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  1. So whilst we're on the topic of arseholes.. Who's checked out Katie Hopkins Instagram recently.. Must say; I approve of her rhetoric. She should've teamed up with Nigel because these two are actually posing as a voice to those victim of the woke oppression thats occurring.. https://www.instagram.com/_katie_hopkins_/channel/?hl=en
  2. Glad to see this thread as I was just talking to family about this this morning.. LOL but true. Agreed, they're much worse in my generation, don't usually agree with much from the BTC warrior but he has it pretty spot on there and I liked his tone whilst saying it.. True and false.. Had the joy of sitting in on ALOT of asylum meetings whilst at home.. (I work in the private sector - do the math on how I managed that 😉) and I can say a very large majority of them are bloody naive.. The rest are very aware of whats going on but they also cant do anything about it because they have to follow protocol from top down which leads me onto the next point.. There's people who worked for UK asylum departments and then left to become 'illegal' coaches who 'coach' (get paid a shit load by) said seekers into what to say to circumvent the rules and get in.. Its actually a really big market.. I expect this to be a nice new untapped market now.. In summary, the question needs to be asked.. Why would someone wearing LV, Rolex and have a persona of superiority need to claim asylum in the UK..? "Bingo" excuse the pun.
  3. Then people should make better choices or not complain. House at 22, solar panels, pay £30 a month Gas & electric. Exception not rule? Doubt it..
  4. It is rather hilarious that so many trading platforms have suspended trading for the variety of stocks picked out in the reddit..
  5. Whilst we're here.. Lets also mention the crippling of an economy, health mental and physical and a loss of liberty for 100k (0.15%) people with an average age of... 83. Who should pay for this.. As above. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/adhocs/12376averageageofdeathmedianandmeanofpersonswhosedeathwasduetocovid19orinvolvedcovid19bysexdeathsregistereduptoweekending2october2020englandandwales
  6. Im sorry, house prices, job market, state pensions, private pensions, gold plated pensions, nhshocking, university fees, degree devaluation.. All of these are from the voter demographics of the very people you are advocating.. Not to tax.. Fair is fair? This. You think those who make the rules are the ones in power? Just take a look at corporations and tax.
  7. Lets talk about the retirement age increase the boomers caused.. It's not about life expectancy its about the underfunding of pretty much everything whilst enjoying the existing benefits. Your inheritance tax is payment for the ladder that has been pulled up and the services that have been crippled in order to keep you on this earth for longer *with the same benefits* at the cost of your children's income and retirement.. So yes, it is being entitled to expect anything. Like I said, I'll pay mine, if everyone else pays theirs. If you cant survive without mummy and daddy funding, tough. Make better choices. Your parents should have left you with knowledge not cash.. Teach a man to fish etc.
  8. From whom? Answer that and you see the entitlement. You've clearly never met champagne socialist millennials that are bred in conservative families. Quickly changes to I'm alright Jack on wealth transfer. Make your own money, sponging off parents is the same as sponging off the state.. Get what you're given, dont ask or expect.. Reminds me of the meme below; funny when it comes to capital.
  9. LOL such a sense of entitlement as I've said many times.. Will I benefit financially from death of family members, yes. Is this right? No. Why should you be entitled to it just because you were born in the right family.. Would happily forgo any inheritance IF everyone else did. You'll see who's cruising by in life and who's not.. Maybe you should look at the entitled kids you've procreated.
  10. Your lack of nutritional expertise is evident when you think its a requirement to eat whole and societal claimed 'healthy' foods in order to be healthy
  11. You'd leave the country for 150k... lol.. Sell your house.. Cya
  12. On what platform would you like a UK based domicile to do that on.. Verification by id jackass..
  13. Point is anyway.. Im short Tesla not bitcoin.. But it's the same emotion is all I'm saying..
  14. To the moon no..? 30 is good value if its going to 100+.. What are you waiting for.. Sell your car, remortgage your house.. You can buy 5 in a year with the rise! Putting you're wife in from an early adopter at 22k.. There's the true value.. The rest is speculative buy signals for a position you don't understand because you aren't there anymore I'm afraid.. Good call, undeniable.. Bad advice.. Lol set a number, regular deposits till it goes above the level I put in at or I reach diversification %.. Standard rebalancing there on after.
  15. Oh I'll buy in.. Sub 25.. But I'll be doing as stated above dumping off when necessary but the point is its not value underpinning it, its belief and speculation.. Its easy to hodl as an early adopter, but we're not in that territory anymore its speculative.. So tell me.. How much BTC have you bought in the last 2 months?
  16. I'm not denying you've done well from this.. But.. You can't take the stance of buy buy buy and perpetuate that when people would not be getting in at the same position as you.. The risk is far higher than it is for you.. The pump is funny money and when JP Morgan and other big banks.. The same people crypto is a hedge against are 'long' well.. Its a pump and dump.. Simple. If you read my previous.. 'Trying to get into trading account', nor do I.. Did I miss the BTC boat? Yeah.. Did I scream buy anything in March.. Also yes.. Im mostly shacked up in funds anyway but opportunity is opportunity.. Buying BTC at this level is not opportunity.. It's f'ing stupid. RE vpn.. What risk getting locked out for violating terms by not registering as a British citizen..?
  17. I'm short on Tesla.. Cant short bitcoin in the UK anymore.. The logical emotion underpinning Bitcoin is the same that underpins Tesla.. Regardless of intrinsic value in either.. If I shorted Bitcoin when I decided to short Tesla I'd of been cashing that in right now; in and out in that volatility.. Its not the perception of the coin or the value of Tesla I'm shorting here, its the psych being perpetuated.. The money tree isn't about saving jobs.. If that were the case we wouldn't be in a lockdown for a few sniffles and coughs..
  18. Yeah just gonna keep an eye on bitcoin.. if it shoots back over the 40 mark I'll probs just book it for now.. Tbh once corona stops, the magic money tree stops shaking..
  19. Before anyone says it.. Yes I got my short in at 860.
  20. Tesla runs at the same logic.. If btc hits 30k today expect Tesla to follow.. Trying to get into trading account as we speak jusssst incase... Bloody support tickets..
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