accepted the surveyors down valuation with no quibbles! It was 5% over asking but I still think it's such a great price.
  5. Massive assumption 😂 Thanks, I'm sure we'll find out early next week. Might have to set them Rightmove notifications up again, lol.
  6. Yep, nice property with loads of potential. The only way we could secure was go in high and reduce on the back of the surveys. The down valuation is like you say a blessing. It's taken 5 months so they could chance it and put it back on the market. They could get a cash buyer or end up in the same situation several more months down the line. Luckily the sellers have never seen the property and live abroad so hoping the estate agents do their job and let them know that the valuation will come back very similar even when relisted.
  7. I'm not sure this is going to be anything close to the El Salvadorian news. He leads a very small party of 4 and I don't believe it's a bill for use as legal tender. More around regulation?
  8. I'm guilty of over biding and not sure it's going to pay off now. 5 viewers on a probate property and decided to go in quite high then reduce the offer. All 5 viewers (Estate agent only allowed 5 then stopped viewings). All 5 of us made offers. We went 15% over asking. Mortgage company asked for multiple reports and have down valued by 10%. I've gone back with the full valuation and waiting to see what happens. I think many will be finding themselves in similar situations where the mortgage company will not lend the amounts offered and many will not have the reserves to make up the difference.
  9. Ive been quite lucky. I'm buying a house and the mortgage company wanted to see the deposit funds so took my original capital out at 59,200. I've then DCA'd that back in from 42 down to 36k. So I have a small amount with a low time preference. The other will ride highs and lows until after the next halving.
  10. It appears to be more of a trend reversal than a dead cat bounce to me now. @jiltedjen A lot are watching at the moment waiting for the 42.5k mark before assuming bitcoin is back bullish. I think there's a lot more upside to come over the next few months
  11. Thank you I have a little bit of money to invest on payday so will keep my powder dry to see what happens
  12. Thanks. Could you just clarify them two acronyms 200dma (daily moving average? ) - average bitcoin price over the last 200 days? MACD?
  13. Crypto twitter can be pretty toxic at times. I for one welcome greener electricity production and it can only be good publicity for bitcoin.
  14. I think Elon has an agenda and will look to provide electricity to showcase his electricity companies offerings Tesla is taking new steps toward becoming an electricity service provider, a move that would expand the California-based firm beyond its main business of selling electric cars and solar energy solutions.
  15. Luckily they're in it for the longer term so it's only a loss on paper. Let's see what these losses look like at the back end of the year
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