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  1. Just another useless PPE grad from Oxford who doesn’t have a bloody clue.
  2. Social distancing measures.. That is what’s in dispute here not lockdown.. My point is that nobody saw the problem with a shutdown of the economy at the start of all this, nobody thought it would be extended.. It is.. The point I’m trying to make is reap what you sow.. The cries and superiority displayed by some people has been outrageous if an opinion differs from ‘stay at home, save lives’. Yes, essential to support the nhs capacity temporarily, nobody is disputing that .. Now the complaints are coming in regarding social distancing measures for four more years.. Well.. What do you
  3. I’m sorry but everyone has made this a bigger deal than it is.. Sentiment is changing vastly and very quickly regarding this.. You all wanted this. Suck it up. Not directed at you personally.. But “stop being selfish” ?.. I’m a gym go-er, I have a home set up now so by all means keep it locked off and I’ll sit with glee watching everyone who avidly supported all this suffer because they can’t have a drink at the pub or a meal anywhere.. No one gave a sh*t when I complained so I say extend these social distancing measures for as long as the ‘deadly virus’ needs.. If only to watch people squirm
  4. I do hope you're right.. I own my own place but as common knowledge on here that's contrary to everyday belief.. If mine drops the step up drops by more.. The nice shiny cars people have on finance.. Be prepared to be forced to sell your assets and have the actual prudent folk pick them up at massive discounts.. No one gives a sh*t you made some bad decisions.. Make better choices end of.. The Highway man is about to be redefined if you are correct.. I hope you are. Provided we don't all lose our jobs lol..
  5. Thanks for this.. Social distancing and I’ve felt even more alone that I’m the only one who thinks this.. People are cheering for these ******ing totalitarianism and draconian measures... ‘Experts’ who smash their bodies and financial situations apart. Save lives yeah but don’t dismantle a total economy and generations future prospects in the process. The fall out and over reaction to these measures are going to be the real killer here.
  6. All I see here is buy.. Oh look sales..! Sales everywhere. I just upped my monthly DD to my account.. Right on cue if you ask me.
  7. Yeah I hopped into fintech recently too if all remains calm with continued growth it can be quite lucrative. A lot of smaller platforms are ripe for development..! This is what effectively amounts to a replacement for a bank thus must appeal to the masses.. As with any new entry to a market there are years worth of losses before the money rolls in.
  8. https://www.ft.com/content/09e535b8-4902-11ea-aeb3-955839e06441 Sajid Javid risks Tory ire with Budget tax raid on top earners Idea to cut pension tax relief to 40% ... Eh? The ever moving retirement goal posts..
  9. “If you’re not liberal under 25 you have no heart if you’re not conservative after 30 you have no brain.”
  10. I must have took it personally haha ?! Probably tired of the notion of others thinking I’m too laid back to have some intellect or work ethic.. I think that’s the issue though, peers believe in a means to an end if they have well off parents or a decent job. My parents aren’t in bad situations but tbh I don’t want a dime.. Pass it to my sibling. In reality unless mum & dad kick the bucket or bail you out at their expense no one will learn true freedom and experience to live how you truly want is a pipe dream if chained to inadequate financial choices and commitments..
  11. You're always so quick to label the "yoofs".. Not all of us are feckless idiots.. I'll capable of retirement by 45 at current pace and predictive past provided I don't get wifed up and held to ransom.. Dating; either the hand comes out or they think you'll have a god complex; Not the case.. But irrespective of the matter; maybe I should just learn to not think out loud so much.. ? Even peers who are in good jobs with landlord type parents just spend spend spend.. Cars, multiple holidays, designer.. Yet are in 2 up 2 downs or rented.. No savings.. No concept of financial literacy.. I'm not a
  12. Don't worry, I'm clued up on it all . From what I've read of your posts, I'm a tad younger than yourself but similar situations respective of time.. Started investing (not trading like peers) since starting work after graduating.. Follow the same concepts of RIT with regards to min. expenses, max. income, low fees, allocation etc although being sub 30 admittedly my investments are 100% stocks but diversified by industry and globally.. no bonds/gold.. I'm not moaning from a long term perspective regarding cash; I hold more in stocks. I'm moaning because 3% was generous on a circa 12 month
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