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  1. Glental

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    I'm amazed they managed to roll out a national project with proprietary smart meters. Maybe I shouldn't be. From what I can tell having a smart meter benefits the energy company and doesn't give much to the consumer. But I'm fairly lazy and apathetic towards these things.
  2. Glental

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    Nobody really knows what will happen. I recently got a mortgage on a small place outside the South East. Not too bothered if prices come down (they really need to) but no longer waiting around hoping tptb get their act together. I had the opportunity to move closer to family and was fed up with renting a shit flat in London.
  3. A former colleague and his partner have just bought a small semi in London for 500k with 10% deposit (help from bomad). It's not going to take much to put them under water. Not only that but it needs a lot of work doing!
  4. Not at all - people should be free to do what suits them. I was renting for years, enjoyed it for a while but soon got fed up with it. Towards the end it was a huge chunk of salary gone every month, mouldy bathroom, dodgy boiler, pointless inspections, incompetent landlord / letting agent, I didn't even have a functioning freezer ffs. I had the chance to move to a lower cost area and took it.
  5. You run out of time though eventually. I wanted to buy before starting a family and had been waiting for the 'right time' for the past few years. I've concluded that I'm not knowledgeable enough to time markets. I definitely overpaid for a modest place but am not planning to move and have not taken on a crazy amount of debt. That's good enough for me. Still hoping that prices become sane again.
  6. People at my workplace have started to use the word 'hustle' to encourage us to work harder. Makes me want to give up.
  7. Glental

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Really enjoyed both videos. Funny that people promote their family values when they are screwed financially. No doubt they would have been lording it over their tenants during their 15 minutes of success.
  8. Glental

    Did you get help from Bomad

    I always expected my Mum and Dad would help out but they divorced and spent the proceeds on their own houses and solicitor fees! Ended up moving north to afford a place. I miss London (mostly friends) but being on a relatively low wage there was not sustainable.
  9. Glental

    Who here is 30-35 and lives in london

    My partner and I made the move north a couple of months ago. We paid over 70k rent in five years for a 1 bed flat on the outskirts of London. Landlord bought it for less than that for it in the 90s! We were lucky that we stayed in the same flat but the landlord rarely fixed anything and was generally incompetent. I like London and we’re both from there but neither of us even broke the £35k mark in earnings. A few times one of us was out of work or training and we still had to find the rent. We constantly felt under financial pressure while living like monks! We’re now near family (all ex-Londoners too) and are earning a similar amount but with significantly lower costs. It’s early days but I feel more relaxed already.
  10. Glental

    Inspections are too frequent

    I've been at the same place a few years now and they do inspections every 6 months. The ******* never fix anything we report. It's just for the landlord / letting agent to check if we've trashed it or not. If I'm in and ask questions the person doing the inspection always says 'I'm not sure, I'm just a contractor' etc etc.
  11. Was just about to recommend Brave. I like the idea of supporting frequently used websites without being tracked around the web. Blocking all the shit makes loading times much faster too.
  12. Don't know how much it would affect the market as a whole. Nano is relatively unknown. Who on earth would entrust their money to someone who calls themselves 'Francesco the Bomber' as well lol
  13. Another exchange 'hacked': https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/10/bitgrail-170-million-unauthorized-transactions/ Smells like Mt Gox all over again - one person lost $1.4m to Bitgrail.
  14. Can Lynette Zang be taken seriously? Her videos seem to be gold commercials. Same with Mike Baloney.
  15. I don't see gold and bitcoin as similar at all. One is a proven long-term store of value and the other has a massive potential upside (with lots of risk). I don't see why you wouldn't hold both. Fiat is where you need to be careful. I remember listening to podcast where this guy found his grandfathers hidden stash of US dollars somewhere in the family farm. The notes were damaged and the US gov was able to prove their authenticity and pay out their value. It turned out to be ~$4000 dollars. Imagine if he had stashed gold instead?

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