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  1. The area I'm looking in (North Nottinghamshire) is still seeing large amount of sales being agreed even the slightly older new build types. It appears sellers are still getting close to the pre covid prices. I've noticed a huge amount of properties being listed daily and selling within weeks. I believe a lot of the sellers understand and are selling before things are go south. I don't know what the buyers are thinking. It'll be interesting to see the land registry data over the coming months. I'm looking to buy in 6-12 months so watching with interest
  2. https://www.ftadviser.com/mortgages/2020/06/22/half-of-buyers-denied-mortgage-despite-agreement-in-principle/
  3. I'm currently watching around 25 properties on Rightmove. In the last week 5 of them have reduced the price. Not by much but it's a start
  4. I'm one of those who lived in an overdraft for a considerable time and had a couple of credit cards with a few thousand owed. This was due to personal circumstances and the occasional stupid purchase of unneeded tech. I started paying these down last year and the lockdown has accelerated this immensely. Overdraft gone, credit cards mostly paid off except for small 0% balances. Saving £250 a month on fuel and popping out for convenience lunches. People are still spending online. I have a small online business running alongside my main job and that's seen a 250% increase in orders since lockdown which is helping to build a nice house deposit. I've been told I'll be working from home for the foreseeable future as office space is limited.
  5. I still don't think the vast majority really understand the seriousness of what's coming down the line. Plenty of friends of friends still splashing out while furloughed. Including a brand new car, jacuzzis and garden make overs. Until people start to feel the pinch and furlough winds up I think things will remain the same.
  6. Not yet. This article seems to reflect the current prices in Nottinghamshire. With offers still being made over asking. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.realhomes.com/amp/news/house-prices-where-to-sell-in-2020-and-where-to-wait-for-the-market-to-improve I hope to see things changing later on in the year.
  7. Not here in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire at the moment. A couple of properties back on the market after SSTC on Rightmove. I offered -14% on a property and they called to say two other offers over asking price had been registered. It was going to be decided on closed bidding and did I want to revise my offer. I have plenty of patience though
  8. I've had the same thoughts around something coming along and replacing bitcoin. However you cannot underestimate the power of being first to market and the early adoption that Bitcoin benefited from. Anyone who looks into buying crypto as a newbie will start with Bitcoin as it's widely known. I didn't even know alt coins existed when I became interested. Anything new would take time to adopt so I think Bitcoin has a long way to go yet.
  9. Would be interested in what people answered to the last question Minus 15-20% for me
  10. Haha. The one next door also had a sauna. Strange!
  11. I said I'd provide an update on the property we viewed yesterday. The EA called this morning and a couple of offers have been registered already over asking price. I guess many don't understand yet what may be coming down the line. Here's the property. Asking price £150000. My offer £130000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/s6p/70669434 Here's the property next door that went for approx £170000 before lockdown. Didn't sell when on for £180000. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/s6p/86879264
  12. I would say the property value is around pre lockdown prices. I viewed the property next to it in January which has an extra bedroom but less reception rooms. This has a larger garden and is 10% less than the one next door. It needs quite a bit doing to it to bring it up to a good standard.
  13. I've been to have a look at a property today. Will be putting a cheeky offer in tomorrow of -14%. I let you know how it goes.
  14. I think a lot of the cars are traded back in and are sent straight to auction. We have a local auction house which sells to both public and trade.
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