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  1. Why have they always made electric cars look unattractive? (aside from Tesla). Even BMW's offering for the masses is minging, their rich mans version looks good though.
  2. Brendan110_0

    BBC: House owners rue leasehold purchases

    There was some quite serious miss selling going on, happened to my friend. He was told they had two years to buy the leasehold, they actually meant two years from when the first brick of the estate was laid meaning in reality they had two weeks! Personally I told them to all club together, burn their houses to the ground and hand the banks the keys - start again.
  3. Brendan110_0

    Amazon halved corporation tax bill despite UK profits tripling

    Best get used to Amazon, over 50% of retail spending in USA is with them. We’ll follow suit.
  4. Brendan110_0

    House Prices vs Salaries

    Shrinkflation, same price lower grams/cl etc.
  5. They wouldn't make the mistake of a referendum again, A50 will just be withdrawn as planned all along.
  6. No. Polish have had enough and are going back home. Word from the lips of many - "too many blacks and Muslims now" and "they don't feel safe anymore" (Manchester bombing). Native workers won't work for peanuts (OK for an Eastern EU'er sending money back home for a nice plot of land and 4/5 bed house to be built). I work for a ink manufacture company in NW England, all the Poles are going, now the Czechs have started too. Good news is pay rises all around and zero hour contracts may die a death.
  7. Brendan110_0

    Trade Wars

    Trump won't back down with tit for tat, this'll just be the start.
  8. Brendan110_0

    Chicken Licken the sky is falling thread.

    Why would you not want to buy something at a 90% discount? Houses are for living in not investments. I saw house prices go up 100% in a year on my street. I still consider my house to be only worth £33,500 and would no way pay £90,000 for it (house currently at this price on my street is failing to sell). BTL brigade would've been all over it a year ago.
  9. Brendan110_0

    House Prices vs Salaries

    Get parents to take the risk of lending, perfectomondo. Banks with no liabilities.
  10. Battery humans, coming to a town near you soon.
  11. I find the whole affair strangely amusing, nearly at the endpoint and the government will panic and agree to join the euro 🤣
  12. Brendan110_0

    Cross hairs close in on the prudent yet again.

    Got to VERY careful with contactless cards when abroad, in the UK there's a £30 limit. When I was in Barcelona I spent £170 (one transaction) using contactless! So don't lose them abroad or be pick pocketed.
  13. The lack of housing available from councils is a national disgrace. My grandfather and grandmother lived renting their whole life, looked after it, never forced to move "cause cashing in innit!" Big enough to raise a family, where is that now? Renting from council is limited to flats and shiteholes only or you take your chances private which is worse, no comebacks if it's not fit for purpose.
  14. Good to see things have massively moved along since the very first post by GreenDevil
  15. Brendan110_0

    Nationwide Feb 2018

    Brown alert!

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