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  1. Interesting they are both now just under their 3x 2017 ATH. Might have a little in Litecoin today see if it can do the same.
  2. Anyone know what the ETH high was in the last bull run Just want to compare against bitcoin's £20k Edit: $1066 possibly?
  3. @warpig I really thought you were going in this week. I'm not a chartist but yours are really working for me. Everytime you post one I stack some more sats. Everyone of those sats are returning a profit so far, thanks 😂
  4. Altcoin usages = Mainly providing a solution to a problem that can be resolved much better using existing tech.
  5. I'm hoping a lot of these alt profits will be coming to Bitcoin soon. I may have gone a little early moving my Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ether holdings to Bitcoin yesterday morning. I know where my money is safest though. @MonsieurCopperCrutch I 100% agree with that shared tweet. I'm not jealous of anyones holdings. Im just happy that the crypto space is changing the lives of so many. So many great stories out there.
  6. You wouldn't hold these shitcoins for boom or bust. Bust is the only outcome.
  7. I posted a few days back about the social media aspect of Doge. If it can make a unknown person into a viral sensation or star then it can do the same for this shitcoin. I bought in just with the end goal of swapping for bitcoin. From 29p and sold out today at 56p. I went for a few drinks at a mates the other day and asked me how to set up an app to buy Doge. I never mentioned it. A cute doggy face and people can't resist 🐕
  8. I purchased when I thought 56k was the dip bottom. It then dipped again to 49k, so I bought again. Both purchases are now showings profits. Warpig just DCA a few sats!
  9. I think I might sell my holdings the night before Saturday night live. Everyone's seeing the tweet that Elon will mention Doge when hosting. Same as 420. The gains were all priced in on the run up. It then dumped on the day. As much as I hate Doge. It just shows you the power of the Internet and Social media. Any shite can become a star with the right memes 😂
  10. Dogecoin. I never would of thought I'd buy any but after another Elon tweet it has the potential to pump for a week or so until his appearance on SNL. 15% gainz today 💪 Will be transferred to Bitcoin soon
  11. Yes, I believe so. More Bitcoin on the balance sheet is my guess on the back of his 'what does the future HODL' tweet
  12. Me too. Had a bitcoin in there for close to a year before moving. Lower fees than Coinbase. They were also quick at resolving an issue through their ticketing system. Still hold some on there.
  13. Doge is bad for Crypto. All the niave newbies looking to get in. Then get caught in the pump and dump to 4/20. Crashes 25% or so on the day and puts them off crypto.
  14. Gifford chucking £70+ million into blockchain.com https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2021/04/20/top-investor-baillie-gifford-joins-bitcoin-rush-100m-funding/
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