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  1. HMRC have new powers of reverse charge vat in construction industry in attempt to combat tax evasion http://www.mondaq.com/uk/x/780626/sales+taxes+VAT+GST/2019+Are+you+prepared+for+the+VAT+Reverse+Charge
  2. crazypabs

    Official tenant fee ban 1jun 19

    Tenant fee ban gain royal ascent https://www.gov.uk/government/news/james-brokenshire-heralds-new-law-protecting-tenants-from-unfair-letting-fees
  3. crazypabs

    Evening Standard change their tune

  4. crazypabs

    Evening Standard change their tune

    As headlines go through it is a good frightener
  5. crazypabs

    Evening Standard change their tune

    Agreed but it surprises me it's by the es, being that it is owned by a Russian billionaire who must have friends in property.
  6. For ever and and day the evening standard home and property section have been bigging up house prices. I never thought a bad word could be said. However, on my jolly tube ride home after a 14hr shift what am I blessed with on the front page of this dreamers supplement... House prices falling by £3000 a minute Wowza
  7. crazypabs

    I think the wait is over

    they could also extend the help to buy isa to allow anyone to buy their main residential home rather than just first time buyers. that would have the effect of boosting banks coffers in the event of a meltdown, plus propping house prices with a bonus 25% tax relief on savings that were specifically used for buying houses.
  8. crazypabs

    Halifax January 19

    when is it due out this month?
  9. crazypabs

    Halifax January 19

    are you referring to the monthly move or the year on year move?
  10. Fyi https://m.facebook.com/groups/1531018413809762?view=permalink&id=2248508635394066&anchor_composer=false
  11. North West's housing market is "on hold for now" says Surveyors https://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/17382843.north-wests-housing-market-is-on-hold-for-now-says-surveyors/
  12. could this mean he has no leverage though?
  13. Just got this inboxed, not read it yet, please feel free to gorge yourselves... https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/english-private-landlord-survey
  14. http://www.naea.co.uk/lobbying/housing-market-reports.aspx Number of properties up dramatically. Surprise surprise, it's the btl LL selling (attempting to sell) up.
  15. Surprised to see this out today... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/december-2018-price-paid-data

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