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  1. Fool me once…. Anyone who is a sceptic, is already out…..those who are believers, I wish them all the luck in the world, they may need it.
  2. I think you have little faith. On a totally separate subject if everyone adds just 5 or 10% of their wealth to Imperial Brands shares (paying a 9% dividend by the way as a sweetener) then the more my already booming share value will increase. And we can all be winners….well, mainly me but let’s not worry about detail. Orderly queue please….limited numbers available. Ps….all other shares are rubbish, it’s just these shares that people ‘must get off zero on’. (Sound familiar) Pps….if you don’t like shares I have a time share😉 Joking aside….massive money printing, furlough, people stuck at home….this has been a recipe for a disaster with bored money trying to find a home. Many growth Stocks, digital currencies, houses, financial assets massively over inflated. The US are creating distractions and even tried to control ‘disinformation’ by setting up its own government dept…hang on I will try get some non west media….hmmm, internet not letting me see ‘Eastern Propaganda’ for fear of filling my head with ‘disinformation’. Jeez, if only I could think for myself If only we had someone to blame for what is coming….oh wait, I think we can exasperate a terrible issue in Ukraine for our own gains and distraction. Sanctions, boom, sorted. Repatriation of manufacturing in the West will happen, had to because the US deficit is mental….sounds glorious and long term it will be. But it will hurt when HR consultants, Media Directors, Project Analysts lose jobs and need to work in ‘manufacturing’….it’s a painful process for most. I can hearing hissing….the bubble is being let down gently at first. I was going to buy a chicken and a field….but I may been a barbed wire fence and machine gun turrets. Happy Tuesday.🥳
  3. It depends on the above what ‘currency’ you measure the stock in. In dollars then lots of reds….in BTC then more greens. In Luna…then everything is green😉 So whilst we squabble over ETH v Gold v BTC v Stocks v £ v € v $….the big worry isn’t what dollars, shares or digital currency is worth…it’s who grows the food, who produces the energy and is there enough of it to go around. And why is UK mainstream media hugely bias on geopolitics and if we are free why can’t we view other news outlets. Is it because there is something to hide…like perhaps the last 8 years politics and international influence in Ukraine🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ I knew a war was brewing, I knew it would be manipulated to create a new East West divide to begin to enable manufacturing to return West….and those who like BTC can have BTC and those who don’t can hold their money in £, € or $. Personally I think in the end it might not matter much anyway….food and fuel could be the currency and heavy manufacturing will rise in terms of economic power and redress those huge deficits. But those cheap factory jobs are a bitter pill so we will need to be able to blame the East to avoid an uprising in the West. So if BTC coin is the worth $100k it won’t matter if you need 1000 BTC or $100,000,000 to buy an egg. Some exaggeration but a little poetic licence💰😆 I will buy a chicken, a cow and a field. That will be the currency of the future. 😉 Just a message of hope for everyone on this glorious weekend…
  4. That’s kinda the whole point. I might tell someone that ‘imperial brands’ is a great investment a year ago….they say smoking is a dead industry….we finish our drinks and discuss the merits of lawnmower brands. The enthusiasm and myopic view for digital currency has been the biggest driver keeping me away. You don’t get that ‘religious type of belief’ over M&S shares. Those who suggest doom for anyone who doesn’t hold BTC, and everyone should have some, scare me away. This is a good thread to bounce around thoughts and views. It is the bubbly Bitcoin thread so no criticism from me for those on here who do advocate strongly….this is the place. It’s the outside world enthusiasm and even just 10 minutes of CNBC that worry me most. There are some on here who have said BTC looks like a great trade and I absolutely agree. Certainly volatile which is a traders dream, fair play. It might even do well in the long run just I am happy backing other horses based on a changing macro world position…..and that includes expecting further fairly hefty drops in many share prices at some point.
  5. He needs to buy more and really believe more. That seems to be the key…🤦🏻‍♂️. Despite my sarcasm I believe digital currency is the future. However who eventually issues that currency I think is far from determined yet. If it includes BTC then we need to establish its price. I think we may see the fizz to disappear from the massive asset price hype we have seen in all assets (property, shares, digital currencies) and get back to a few years ago and value will start to become key. Inflation helps achieve this…it’s not entirely an accident what is happening. You can’t print (or create a digital currency) that replaces wheat, oil, water, gas etc and some lessons are to be re-learned. A reevaluation of the things that are truly valuable and things we really need. A huge repatriation of real old school manufacturing will return the the West to balance these massive trade deficits, massive debts and normality may return. Get ready for talk of general manufacturing, food and energy production returning the the US, UK and the EU. Japan and Indian to eventually come on board… Then we can work out values including BTC…..and I predict they will be radically different (and lower) than where we are today. Neglected industries will become valuable again. We may see a big melt up first as people fear missing out but then a bumpy ride down. All part of the cycle. Of course I might be wrong….but I won’t be the only one. 😉
  6. Same as capitalism. In its purest form it works until contracts for £50m are given to MPs brother in laws. Both work fine until you put people in charge. ‘Saving Capitalism’ and ‘Inside Job’ are a great little Netflix films. Highlighting the fact every Senator has about 6 people full time to ‘canvas them’ and illustrates when business say less government regulation…what they mean is less regulation of a particular type but more that stops competition and also more that protects big business. Some frightening legislation has been approved regarding commodities etc. Hence the bank bailout…private the profits but nationalise the losses. The failure of socialism is only the mirror of the failure we are seeing in capitalism.
  7. Socialism and capitalism died decades ago, both ideologies in their purest forms try to benefit the people…however nowadays it all about our leaders just feathering their own nest. Maybe easier if we blame everything on the Russians…..seen it on the news. That ensures we don’t start hanging our own leaders from lampposts. Just keep printing money….it is possible to print food, gas, oil, commodities? Prognosis isn’t good….hold on tight.😉
  8. In the past it was possible to earn more in savings than inflation but that’s half the story. The underlying capital also needs to increase each year otherwise in real terms the value of the capital and therefore the value of the interest drops. So you need to earn enough to pay me an income but also extra as well to add to the capital so next year I get the interest plus inflation on top of that interest. So that’s why investments eg shares have done better because they pay a dividend and the underlying value of the business although volatile in theory increases. So for example this year I get £100 dividend and next year I get £110 dividend. Whereas with cash I just get £100 a year and in 10 years that £100 each year isn’t enough. However interest rates right now are the lowest in real terms for centuries…so no, people currently cant just live off the interest unless they have huge amounts of money in the first place. And if they did it won’t be sat in cash. As an aside the interest rates we see now are completely unprecedented and it has created something that will blow up in our faces. We have avoided inflation by exporting manufacturing to cheaper parts of the world, that means the West consumes more than it produces….and that means they need to borrow. Borrowing has gone mad….the US gov owes huge amounts…indeed many parts of the world are wobbling and soon the macro economic picture will become more clear just how bad things are. Basically the Dutch, British and now the US reserve currencies eventually collapse and there will be a need to repatriate manufacturing to the West and that’s really painful for everyone….involves inflation, involves difficulty for the middle classes and can end in revolutions or what normally happens (to avoid revolutions) is countries find reasons to blame other countries. The next few months or indeed it could be a decade (because it’s a long economic cycle a knowing the time is not easy) we will see significant changes and a struggle to ensure the new reserve currency still involves to some extent a dollar. If millennials thought the last 10 years were difficult then soon they will see just how shafted they have been. One glimmer of hope is that house prices will likely fall (certainly in expensive areas)…..but only because no one can afford them. The best way to protect your wealth is to invest in inflation hedges and also work in a job that the salary rises with inflation. It’s possible to print money but as inflation begins to hit and ‘money’ is worth less then governments are coming to terms with the fact that we can’t print more gas, oil, commodities or food. Eg If I am the only one with the food it doesn’t matter how much money I am offered….the food becomes becomes the thing of value the money becomes secondary. Well….that’s my cheery Friday thoughts….🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  9. If coinbase goes bankrupt the holders money will be protected nothing has ever happened before where crypto disappears….oh wait, Quadriga CX….let me get back to you on that 🤦🏻‍♂️ My biggest worry on crypto was the speculation, driving a price and then the businesses using other people’s money to speculate on it. CEOs drawing a modest few mill a year but on paper worth billions. Only afterwards if a business collapses and everyone loses does it become obvious just how much a few mill is. Nothing compared to the overall CEO loses….but enough to retire on @ 50….job done. Crypto is totally and absolutely the future of money and in its purest form is really good….now we just need to settle on which crypto, whether that exists yet, manage money laundering measures and then what the price is. A price that illustrates it as a currency, a hedge rather than the price we have seen due to speculation that we have seen over the past few years.
  10. Agree…but I think it’s very considered bully the US and Putin. Neither are daft. I think what’s interesting is we think that paying for Russian oil in Roubles is a strange request. I think what is a strange request that everyone…and think about that, everyone ie Iran, China, Iraq, Saudi, India etc are all asked to pay for Russian Oil (or sell their own oil) in a foreign currency not even involved in the deal ie dollars. No one is stupid here (ie the US or Russia)….the US, like every reserve currency and every empire before it, now matures and sits on a massive deficit. The US therefore consumes more stuff than it makes….and whilst it’s fairly productive some of the things it’s producing aren’t truly useful physical things. So as it’s main export becomes its currency then its debt grows and grows. So it needs to repatriate manufacturing back from the East and slowly these sanctions will make that happen but it’s a painful process for those white collar workers in the US. Indeed it’s painful for the East too. The people just don’t know it yet. So best to have a proper nasty division in the world so the West can blame the East…as people take onboard inflation, take manufacturing jobs to feed their families, pay more just for basics… That’s why THIS war (and it’s a terrible war and a terrible thing Putin is doing) is in the news for 15 minutes every day but other wars aren’t. There is an agenda and a narrative and main stream media needs to support it. Putin gave the US an opportunity to sanction and divide…now it’s a battle for power and unfortunately and incredibly sadly humanity in Ukraine is not on either of their radar. There is a shift taking place and both sides know it. A new reserve currency will emerge and the US has been clever because now it certainly won’t be the Yuan or Rouble because the divide is occurring. That’s why sanctions started 17 seconds after the first tank rolled into the Ukraine. The EU not buying Russian oil will inflate prices but it won’t be bills in doormats that will be the worry for many of the EU countries it will be the cold winter. They will keep buying because at this point there is no choice. Longer term solutions will be funded as part of the repatriation of manufacturing (and making real things) to the West. And whilst all this goes on, nickel price rockets, metal price increase, food price increases, oil price increases….Bearing in mind the reality is currencies are all falling (effective a box of cornflakes is still a box of cornflakes and is always worth 3 eggs) prices aren’t increasing across the world but money is devaluing. However by the magic of manipulation gold hasn’t gone up much. So it’s falling with the currencies. That despite central banks have been buying huge amounts for 3/4 years. I imagine if the system snaps those holding real gold coins (or eggs, or oil etc) will be ones who retain wealth….whilst the general population end up with a lot less than they have today. I think I went off thread🤔
  11. I know to worry when this guy makes more sense than anyone else in the mainstream media. 😉 Corruption increasing. Media supporting. Just a few mad conspiracy theorists around which most people ignore…too complicated. Remember THIS war is worse than the others, humans in THIS war suffer more than other wars. THIS war is important, therefore THESE sanctions are important and should be supported….none of the others. This message is sponsored by the IMF, NATO and associated brands. Don’t worry though…the big boys will look after you. Prepare to own nothing and be happy. Anarchy anyone? Nah, X factor this weekend. Remember it could be worse…yadda yadda.
  12. I think the thread highlights my point. A whole day has past and STILL no one is hanging from a lamppost. And someone should be….what is more worrying whilst we argue about domestics (which I agree with and understand) the big picture is being played. And those running the world are more corrupt than ever before. West and East. Ask yourselves why is THIS war so bad, why is THIS war on the news for 15 minutes each night, why were sanctions introduced 15 seconds after the first tank went into Ukraine….and if you look at the mainstream media for your answer, then ask yourself again. Why every time peace talks start does Biden shout some rhetoric about war crimes, or BJ shouts something about a crocodile. It’s almost as though the war needs nudging along until Germany signs those new US gas contracts or at least to ensure a lasting long term East West divide…I wonder why? 🤔 War is terrible…all war including the Ukraine war. Once it stops we should talk about war crimes and retribution…but let’s prioritise getting it stopped. I would happily have sanctions tomorrow consistently against ALL aggressors and dictators globally tomorrow. But that isn’t the agenda, that really would hurt the top 1%….this is not a humanitarian action it is a politically economic one India is ‘slated’ for increasing their Russian oil supply. Indian point out they import less oil from Russia in a whole month than the EU imports from Russia in an afternoon. Hmm…best not confuse things with facts, just letting India know big brother is watching. I am not going to detail pages and pages of the steps required to protect the West as the reserve currency changes. Dutch, British, US empires all end. They have to end due to inevitable unsustainable deficits as a result of the country holding the reserve currency producing massively less that it consumes….debt means it breaks. This all started (as it always does) since the dollar disconnected from the gold standard and has been building since the 80’s. In brief ‘we’ must ensure a political East West divide so the new world order (likely a mix of currencies including the dollar) stays in the West in some form. If this was left 15 years the Yuan would be king and no one wants that. Certainly not big corporates who sponsor indirectly western governments. The process involves inflation, commodity war (the only real currency) and then in this case initial strengthening of the dollar and repatriation of manufacturing West (not great for the plebs but necessary) and it’s quite painful. Without ‘someone to blame’ leaders have in the past literally ended up hanging from lampposts when poverty kick in…and at least 1% of us (the important 1%) don’t want that. So look at the narrative, petrol and fuel bills are all now someone else’s fault….despite the fact this was all kicking off at the end of last year. And this hasn’t even started yet. All this is inevitable, the wide economics are all in place and the alarming worry is people accept what they are being fed Despite it being a pattern followed since the Roman Empire. I don’t even disagree with what might be happening it’s a bit like water finding it’s own level….but pretending it’s something it isn’t is the corruption. I may have gone off thread….I guess corruption and greed is the theme and domestically it’s awful but globally it’s a humanitarian atrocity. Shame those who lead don’t do so to leave a legacy for the greater good. I guess to lead at that level requires a certain person that really isn’t the sort of ‘nice and fair’ person who wins elections. Never mind…it could have been worse if ‘insert name opposition leader’ was in power. Divide and conquer.🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. Exactly. Whether I agree or disagree with your politics I need you to kick ‘me’ in the nuts every now and then to keep ‘me’ in check. At the moment it’s just a pretend political game and seemingly most of the population have been suckered in. Its not even a UK thing but a whole global western thing which is so corrupt and self serving that the little worker ants can’t see it. But don’t forget….’it could have been worse it could have been Corbyn’ And those that read that and think…’yes it would be worse’ as though I am missing something….that’s not the point I am making. I am saying the answer isn’t ‘it could have been worse’ it is that it should be better. I used to be bothered….now I just take advantage and I am better at it that most. And for that I apologise to Mr League because I add to the problem. To those who vote selfishly and think the answer is to blame a pretend liberal left or a government from over a decade ago then, tough, stop moaning, pay that extra NI, pay your tax, rent, student loan because the governments need those pennies for their scams. And I need you to pay those pennies so they leave me and my assets alone. Watching porn in the HoC…crying out loud. I bet the tax payer funds the phone, the monthly charge, the salary, the odd consultancy in the side…..serves voters right. The media should be calling for jail sentence even for a month…make these MPs pay. Nah, let’s not bother….did you see that funny fella in X Factor, he was great wasn’t he.
  14. Many thx for the kind comments in this thread…some hope maybe. Video was interesting but I think it’s even more deliberate than suggested and less incompetence. Although that tricky to tell 😆 Above response is an example….”eee….it would have been worse with Corbyn in” but in this case “eee…it is Gordon Browns fault” Brown, Major, etc all just pawns in a global disaster where the 1% who are running things are laughing at us. Some scraps to the media and MPs keeps them quiet. Where are the anarchists when you need them? At least 3 decades since we had a real opposition. Squabbling between numerous versions of the liberal right…but not even a true sense of capitalism just crony capitalism. As I say I don’t necessarily advocate a hard working class left in power…but I at least want one on opposition. Never mind…keep fighting, remember to vote for corruption and career MPs and don’t forget, X Factor this weekend.
  15. Agree as ever Bryon and interesting thread But unfortunately there isn’t a true choice. Hasn’t been for decades. People don’t understand politics. ‘Ee…it could have been worse it could have been Corbyn’ is about as political as anyone get…..it is worse and it’s almost funny. Labour have ensured they are unelectable by making themselves all WOKE talking about fringe pseudo intellectual issues….working mens clubs just thing they are unelectable. New Tories are bumbling wealthy idiots. The so called leftie BBC are run by an ex JP Morgan banker (not left at all, full establishment)….pretending to be ‘leftie’ when really making daft stories up about men with Cervix or not being allowed a Christmas tree up because upsetting a Muslim….so as to push people to the right. Sir Kier (yep…a sir in charge of the old workers party) probably gets behind closed doors with Boris and pi55 themselves laughing at the public. Pretend politics and pretend opposition. All to ensure there isn’t a real opposition to this corrupt system because if there was the Top 1% and ALL the MPs would be hanging from lampposts….proper revolution. But that won’t happen as we swallow the warm diarrhoea being spoon fed to us. Pay your tax and stay in student debt whilst the wealthy spend it on themselves and their mates and everyone stop moaning about house prices and woke lefties. We need a proper honest ‘take it or leave it’ opposition. It doesn’t have to be elected, it just needs to challenge the current system where MPs and government are corporate puppets and the regulations and policies are being forced through by those with the real power, wealthy corporates. Wont happen, X Factor new series is on, better things to do….I know let’s blame Russia for inflation and food shortages, phew avoided another revolution. That’s easy. My advice is to look at the wider holistic global picture. The history of empires, fiat currencies, the end of empires, agenda of the East, agenda of the West (and look twice at that one) and educate and position yourselves for the next 10 years. Who to vote for? Not that it makes any difference but vote for who you think will benefit those who need it most and not yourself. Some believe that is the right and some the left…that politics and a good argument either way but don’t just vote for who you think benefits you best. Posting a lot less lately on these threads because too many mainstream views being suckered into the media agenda, set by government puppets set by corporates. I will just continue to take advantage of the system others seem happy with and vote for…
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