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  1. Valuations are not a science in the UK. Have a look on any road and I see massive bandwidth for effectively the same properties. For some it’s a game and developers/investors may as well try for an extra 20%....who knows, some buyers really are that stupid An aside, that is why I kept banging on about exercising caution over the past 6 months of buying....people were saying 20 viewers and prices rocketing. It’s seasonal and even now (when the market hasn’t really fallen) my son is looking at things with no other viewers because it’s cold and icy and is looking at much better value.
  2. Yep, just reenforces the bias message on every forum and from the masses that the media is run by left wing loonies. Despite being owned by a handful of billionaires. It’s a neat trick....throw in the odd left woke article every now and then everyone thinks it’s a too left agenda, then send in the subliminal messages. Or in this case a direct “save the wealth” message from the DT. Another paper might throw in a bit of balance to try show impartiality (after a phone call behind the scenes with the DT) but the seed is sown. Let’s keep with the “If the BBC had their way we would be co
  3. Agree. Fair challenges. My experience of public servants is massively mixed and the bad experiences are unfortunately probably more easy to remember. Nurses, paramedics, fire services, and most of the front line are good. It’s the admin, hospital appt system, the odd council admin worker who spoil it. And in terms of those choosing a benefits lifestyle I do agree with you but I guess it depends on location. I wouldn’t swap places with a benefit claimant living in a flat in Glasgow....and whilst they themselves may even think that they ‘choose’ to live like that the reality is they haven’
  4. I genuinely can’t even make out what it actually is. Above a pub? A maisonette? A house? Its ‘new’ (so I guess qualifies for HTB) and has a nice kitchen...so where do I sign? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Taxation at its very basic principals needs to be fair, convenient, efficient and certain. The current systems seem very inefficient (red tape everywhere), far from certain (with numerous loopholes), seemingly unfair (overly weighted in the middle) although for the majority reasonably convenient (although VAT registered builders would disagree). As a ‘looney leftie’ (many thx for the nomination from a couple of newbie posters supporting another agenda)....I see unfairness all around at both ends of the spectrum. We need a system that is overwhelming ‘felt as being fair’ where
  6. It’s the term ‘spongers’ or on the other side ‘fat cats’ that nicely creates the polarisation needed to keep this all going. Spilt them then f£ck them.
  7. Hmmm....that is definitely the consensus I am getting from those who follow trends closely and do well investing. The expect an upturn and then a big pile of sh1te 😆😆 I would also caveat that without exception that not one of them are 100% certain about anything anymore notably what economic rules apply anymore. ie they all have self doubt.
  8. I know on threads about House Prices we talk about Trump so now I am confused. If this is a thread about Trump do we talk about House prices. I think they will extend stamp duty but hopefully limit it for properties that already have a memorandum of sale drawn up and with the solicitor. 😆
  9. What a numpty. Please value my house higher so I can pay more.🤦🏻‍♂️ Totally, utterly and completely counter intuitive. Where is the grumpy old parents/parents in law giving this developers and their own kids a kicking. I would be. £400k price, valued at £330k. That should tell them everything they need to know. Hey, if it’s a picture box cottage on the edge of town that attracts 30 viewers even in a slump market then I get it....pay 10% more and put it down to an extravagance. But I guess this help to buy flat in Barking doesn’t fit that ‘once in a lifetime forever home’ crite
  10. When they can no longer control and prop them up and a crash comes. Then they will say it’s for the benefit of the younger generation 😉
  11. Looks like it was marketed until March 2020 @ £850k, not sure if it sold then. The Rightmove picture back then show a hedge around it but I have been unable to check if it had been painted white and all the blinds removed...adding a healthy £150k. I assume for an end terrace like this that the queen lives next door to justify the price tag. 😉
  12. It only works if you allow yourself to assume a disruptive poster actually believe what they write when in fact comments are just is to disrupt. So trying to convince them of something else is wasted because they really know already or don’t care and the agenda isn’t really what you thought. Ignoring is easier said than done. For example....in fact no. Nuff oxygen wasted. In terms of ‘is this the end’....I felt more optimistic today. Was it the Fish and Chips delivery, friend positive hospital result after some worrying tests, a decent 6 mile run or something else😉 A few good da
  13. Sorry, this seems a bit balanced and considered. Which side are you saying were the freaking idiots?😆 More central ground understanding and less polarisation on many subjects (except house prices of course) would ge a good thing. Or at least a respectful appreciation of the ‘other sides’ views is a start. But that’s a bit boring....doesn’t sell media or help monetise the system.
  14. I used to lead a big team in finance. The strength of the team was their ability to compare, contrast, explain and deliberate. My strength was to get them to summarise it for me into a few points. 1 hour 10 mins is too long.🤦🏻‍♂️ What are the recommending to protect ourselves....er, other than Bitcoin, I know about that already and read all your adverts.😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. Different thread I know, but repo example happened to me. Flat came up (N York) and auction was in London. It had some set viewing times and either the keys didn’t work or the guy didn’t turn up. Genuinely ridiculous. So with no viewing it went to auction and this was early days and I needed a mortgage. So really I was out. However, I had viewed the property previously (about 6 months earlier) through the local agent who luckily still had keys. So without a further viewing I sorted the mortgage and the EA did give the keys to the mortgage valuer. (they couldn’t give them to me thoug
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