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  1. I’m resigning my account. It is pretty obvious to me many of the respondents on this thread are the same person. I have a reasonable outlook with a great deal of love for my community. This is a completely fake community now and I have posted on here since about 2004 as guillotine and previously tenant extra. Don’t fake it.
  2. I still do not understand your stance. Mine is rational. Why would anybody support fracking when they do not benefit from it directly but endure the various pollutions and environmental damage that causes. You will note, although I suspect your ready Vapor’s had already destroyed your cognitive function to get to the second sentence, that I also said it is entirely acceptable the government pushes such things though because of a deeper interest. Your whole spiel is beside the point. I have been a professional earth scientist, I accept more than most the need to reap resources under our feet but there is a price that is paid by inconvenience and nuisance to the local population and their environment. Which is why it is entirely reasonable for them to object. Are you making the argument they should not object, that there is no environmental concern or that the government should not have the power to force the issue? Or just being a pain in the arse?
  3. Do you really want to know how old I am? Why do you think that is any of your business. What has that got to do with anything I have said. I don’t usually bother engaging with the angry boys but you just got on my tits.
  4. Keep your nose out of my business and find a different outlet for your uncontrolled aggression.
  5. Impossible for you. I think most people can imagine what sensory damage occurs with a fracking operation on the doorstep. Imagine noise, imagine traffic, imagine loss of habitat and the potential for irreversible damage to aquifers and the water table etc. It’s really not so hard.
  6. But it is only right for locals to object then to be over-ruled in the national interest as has happened here. The problem is that no rewards for the exploitation of resources and environmental harm goes to those who suffer from it.
  7. I thought that site was now defunct and covered over? I like the watercolour development but I would be more concerned about the car parking and traffic flow. I lived opposite a landfill site as a kid. Literally a few hundred metres of open ground away opposite our front window. When full it was covered over and the waste people have done a good job catching and dealing with the decompositional gases. The terrain is slowly sinking it’s very interesting with lots of wading birds and deer using it now. It’s now a very nice outlook with no prospect of ever being built on. Funny how things work out huh. Absolutely stank to high heaven when it was active and had more gulls than Hove seafront.
  8. They can use benefits towards affordability checks but will clearly not be able to afford anything. Mortgage applications will be rejected out of hand by lenders.
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