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  1. Rolling by after 2 years to say: ah some sense, thank you.
  2. Ah great so Santander will be going back to 3% now!? Wait, what do you mean no! Why not!
  3. Very sad situation for bikes- it seeps into used prices as well as a similar bike as I sold a few years ago is somehow going for more than I sold & bought it for. The manufacturers had it coming with their pathetic attempts at security. That and as above cars being so cheap.. I don’t own a bike anymore but looking at used prices of the Japanese 600s is quite ridiculous if I’m honest. ONCE AGAIN it’s being propped up by pay monthly finance deals!
  4. You all earn your money (I hope).. It’s what you do with it.. As Venger would say, your adults, market choices, take your risk etc. They’ve made better choices than the majority of finance car buyers (no offence venger don’t get triggered) and I believe their figures. Good for them.
  5. Some one posted a graph in the other thread showing every November as a rate hiking call yet nothing materialises. Helping make the Christmas spending just that as opposed to borrowing? Seems to be cross interpretations of his words either way.
  6. Can confirm this after literally just cutting my own 10 minutes ago. I actually find it preferable to cut my own rather than have a barber/hairdresser (whichever you prefer) do it as I can get it exactly as I want rather than relying on their interpretation of what I want. I can also cut in the comfort of the dressing room chair ☺️. Assuming average joes spend £15 on a cut each month? (barbers is what £10-15 for a cut + £5 for a two weekly tidy up or £30-50ish for a normal hairdresser depending on location..? You can spend hundreds but that’s just being naive) Minus the cost of Wahl 5* clippers and trimmer, some decent scissors, cape, mirrors etc. I’ve saved at the very least £300 so far over the past two years. Yes, I’ll admit I f****d up the first time but once muscle memory kicked in I can now do great fades & cut different styles with scissors or clippers or razor blades in under an hour now . If I want to learn a new style i’ll YouTube or google it. I’ve not lost any time as I’d be sat in the chair + travel time otherwise.
  7. Local corner shop/take aways in trouble!?
  8. Oil as above, china still exporting deflation & the major bump in inflation in the first place was the drop in £ and all the manufacturers etc using any excuses to bump up prices in Britain.. More consumer debt to service = Less demand for rubbish?
  9. New jobs created by automation taking someone's job are usually low wage.. The unemployment figures are manipulated to include part time staff(and zero hour contracts?). 2 part time staff are replacing 1 full time hence the low unemployment. Also as per the ONS site seems unemployed as those without a job who have "ACTIVELY SEEKED WORK IN THE PAST 4 WEEKS"... and if your not looking for work.... i.e. Benefits (not jsa). It's all manipulated you need to look beyond the headline figures.
  10. This. Then who can we vote for when one side is there to extract the wealth from the middle class and the other is there to hand out more which in turn gets sucked right back up. Im genuinely shocked when people think that Britain (and probably every western country) doesn't have a serious problem.
  11. This. Your house is worth what you want minus the rest of your living life worth of extra commuting and extra travel costs to basic amendities.
  12. Also the majority of 60+ year olds who had high wage inflation over the years who can't afford to retire paradox.
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