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  1. Many surveys done in Europe and the US on generational opinions of Crypto. I'll try to find one. Regarding pensions, Bitcoin ETFs are a matter of when not if.
  2. The majority of global wealth still sits with the Boomers, they aren't going to be the ones to drive the price higher. Millenials and Gen Z prefer crypto to other investments and as that demographic's share of global wealth increases in the coming decades we'll see currencies like BTC mature. Dismissing those groups as "irrelevant" because they have no money currently is extremely short sighted.
  3. I'm guessing you're sure sure of your prediction you've massively shorted XBT....
  4. Looking at the times of the recent price spikes, many seem to be suggesting this rally is being driven from Asia. The truth is, people who don't follow Crypto, which is most people are completely unaware of this spike over the last 3 months and still consider BTC to be very much a dead technology since they last heard about it in early 2018. That's why I believe we'll see another 2 or 3 very large surges higher over the next 9 months as casual investors wake up again. I wouldn't be surprised at all by £16k by the year's end with a few pull backs inbetween and then settle around 11-15k range in 2020. Bitcoin's mega rallies usually have a fair bit of lag after each halving so if past experience is anything to go by we wont be seeing the the peak of the next bull run until the end of 2021.
  5. Thanks! Good ideas. I tend to use Glassdoor for anonymous company reviews to see what life is like on the inside but have found it a bit hit or miss.
  6. Work in the private sector, financial services. Get 30 days + buy 5 + bank holidays. 35 hour working week, work from home 1-3 days a week. I've been looking to leave for a while now just to do something different and a new challenge but I'm struggling to find another company which comes anywhere close to these benefits. Shouldn't complain really but it is a bit depressing. Either stay at this company forever or move elsewhere and take a hit on the work life balance.
  7. Ripple are in control of who can become a verifying node. One company deciding that sort of thing makes it centralised. It isn't a permissionless system. Also, XRPs blockchain is now huge. Over 8TB which can take up to 6 months to sync vs Bitcoin's 180GB which you can do in about a day.
  8. You might need a better book. The last time I used Lightning it worked very well. Instant, private transaction for fractions of a penny fee. Join the BItcoin dev mailing list. Development is anything but strangled. The innovation being discussed is impressive and far more advanced and beneficial for the blockchain than simply increasing blocksize. There are some large mining pools out there but none of them have anywhere near 51% of hashrate so calling Bitcoin centralised is disingenuous. Your third paragraph sounds a lot like Lightning.
  9. At the cost of decentralisation, immutability and trustlessness. We have money like that already, so what's the point? Bitcoin is one of the very few cryptos which has already implemented real world, useful, smart contracts. 'Hash Lock Time Contracts' are the fundamental technology which make Lightning work. You can't transact on Lightning without these smart contracts. Turing complete contracts on Bitcoin sidechains are coming. Google Rootstock. And then MimbleWimble which will make a large amount of alt-coins redundant. BTC is cutting edge.
  10. There are now more Lightning Nodes vs BCash nodes and more Segwit transactions vs Bcash transactions. BTC still the king of crypto.
  11. Except they haven't. Block size increases are still part of the long term road map for Bitcoin. Beforehand they are trying to optimise block space as much as possible through batching transactions and eventually the use of Schnorr Signatures which will increase transaction throughput. Very sensible engineering approach which is why BTC is still by far and away the #1 crypto coin.
  12. What are these technical reasons? Bitcoin is technically sound and the most advanced coin because of how long it has been around and the large development community behind it. Lightning network has not failed. XRP has a much higher chance of failing. The fact you have to be a big institution to run a verifying XRP node says a lot about this coin. It isn't decentralised. It isn't trustless and 60% are held by one company. Now here's an interesting alt. ChainLink. If smart contracts are ever to become truly useful, they need real world data as input. Data which does not live on the blockchain. ChainLink is building a platform which solves the Oracle problem, so smart contracts can provide real world data in a completely trustless manner. It will be blockchain agnostic as well, so could run on Ethereum, Bitcoin (via Rootstock sidechain) or whichever other smart contract platform. One for the long run.
  13. LitBox is coming. This is a game changer for the Lightning Network and the coins which are LN compatible. In other words, Bitcoin Cash is already obsolete.
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