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  1. Well said. Liberals and communists are a victim to the education systems indoctrination, they don’t learn until they hit the real world and even then they focus on ridiculous social causes as opposed to logical solutions.
  2. Was reading this earlier and when I usually suggest this to people in person they don’t tend to take kindly to it at all.. Whomever said this just tied their own noose..
  3. Industry? If the job can be done at home expect a lot of them to find something else. A lot of people I know aren’t even bothering with interviews unless it’s fully remote. Recruiters are feeding this back to companies and they come round eventually when they can’t hire and everyone’s leaving.
  4. On a side note I went to Aldi for the first full shop there in a long time.. Queues were right to the back of the store. Inflation is well and truly here. I still spent more than I usually do at Asda though 🤔..
  5. It’s not just older people I can assure you. There are borderline alcoholics around the early 20s too.. The amount of people I’ve had sit and pour their souls out to me how they cry themselves to sleep and drink everyday to escape reality or to forget about trauma is astounding. Usually seemingly nice cheery ones too. Its a cope for life, but alcohol is the initial symptom rather than the cause but there comes a point it shifts to replacing the cause. I enjoy a drink, in the right moment; no celebration or dinner date, no drink.
  6. Facts. The worse it gets the more accepting I am of things. I’m just here to make my money and swan off into the sun. Productivity will be anecdotal dependent on the individual. I’m more likely to do extra unpaid work for my personal development with the flexible freedom. Personally wfh for 2.5 years and I live alone too in a some would say large house for 1.. I had someone with me for 6 months wfh during covid and that was awesome.. But being alone in the house post COVID started getting tiresome, demotivating and lonely. Luckily I have the gym and chat to people there on weekdays and I date or see friends and family at the weekend sometimes, usually I do my own thing. Now I’ve elected to go into the office on set days each week even though I’m free to wfh. Even if I sit on my own and don’t talk to anyone. It just feels nicer being around people.
  7. I’ve been considering Portugal after first holidaying there a few years back.. It’s a lovely place I was always a bit concerned about the quantity of other expats but this is good news. Even more so since a multinational has an office there. I constantly wake up in Britain to grim weather and do wonder how everyone is capable of living their entire existence here with the depressing grey sky.
  8. Ask anyone in the public sector. They get away with low productivity because of job security. This is good news. How will it help the cost of living..? Subsidiaries or price controls?
  9. Not if the majority of cash to buy houses came from Lombard Loans
  10. You guys had faith in their ability to control inflation to begin with 😯..
  11. I binned my postal without opening it weeks ago.. Can we have libertarianism yet?
  12. A very fine point indeed, I’m going to use this one
  13. Most middle class/lower upper kids who attended private school I know are earning peanuts considering their education. Only the well networked upper benefited off private education.
  14. Speaking of chickens and inflation.. Eggs in Asda- own brand - free range 12pk 1.85. They were 1.25 a couple of months ago.. 48% markup! Dafuq 😂
  15. So the guy claims arears due to being furloughed at what 80% wage even assuming he walked to work. So at 20% less his salary he fell into arrears.. lol what? Which dumb arse underwriter even approved the loan.
  16. Find mortgage backed security ETFs and short them via a broker that allows it OR yes you *could* short the banks with mortgage backed loans but all depends on if the MBSs are corporate or retail (this guy is saying both with collapse though) but its down to the 'little' evidence (other than a few non AAA rated debt in these funds) being full of non AAA rated debt. Shorts are up 4x though on MBSs though. Also bearing in mind though corporates don't have the same leverage rates ie 80% as retail. He presents a convincing argument (im not convinced) but it’s above my knowledge to disagree. Just an overview understanding.. But I guess that's exactly what everyone said in 2008.
  17. Another fine example of a millennial who did things right and isn't complaining due to it. Take notice folks, the ones not actually complaining are the ones who were frugal (PRIORITISED). I still bum a Netflix password.. 😅
  18. NHS and state problem, privatise it if you want more pay. Productivity > value > wage. Times have changed, chose a different career that pay more. Less things to spend you're money on.. This anecdote is irrelevant
  19. Home ownership of your parents will distinguish the haves and have nots in millennials. The entitled monsters know this full well.. I hope they live till they’re 90, that puts the kids at roughly 60. That’s what they get for putting off growing the fk up.
  20. Biological desire for security and provisioning in the modern era so I believe this.
  21. Themselves.. Defining this as the reluctance to abstain from a certain standard of living in order to delay gratification for the things that actually matter. This is apparent in every aspect of their lives especially related to relationships, hobbies, spending habits, political persuasion and interests. FOMO killed their future. Somewhat of a generalisation but from doing things differently to my peers it’s apparent. Go ask a majority of millennials what they usually do on a weekend. There’s your answer. They feel entitled to security and will never be able to tell you what they’re doing wrong. Let inflation rip. Gen Z as the papers would have you believe are ‘more responsible’ I have yet to see this but that’s my anecdotal experience.
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