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  1. I hear this lots from people who voted remain, it really loses any argument from the get go. Human intelligence is narrow, here's a paint picture from people that study intelligence of all living things to place current Ai intelligence.
  2. The same - both parties have helped run things down since 2008 so we were in a poor starting position. All began with bailing out the banksters £1.162 trillion, followed by us plebs suffering under austerity (robbed by sleight of word - quantitative easing).
  3. Still 55 for private pensions - that's when I'm checking out of working life even if they attempt to shuffle it to 58 for me.
  4. Rule 1 - never do unpaid overtime unless directly related to a bonus scheme. You give your boss hell and make it worth paying you just to STFU.
  5. Yay, horse all round! If you have to be at every meeting ever then you're most likely a micro manager with control issues. Glad he can at least trust others around him to do their job. Better off with a supermarket boss lol
  6. That's what happens when a country demands all men and women work 40hrs per week = not enough time for looking after yourself. Every other week right now I'm working 9:00am - 3:15pm (child in school due to both working), best weeks ever and I still get the same amount of work done. Time to prepare meals, exercise, play with child, sleep much better. We've been robbed of this by successive governments chasing GDP.
  7. Just wait until they tax your gold, happened once before in USA 1933, or restrict holding it like UK 1966.
  8. Yes, so lock-down/social distancing will be the new "normal" until vaccine arrives.
  9. Johnson might just have landed on his feet like a cat with 9 lives. A pandemic will greatly change how things are done, Brexit consigned to a small side story as the world readjusts - will a citizens income work? What about collaboration to find a vaccine? Will current trading blocs be destroyed and a world bloc be formed?
  10. Or buy a life straw, last 3 years/person and you can drink from puddles.
  11. I've quite smarty hidden £5000 in a Virgin Disney holiday I'm unlikely to be able to go on (paid on a CC for safety) - can't swipe it if I haven't got it back yet Although by the time it's returned it'll probably only buy a pint of milk and a bog roll.
  12. It's terrible, like an aeroplane crash a day and no-one bats an eyelid because it's not really close to home yet.
  13. They'll suffer every year unless a vaccine is developed.
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