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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/next-financial-crisis-has-begun-and-will-be-worse-than-2008-crash-economists-warn-11497433
  2. St.Ives

    Something not quite adding up

    v) flood the west with 3rd world immigrants to create division and a convenient scapegoat for the problems caused by the above.
  3. St.Ives

    Tenancy Renewal Fee

    Because I have two young kids including one who has just started school and need some stability. I have found this site http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2015/07/08/recent-changes-to-letting-agents-fees/ which suggests: "There must not be any surcharges or hidden fees, and vague phrases such as ‘administration costs’ must not be used" The fee I am being asked for is listed as an "Administration Fee"
  4. St.Ives

    Tenancy Renewal Fee

    Yes, we signed another 12 month AST.
  5. St.Ives

    Tenancy Renewal Fee

    The bastards have finally realised I have not paid the last two renewal fees and want £180 off be for two emails!
  6. Why are there so few properties on the market? I can understand why there are no buyers but not why so few sellers?
  7. 1. 75%. Most of the tools available to prevent it have already been used. Public sentiment is turning against high prices and the tories know that renters do not vote for then. 2. Once interest rates start to rise. If will be quick and large. Expect 50% drops in the south of England. 3. No it will reinvigorate it, eventually.
  8. Because they know the crash has started?
  9. St.Ives

    Carney is staying....

    What is your twitter name?
  10. St.Ives

    Are The Shires Crashing ?

    Plenty of drops and re listings in Huntington. Lots of rent reductions as well.
  11. So getting a large IO mortgage and investing the rest of of what the repayment mortgage would be in gold/stocks/ bitcoin/bank account makes sense?
  12. St.Ives

    Tenancy Renewal Fee

    I just ignored it and have heard nothing more. It's almost as if they know they are taking the piss.
  13. This is my experience as well. Probably also because when they work at home (every Friday) they do f@ck all themselves.
  14. St.Ives

    Economics Question

    I have skim read it so I understand the basic principle. Do you believe Cameron and Osborne actually understand the money creation process and the resultant debt this creates? In the case of Cameron, I think not, as demonstrated by his statement a few years back that everyone should be saving their money.

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