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  1. 1986/7/8 was (and felt) like it was different. It felt like everyone had taken their eye off the ball and let houses become far too cheap and there was a mad catch up. 2020/1 feels like a bubble being inflated despite other indicators suggesting this could go wrong. In 1988 everything felt too cheap and buying felt easy.....albeit with an impending crash just around the corner.
  2. To be fair, I was wondering the same thing All shares ie including the UK, or US shares only. UK ‘seems’ to offer much better value, not because we are better but because our shares haven’t rocketed over the past few years.
  3. I get that....that is the deliberately the irony of the Weller quote. The public gets what it wants.....but really very few are happy with the outcome. Like the 80’s when we all hated Thatcher despite her winning general elections on the trot 😆😆
  4. Yep, true. This struck me when a friend made a life choice and bought a business in 2006, and I nearly did the same because it was a great idea but I decided against it. He did absolutely everything right and survived the 2007/8 slump whilst others didn’t. He managed another 6 years and went bankrupt and basically it was bad timing. So my way if thinking isn’t that I have had good luck....I haven’t I have worked hard. What has happened to me is that I made some decent decisions (as many do) and have avoided bad luck. So it’s not about good luck or working hard.....sometimes some
  5. As Weller says “the public gets what the public wants”. Thats why I don’t worry anymore about my lack of wealth tax and the situation some find themselves in, it’s what people asked for.....of course the truly disadvantaged is a very different matter. I am spiritually ‘left wing liberal ’ but as you elude to....that isn’t a solution any political party really meets. I also believe in rewarding true hard work and again that isn’t really represented. Never mind, I am sure a new series of the X Factor will be on soon to numb the brains and the pains of the masses. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. My whole family upbringing was ‘socialist, liberal’ so I could never vote Tory. However, I have said it before that being brought up in a Tory heartland does push me further left. Lots of entitled judgement selfish and undeserving people voting Tory and no resistant on the council. However, if I had been brought up in a Labour heartland where capitalism was despised I am certain that would have pushed me right. I guess I am a wishy washy liberal at heart. Encourage wealth creation with a fail safe for those who need it. And billionaires who steal company pensions as well as
  7. 125 yards for me......in my town I think Labour got 2 votes last time, his wife didn’t even vote for him (socialist t0sser).😆 I jest but genuinely in our town it’s a one horse race and neither runner is Labour or Liberal so lots of tactical voting which sometimes has actually seen a liberal swing. (Not this time though) So....Labour or Liberal for me, knowing it makes little difference. At least when the Tories landslide it then I can take comfort that I am and will remain (Harry Enfield like)....considerably richer than the voting majority. It’s what they want 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. I may be mis remembering but I think this building has been on and off for a while. I recall it may well have been @ £750k and then bought to flip before 2019 but I struggle to find that detail. However it seemed an ambitious flip when a cheeky £200k profit may with retrospect have seemed like a sensible option. Detached massive Mansion up the road is struggling at £1.25m. Harrogate can offer some good value on the normal box estate type homes compared to very average surrounding areas and towns but places and prices like this mess up the market data (and some vendors beliefs on wha
  9. Good rationale. At the very least you will certainly be partially correct and it will be a factor. 👍🏻👍🏻
  10. Indeed. Communism, socialism, huge spending, debts etc etc. The right wing have had this sorted for the last few decades (including NuLabour). I grew up in the 70’s (dad a teacher, mum a nurse) and with Labour there were strikes, power cuts, hard times, very little commercialism...whilsts personally for me a child it was a wonderful time of hot summers and ‘making do’. However, people still refer back to this time when looking at Labour suggesting Labour would take us straight back to that situation....and the masses buy into it. And as you say....their current PR does little to impr
  11. Thx. Some interesting ‘Northern’ examples here too.....despite the reported ‘boom’. Of course I don’t know the areas or comparisons (so they may just be initially way over priced) but interesting to see falls aren’t just in the obvious ‘London and SE’ type areas. Thx for this thread. Always a nice factual read. 👍🏻
  12. I take your point and don’t disagree in principal. Only issue is that rates are so low that old IO mortgages are a joke in terms of cost. As you may recall I have a few and many have fallen from £350/£450 pcm to maybe £50 pcm.....mortgage costs on a void are no longer the biggest issue for me, the council tax and utilities are often more. I maybe down playing the position of some debt junkie LLs (I hope I am) and I am untypical in that I have cash to repay debt if need be so am fairly apathetic to mortgage end dates, voids and rate rises.....but it still all feels a bit too easy, ev
  13. Cant that decision be reversed in the 15 years since? You blame the puppets....right or left, just puppets.
  14. I was lucky enough to have DB scheme. I paid about 7% into that and around 50% into my AVC DC scheme during my last 10 years. The DC contributions were part matched up to 10%. The employer hadn’t paid into our DB scheme for years, closed it to new members about 15 years ago and capped it based on current salaries around 2011 and it stands now with billions in it.... I found the true value of my DB scheme when I left. I could take it at 50 (it was a rare protected scheme) and whilst my pension per year was small with penalties for taking it before 65 quite harsh. However, I was offered a m
  15. Yep, I concur. My brother lives in N London and the area is feels roughish but expensive. The only thing that has really changed over the past 30 years is ‘sentiment’ about living in the area and therefore what people will pay. The reality of living there hasn’t changed though, still old cars (nothing wrong with that though), scruffy struggling families, DiY shops, local takeaways and second hand shops with a splattering of coffee shops. However people there no longer feel poor....they just are poor. Wheras the young couples (ie 25/30 yr old) in nice 3 bed semis in Yorkshire, with ni
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