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  1. I wish they’d stop promoting this guy ‘former city trader’ refers to his big wins as ‘betting against the economy’ lol okay.. He has no real solutions and wants to impose wealth taxes. Retarded. Just another talking head.
  2. That was a joke from the start.. Their head of financials was a retard who got conned into doing porn. This came to light in 2020 and still it continued on.
  3. Out of curiosity in a hypothetical situation I wonder at what price point HODLers would think it’s going to 0 and cash out with their gains if they were in at the say 100 price point originally.
  4. One for every $ in value bitcoins lost this week?
  5. Can I ask were you 34, wife 37 when you had kids and were you 6 figures before that or after?
  6. Been noticing the same, additional properties I had my eyes on went up 10-15% for average requirement in February and now seem to be coming back in at lower prices (+5-10%) still not where I’d like it but seems that the past few months was a blow off top ? Personally 2/3rds adding to stocks and half adding to cash reserve in prep.
  7. I usually leave every 2 years for the decent pay rises (10-20k) but judging by inflation it will be interesting to see what the future April rise will be and it will have a more significant impact on whether or not I choose to stick it out. If the companies I worked for paid decent rises I would have definitely stayed but at the same time wouldn’t have had more experience to command these job changes. Moral being pay the employees and they won’t figure out they can get more experience and money elsewhere.
  8. He also knew the past occurrences/failures in policy and has done nothing to rectify it; in fact he’s worsened the problem. Put anyone with half a brain and no self interest from HPC in the post and you’d see a lot of these ridiculous decisions over the years be reversed.
  9. This is correct yes, different speciality levels of training etc, equates to different pay too.. From what I gather most take a break after completing ST. (It’s actually recommended to them they do). Tbh though the training plus the pay, you’d have a much better life pre 30 being an NHS manager who’s more or less paid similarly.. Doctors sacrifice prime years for later earnings.. My overall point is a grad in, IT niche, banking or finance will far out earn a doctor over their lifetime if they do well and as above, competition for fully trained doctors is becoming fierce, hospitals closing, importation of talent, public finances stretched.. It wouldn’t make financial sense if you’re smart enough anyway.. Heck blue collared are raking it in more so right now..
  10. Doctors Association Uk: https://www.cityam.com/doctors-call-for-strike-action-over-derisory-pay-offer-as-covid-hospitalisations-rise/?amp=1 Also https://inews.co.uk/news/nhs-pay-rise-strike-action-1115853 It (DAUK) said the Government’s decision to exclude junior doctors from the offer, who make up more than 50 per cent of doctors in the NHS, was “callous in view of the large number of doctors in training who have worked tirelessly” since Covid-19 struck.
  11. I’m not advocating for it, just more so that the 2x was a symptom of dual incomes causation
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