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  1. I’ve had one for about 9 years.. One chance at getting one to be fair unless you want to pay a premium, my motorcycle doesn’t have one because tbh.. No one cares with bikes because a sports bikes a sports bike as long as it looks nice. It removes the virtuous behaviour however of ohh so and so’s got a brand new 21 plate etc.. It doesn’t matter, as long as the cars looking and running sweet, age is just a number.. Kinda like cougars 😂?
  2. This.. I read this earlier today and was pissed off.. Firstly this is not going to be the cheap cost everyone thinks, any opportunity to fleece will be taken. How is this going to be tracked? Oh yeah, trackers, blip the speed limit? Instant ticket. Don’t give me any ******** about oh you shouldn’t speed, stop lying to yourself. You know you did it, take the virtuous behaviour and shove it up your tailpipe.. Oh wait, electrics don’t have them. Rant over. I feel liberated.
  3. Lol at this all; this thread is fantastic 😂.. Didn’t you decide to be celibate in another thread? Quote: I want phuck you money, not shaved kitties
  4. No matches on tinder lol Does nobody remember Fátimas next job could be in cyber and everyone lost their shit about it.. Government push to get in this particular case, women into tech.. Apparently it’s still uncool to work in tech..
  5. No; I know professionals in tech who don’t have a degree and worked in industry since 16.. Pays alright-ish, wealth; different story Uni debt doesn’t in reality cause a massive difference long term for a normal person who doesn’t invest etc like the majority of boomers will have fallen into that category. Unless you’re trying to retire early or accumulate wealth then yeah, it makes a difference but only because of compounding.. The fact is, boomers had it easy, any one who thinks otherwise really is deluded. There is nothing to warrant such a big disparity especially when compared
  6. Not seen one of those since I was a kid! What’s a house price crash again?
  7. Aldi & Asda are your friend.. Same price for 3 years.. Also can someone start a poll of guesstimating the inflation figure for this year will be, I think that will sum this argument up rather easily.. Then we can refer back to it in a year and say I told you so.
  8. I don’t know about the rest of the area but after the recent floodings on non food planes in Yorkshire I would never buy anywhere remotely near to a river, lake, dam or water cooler!
  9. Erm.. Which side are you on.. Hammer, nail. Noticed the same thing it’s all a bit of a measuring competition amongst them of who can pretend to be the best middle class family so they can laugh at their neighbours bringing in cuthbert in an Aldi bag rather than Colin in an M&S bag.. it’s not that bad round me but it is rather amusing being the young singleton surrounded by families.. Best part, I use my M&S jute bag for Aldi 😂 The fact is they are living ridiculously long so by the time the kids actually get to the point of acquiring their assets t
  10. I’d say most likely the only place cheap and close enough in wales to the south with transport links back ‘home’ to see family etc.. Misses the point really, you move to escape family commitments ha!
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