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  1. Truss will sort that lazy crew out. Hmmmm, maybe government should run on shifts, no excuses as it's important!
  2. Just hope your body stays good, often at 55 you can do so much more than at 65, only 10 years but my father in law, grandfather and dad have all aged significantly in this time frame.
  3. Euro zone did same raise 0.5%, all western countries will follow the same trajectory IMO, all swapping places monthly.
  4. I’ll be joining them at 55. House paid off, likely some inheritance unless parents hit 90’s. Take private pension at 57. Live the good life.
  5. I think it's pretty conclusive, privatising land lordship = poor accommodation (HMO's?). Needs to be controlled by government/councils 100%, no private land lords (make a law).
  6. Not Manchester, I use a motorbike for work commutes, no way I missed weeks of motorcycle use. Remembering headlines not reality. 2018, snow on ground for 4 days. In the 80's growing up I remember snow for weeks at a time, finding fiberglass bus shelter sides or them red/white roadwork boards to slide down hills ha ha
  7. lol Give money to the rich and they hoard it offshore avoiding tax and consume excessively.
  8. Practically true. 1-2 days then melts, lucky to get 1 day sledding per winter in the north west.
  9. Who'd a thought privatising water would lead to low infrastructure maintenance for profits.
  10. More likely stolen for threepence. I'd be against it, fix leaky pipes first, stop wasting water in fountains etc.
  11. P*ss off, you want our water then pony up London.
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