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  1. Think of the polar bears! Intrigued now, pics or pencil drawing haha?
  2. Lol this too hot in summer, wrap in a blanket or dressing gown in winter. The only time my heating goes on is when a guest complains it’s cold 😂
  3. Could say the same about buying a house though.. And I’m more so referring to OO whom even if they made gains on their flat they wouldn’t be able to sell for a house in the same area without forking out more anyway ‘real life’ friends the sitcom, problem being how will they sell it as a solicitor should pick up on the regulations
  4. Lenders unwilling to lend on non conforming flats, unable to renew mortgage rate, inflation, ir rate rise + variable, repossession? Been telling people for years don’t buy flats but everyone thinks it’s RL Friends
  5. What does all of this mean. Inflation. Where is the blood curdling inflation though?
  6. That's astonishing.. My parents are relatively well off and I don't get shit except when someone dies haha! On the flip side though had previous partners who have done and the difference in work ethic is clear. However, I have found that people from money, their off spring manage it better so I wouldn't wholeheartedly buy into the three generations of wealth thing.. Personally my kids getting provisos and stipulations on when it can access it.. I'm passing down the knowledge of how to keep it going firstly which isn't rocket science. No work ethic, it goes to charity.
  7. Do you really think the boomers will fall on their sword? They crave life and fear death.
  8. Agreed with this.. Dumped all UK equities at the last peak… Question being is if eg invested in a fund should it be hedged to gbp or let loose but run the risk of other developed countries being in a similar predicament re inflation or currency devaluation..
  9. Amusing that this is the first post to actually relate this to house prices
  10. LOL you are so misinformed or needed to get out more.. A lot of people were not compliant. Did anyone die? No. I had a nurse come round during the middle of lockdown for a social visit..
  11. Came here to find a post on this and you delivered. So....? This ^ So the current working population are paying for this, what ever happened to "I've paid in all my life, I've paid my fair share...?" The basis of this was social care caps and the NHS.. Typical emotional blackmail and people are accepting of this judging by telegraph comments. Regardless of how you end up there if you cant pay 80k for healthcare post retirement. Where is the accountability for peoples choices.. *Note* I'm not including people with *extreme* circumstances which are few in comparison to the majority. Once again government interference at a time when inflation is set to bite as well.. Also this doesn't hit just lower incomes since sub 50k is still paid for at the banding rate, NI is progressive just like income tax no? After 50k you are still paying for everything below 50k.. Granted going from 50-100 its less of an effect but still less money at the end of it.
  12. Can I question you on this... I've recently undergone a similar thing with my house and was surprised to find it has almost doubled in value in five years.. What kind of returns from renovating per house are you even expecting in this current climate and future etc assuming all unspecialised work is done by yourself.. Wont associated moving costs eat into that significantly the higher up you go..? Its always put me off because if I were buying a house seeing it had been bought a year before and on for 50-100k more id give it the swerve unless it was fairly new..
  13. Thanks for the informative insight.. The graph puts it into perspective a lot better as well.. I'd put middle class as a 9 on the scale IMO, as goes the saying 'cant break out of the middle class'.. The biggest gap between bands would denote where middle class is from a financial perspective; irrespective of any kind of manor of conducting oneself.
  14. 240k… in BRAMLEY.. A newish build I’d expect to fetch that much there but an old decrepit end terrace.. Maybe I’ve not been paying attention to the market.
  15. What’s the crystal ball say on when boomers die off and transfer wealth via inheritance, the majority of families own houses but are cash and asset poor aside from that.. example being average non financially savvy boomer parents die with some savings and a house to 2 kids..? They own an asset but are far from my perspective of middle class.
  16. Loved the articulation in this post, agree with it all.. Except, I don’t think IRS will rise but if they did they can’t raise them significantly and even when they raised them a few years ago by was it .25% that was it and it had minimal effect
  17. Came across this: Seems as we've been saying on here regarding price rises in used cars/bikes normal people are starting to see the effects. Even talks of total money supply increases etc which is on the money (pun).. The inflation reaper cometh.
  18. Yeah I've found when buying milk because I live alone one big one lasts me two weeks so I usually just buy the ones with the longest dates on them, noticed now that the only expiry dates are in like 4-7 days! True Also true *that aren't 'curvy' Edit: Also cannot find fresh warm croissants anywhere 😢 always the stupid chocolate ones..
  19. You mean like how council tax is only allowed 5% increases.. What happens, 5% increase YOY
  20. Everyone on here gives this guy so much shit; take out the gold pushing and he's pretty spot on..
  21. 91% single, 27 Fun fact, if you have 0 Income but 1 mil in the bank CSA can’t clobber you lol so much for getting knocked up by a millionaire
  22. Been cutting my own hair for the past 6 years.. If we go with a tenner a week since I last got a hair cut £3120.. How’s that for inflation busting 😂.. Before anyone says it, has been described as ‘a work of art’ and shock when people find out. Had to time lapse it just to prove it once. But for real, yeah I’ve noticed inflation has been going up but I’m somewhat addicted to the protein granola from Aldi, some frugality special chicken and fried rice for dinner, couple protein shakes.. lol who says eating for aesthetics is expensive.. Multivits have gone up however.. cry.
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