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  1. If the Stock to Flow model continues to be accurate, this halving cycle we are looking at a top of around $250,000 per Bitcoin at some point in the next few years. https://twitter.com/100trillionUSD/status/1286943287862059008?s=20
  2. This is painfully true. Our PMs have recently been put on 3 day weeks and I can't say the rest of us have noticed. Some struggle with creating Outlook meetings, let alone basic DevOps concepts. The business has for a while been trying to remove the PM role completely, this may be the final nail.
  3. Yep, they were cheaper than Amazon which took me by surprise. Though in hindsight turned out to be too good to be true. Good point. Paypal actually. Hadn't thought of using their dispute resolution service.
  4. I think Blacks might be in trouble. Taking orders but not dispatching any goods or providing refunds to customers for a couple of weeks now. £200 I'm probably never going to see again. Thought I was the only one but it's all over social media.
  5. Research suggests the virus causes kidney and testicular damage in otherwise healthy people. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418v1 It's just the flu though...
  6. Or us. 😄 Considering it seems to be a Gastro Intestinal type illness suggests it may be something water/food based, a new Cholera type disease maybe? Either way, one worth keeping an eye on.
  7. New mystery virus in Nigeria. 15 dead already. Kills within 48 hours of contact. https://dailypost.ng/2020/02/07/benue-killer-disease-a-mystery-its-not-ebola-lassa-fever-or-coronavirus-nigerian-govt/
  8. Rubbish. You don't need it doesn't mean others don't find value in it. You're part of the lucky few on this planet who have easy access to financial services, in a relatively stable democracy with no need to send money across borders. A lot of the world is not like that. One of Peter McCormack's podcasts recently case studied a company which uses Bitcoin to help economic immigrants send money back to the Phillipines for a fraction of the cost in fees compared to other means and low friction. The Chinese use it to bypass strict currency controls, and Venezuelans use it to buy groceries. Move out of your bubble and you might see this.
  9. No miners? Who controls the generation of blocks? Sounds like a centralised shitcoin inferior to Bitcoin. No thanks.
  10. You don't need fiat to spend Bitcoin. fiat relies on belief in the system and when that begins to erode from endless money printing and ever larger boom and bust debt cycles people will naturally seek out harder forms of money. We've seen it in Venezuela, we've seen it in Zimbabwe and India, where Crypto is used for daily essentials and often trades at a premium compared to the rest of the world because of its utility. Let's not get so complacent that we think this could never happen here. We're also starting to see Bitcoin being held in reserve by national governments in very large amounts. https://beincrypto.com/bulgaria-betting-on-bitcoin-holds-over-200000-btc-in-reserve/
  11. Many surveys done in Europe and the US on generational opinions of Crypto. I'll try to find one. Regarding pensions, Bitcoin ETFs are a matter of when not if.
  12. The majority of global wealth still sits with the Boomers, they aren't going to be the ones to drive the price higher. Millenials and Gen Z prefer crypto to other investments and as that demographic's share of global wealth increases in the coming decades we'll see currencies like BTC mature. Dismissing those groups as "irrelevant" because they have no money currently is extremely short sighted.
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