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  1. The economy is doing well hahaaa! Because it is housing-based on free steroids and you see a few people spending a couple of quid on food and drinks....people spending more debt...they havent got enough debt onboard, have some more debt. Deliquency rate in US through the roof, U3 jobs falling (U6 tanked 10 years ago).....We are next, if hasnt already happened in the numbers!
  2. Plenty of EA's shutting up shop in the Kingston-upon-Thames area now.....would say at an increasing rate of knots ;-)))...lots of price reductions too...quite significant. Perhaps that hiatus has now properly broken....interesting summer ahead!
  3. Nothing is stopping Krusty and Phil...................from squeezing every last drop.. https://www.surreycomet.co.uk/news/17469448.channel-4s-hit-property-show-looking-for-applicants-in-sw-london-and-surrey/
  4. Depends on your model....most small business models depend on just getting customers.....that is mostly outside of the realm of geopolitical changes. If people arent spending money....then you improve the offer. If I were a bigger business B-2-B, then perhaps other businesses not spending becomes an issue. Money velocity/ credit is the problem. When we have tsunamis of cash being dumped on the top tier.....Brexit isn't the problem, hoarding is, which eviscerates savings because the people who should see that cash dont. Brexit has been over-blown into some sort of apocalyptical monst
  5. Lucky you don't...because doing nothing is the fastest way to failure...?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47480250 More of those 'Challenging trading conditions' .....damn those online traders, excuses....coz they don't have click and deliver?? Kingston JL is usually vacant mid-week...shoe assistant said they stopped stocking half-sizes yonks ago.......starting to feel like Grace Brothers... ...plenty smaller dept stores have smelt teh coffee. When will the curtain be unveiled?
  7. It may be doom porn Jim....but well researched doom porn not as we know it. At odds with this thread? Where house prices to salary ratio is more favourable how can the UK be thus.....perhaps because it isnt? Interesting thought. Clutching at straws before the 29th...again https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-21/existing-home-sales-crash-accelerates-buyers-cant-afford-house
  8. Plus an IQ below 90 to not realise that 40 years of banker slavedom isnt worth the pain of begging BOMAD and the sh1t marketing job that pays them just above average salary ?...I'm thinking FTBers arent just under 30, but probably 30-50 and have been waiting a while. The relative % purchases increase as all transactions decrease...just more skewed stats BS. First time buyers might desperate but they aint stupid.
  9. The good news keeps rolling in...I don't care who they blame now....its all out of their hands imo...
  10. I know someone who bought similar....desperately 'upgraded' .....thinking 800k is manageable for a slightly bigger shoebox....now regretting it. The whole street filled with people from the same company....carrying too much fat...nothing productive of worthwhile What is that, 3.5k/month? ? I have zero sympathy for anyone like that anymore. The correction will be poetic...so long as the bankers take the biggest hit.
  11. everywhere....and it will be wonderful, if credit doesnt collapse at the same time, or we get a monetary reset as we follow the US into hyperinflation, on weak growth, official recession fudged job/salary numbers ?.....so much to consider, and everyone is focused on Brexit still.....oh boy...this is gonna be good.
  12. But perhaps people are wising up to what's seen as fair value......
  13. Me too, done Italy, US, France.....was thinking Yorkshire as it feels like a different country ?
  14. I don't understand who would voluntarily stay in the South-East hell hole....society is a sick little puppy, most people dont even have basic courtesy skills. Will try and make my next foreign transfer stick permanently.......the uprising will spread
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