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  1. I'm interested in metals but have given up on finding good commentary. It's usually just the same people predicting negative events over and over until they get one right. The last one I heard was Jim Rickards predicting war in North Korea being imminent... Only one I go back to is belangp on youtube
  2. Down to £900 now but still a way to go
  3. Crap pay and extortionate rent in my experience. I'm fairly frugal and have nowhere near enough saved despite working for the last 8 years. I think ~70k has gone on rent.
  4. I'm biased because I've already made the move out of London but I can't see how housing costs can be sustained there. This period has proven that there's no need for my company to have an office. Despite all the issues with childcare etc work has been more productive. Public transport is going to be screwed for quite a long time so colleagues near the city are no better off than me ~100 miles away. A lot of them have ditched rented flat to live back at home with parents anyway.
  5. I feel for any tenants who are struggling. No sympathy for the landlords though who are getting exactly what they deserve. You cannot reward these morons for extracting money from the actual workers. I know a lot of renters in London who moved back with parents around the country prior to lockdown. I wonder what happens if this situation drags on? I'm very lucky to not live in my old flat in London. The landlord was an **** and refused to fix anything so I didn't have a working freezer. These people extract 50%+ of your salary and have no skills - just right time right place for a lot of them.
  6. I’ve been reading Taleb’s books again recently. I think Fooled by Randomness is the best and all the others repeat the same message in a different way. I don’t like Taleb’s name dropping and general arrogance but I think there’s a lot of value in his writing. It’s also introduced me to stoicism and evolutionary biology (the source is usually better than the populariser).
  7. This one is fun: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-76635850.html Looks like a time capsule!
  8. My house is down 10% since I bought last year lol. Hoping to stay for a while. Still 8x local wage so a while to go yet
  9. I laughed a lot when she popped up - didn't expect it! They didn't even talk about landlords. She must be completely screwed if she's that angry.
  10. Can you actually lend a house deposit to someone? I thought you could only gift it otherwise mortgage company would not agree to the mortgage. Doing that but treating it as a loan between family seems like a recipe for disaster
  11. I'm not against social housing but agree that the sense of entitlement is astounding. I work in London and cannot afford to live somewhere decent in Ealing. I moved out of the South East because of prices / living conditions.
  12. Smarter Investing - Tim Hale The Management Myth - Matthew Stewart. I loved this book - it debunks a lot of modern management practices but has made it harder for me to be an employee! Liar's Poker - Michael Lewis. Made me laugh a lot. Glad I've never worked in finance!
  13. The generational wealth transfer can definitely mess things up. My cousin is in his 30s, has wife and kid but has never worked properly, no skills or qualifications and still lives at home. My uncle earns decent money and is continuing to work in his 70s and pays for everything. Even though my cousin will inherit a house and cash I doubt it will last long.
  14. I completely agree. It has been a shift in thinking though. I thought if I put everything into my work during my 20s that there would be a big reward later. I'm not doing badly but the big money / success just didn't happen.
  15. It was just a mental shift for me. I was gearing up to buy in the SE before I lost my job. It made me question the crazy hours I had been putting in (and if getting a huge mortgage was a good idea). I was earning around national average wage in London, I'm earning similarly now but work less and have lower living costs. My wife is happy because her family are nearby. In time I think my earning potential would have been much higher in London so it does feel like a bit of a gamble. It's done now though and I doubt I can afford to go back!
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