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  1. I don't understand these increases, the central bank is raising rates based on inflation, but the inflation is caused by non-demand forces i.e. supply issues, but to reign in inflation they attack the demand based influence. Surely to reduce inflation this time they should be doing something about the supply, e.g. provide grants and subsidiaries to sunflower growers to promote sunflower oil which is in dire need atm?
  2. I used to post a lot of Barnard Marcus auction results as I was working just around the corner and went to the auction during my lunch, I now work from home so I can't follow up any more. Maybe someone else can help now?
  3. As title. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/13/russian-default-on-debts-no-longer-improbable-says-imf-head
  4. Yes I am, but you quoted a Fed based opinion which is why I followed your comments with consistency. If I quoted the Boe's rates and recent changes in rates then you would have probably have a go at me for changing the subject.
  5. I always thought that an increase in basis points is the amount of change, so 0.5 up to 1.5 is an increase of 100bps. So if I'm not mistaken, as per the thread title does this mean Bullard wants FED rates to be 1.25% ? Considering the FED haven't moved rates for a while and Boe is already on the up, I would imagine that the Boe might hold until the FED catch up.
  6. I guess the NI rise should go towards the NHS etc as it is ringfenced. Any other taxes will be used to pay down the national debt which increased over the past couple of years to pay back the borrowing used for the Corona support packages. Although, with inflation high this will be good for the government as it reduces the value of the money they have borrowed. It of a knife edge balancing act by the government atm. I only have theories on this and there is so much more at play than we can possibly imagine.
  7. I reckon nil. I think with the government increasing national insurance and other taxes that will reduce spending money causing inflation to be reigned in.
  8. High inflation= reduced value of repayments by government. They borrowed so much over last couple of years. Why increase interest rates?
  9. Tbh I get bored of reading the long winded waffle of some people. I tend to be more engaged with the Twitter style posts. I can't wait for the hpc.
  10. Was watching Twitter closely last night and this morning. The news of a default to news of payment was a about 50:50 last night, this morning it was about 95% news of a default. Eventually Reuters and Bloomberg report they made the payments. Histeria was crazy this morning with everyone getting excited about the default. Feels really like the Chinese government is pumping out lots of misdirection on this one!
  11. Don't think she is Ukrainian, looks more like a Slovak
  12. Sadly it's not illegal. It would only be illegal if they were being furloughed and they continued to work with the same employer. You could still work a second job.
  13. That's generally not the business model banks adopt. Companies such a Northern Rock made income from the fees they charge when people borrow money or renew mortgages. Their interest rates were basically a loss leader to get volume of mortgagees onto their books. If they stayed on screen that was a bonus.
  14. Except if inflation is higher than the interest rate it is worth holding the debt as is is going to be less in real terms over the life of the loan/mortgage
  15. CPI is the used rate but CPIh is the ignored Biggie that takes housing costs into consideration too. https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/timeseries/l522/mm23
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