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  1. Probably a fan of re-education camps too. I know we kind of have them here (school) but we encourage free thinking and diversity. Uighurs not so lucky. The bill needs changing, kill the bill (not police). Just imagine the impact of a protest that doesn't inconvenience anyone, it isn't a protest then. We should not be passing this bill and I'll be fighting it on the streets as will many others, expect riots a common theme of the next decade until the government change tack.
  2. You'll get to see the government demolish the "now worthless GenX/Boomer house" as it isn't green enough and wastes energy. Buy this new house which is always cold for 1m plox, comes with 2 free sheep for wool clothes during winter.
  3. The future will be difficult for some to understand, you could end up as one of them old people banging on about it was better with notes and coins, in my day etc. Local currency is in immediate danger, think world currency once the payment infrastructure has been built for crypto (only a matter of time).
  4. More prisons isn't the answer, unless you want to follow the USA gang culture. Citizens income is the answer, we must force government to make it happen as job losses to automation will be huge! TAX ALL ROBOTS - company buys machine/robot to replace tax paying people = tax equivelent monies that are paid into Citizens income so we can buy things. Without this, crime is baked in, humans will do bad things to survive.
  5. Good to see you finally owning it, we all have to as it's happened already and we will continue to divert from EU regulations. I think trading blocs across the world will change dramatically in the next decade due to climate action.
  6. Go to the actual house and tell them what the estate agent is up to.
  7. Another one caught by the "look at these council estate families" banksters sleight of hand. I blame predatory banks and lack of financial education (which there is none of in state schools). And why is any job poorly paid?
  8. Just the end of the 3rd industrial revolution, next up is robots (tax them) replacing us all industrial revolution 4.0. Finally going to have all that leisure time and free crypto to spend that tomorrows world promised us.
  9. Fishing industry is annihilating our oceans, no big loss. Eat fake fish products and really make a difference to our planet.
  10. Usually bottom floor facing the communal bins too.
  11. Exactly, and more rooms = more decorating, cleaning, decluttering etc. Most people want the room to store more useless junk.
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