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  1. Giving up isn't the end of the world. I threw in the towel a couple of years ago when I bought a house. I've no idea if things will crash but think the anecdotal nature of HPC gives you false hope. Something that helps me is to go back and read stuff from 5 years ago and see how wrong it is. I do agree that the market is grossly unfair but I'm not sure that reading about it daily is helpful
  2. Seeing this play out with family in London. My cousins inherited London property after my uncle died a few years back. They sold it and bought their own properties outright. They are in mid-30s now, never finished school and never worked in their lives. At the moment they are way ahead of me financially. One of them took out a mortgage to 'invest' in Bitcoin and various stupid businesses and ended up being scammed out of most of it. Guess who needed a mortgage holiday during lockdown? I had to leave London to afford something modest in the end. Not expecting any family wealth due t
  3. Of all places I'd have thought people on HPC would understand that a house is not a great investment. I didn't buy one to make money. My family needed a place to live and some semblance of stability. I like investments to be boring so none of this future prediction business for me!
  4. I would be interested to know what qualifies as a lot of cash. I remember reading something from the money mustache guy saying not to have much cash and put everything in shares. That seems like madness to me. As cool as bitcoin, gold, paintings, old shoes, cattle are surely you'd want to have an emergency fund (3-6 months expenses) in the currency of your country?
  5. I don’t normally get into the ‘white privilege’ debate because I’m not allowed to have an opinion on that These labels simplify things so that someone can make a seemingly pithy observation on Twitter In reality there is an unfair distribution of wealth and opportunity which is more like a slice through all groups in society
  6. I am noticing it a bit. A few people I worked with have found new jobs. Having been made redundant before I don’t take pleasure in anyone losing a job. Some people are useless but some employers are just ******ing shit
  7. When I was going into the office I worked out that 2 return train tickets per week during peak time costs a similar amount to the annual season ticket over the course of a year. Of course there were no flexible options...
  8. It certainly doesn't. I've been involved in complete disaster projects that were outsourced to Eastern Europe and South Africa.
  9. I will continue to work from home while I can (have done so for past 5 years now). My job is looking precarious at the moment so will probably end up looking for something new. I don't want to use public transport until a vaccine is found so may have to go freelance
  10. The reason teachers in the UK system aren’t always great at their job is because they are asked to do way too much. You can’t be effective when stressed and burned out. There is a lot of work needed purely for appearances e.g. marking maths assignments by hand because management/parents don’t like it done by machine. There’s a huge potential for automation just to deal with the bureaucracy of the job. Many would welcome it to get their evenings and weekends back. Try automating dealing with parents who call or email you after hours!
  11. People have stopped buying things so advertisers have pulled the plug. There's also change coming from browser vendors to combat online tracking in the next year or two which will hit ad revenues again. It's not a good time to be dependent on online ads.
  12. I've heard this one a lot recently. Having seen some outsourcing disasters I think it's a long way off / never going to happen. Being UK based means you speak the same language, share the same culture, have the same timezone, can do one day per week/per month in the office etc - those things make a big difference. If outsourcing was really easy and cost-effective most companies would be doing it.
  13. The economy is being screwed by the virus - not lockdown. There’s still lots we don’t know about this thing including the long term effects on health.
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