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  1. Anyone overstretching themselves to buy their dream home with a fixed rate deal at 1.99% should have been taking outside and slapped, those entering the market should budget with the assumption that rates could hit 10%, otherwise leave it to the experts.
  2. Whoopy doo, saving of 25K on 300K is about 8%. I'd need to see at least 30% to get me moist.
  3. Surprise f***ing surprise, dracula says the blood bank business is going to take off again, more horse sh** I'm affraid. Average London wage about 30K, average 3 bed semi about £300K, the city is currently living beyond its means, house prices are going no other place but down.
  4. This worries me a little, if what you say is true then can the banks sue you if they lend £300K to buy a house that turns out only to be worth £150K.
  5. The BOE job is to keep the long term inflation ticking over at 2%, it's currently at it's highest for 2 years at 1.9%. With the USA increasing there, there is little to no chanch the BOE will risk a cut now in the cycle, it would sent all the wrong messages around the world and the pound would fall faster still, just talking about a cut has cause this.
  6. Thats right, before the market needed 50% FTB's to sustain it, now it only needs 25%, the reason being is because, err err, errr, comples maths, thats right the other 25% are now imaginary.
  7. Thats right a 0 Interest mortgage, a grand total of 0 people are interested in it.
  8. I think the bubbles he refers to are the ones he creates everytime he opens his mouth in the bath.
  9. What the boy band from the late 80's, when will I will I be famous, etc etc.
  10. Got it direct from a mortgage broker today, the market above 250K and below 500K has now vanished, nobody is risking big spends at the moment, also BTLer's are now leaving the market at the bottem end ie flats/2 bed terrances, theses are falling away, but something he said did surprise me, apparently 3 bed semi are now being snapped up by 30 something FTB's who have leaped frogged the flat market and are comming in at 160K+, this market has been steadly improving, maybe the sub 5% fixed deals have got afew salavating at the lips. I think this crash is going to be a long drawn out process maybe lasting 5 years to bottom. Also another thing, gone is his 3 series, now drives a modest Corsa 1.2.
  11. I'd offer 160K if they kept the ka Si, have you seen the bloody things, looks like sh** on wheels.
  12. The latter I'm afraid, come the late summer and autumn there's going to be a sky rocketting in the number of hits, lots of soiled pants out there.
  13. http://news.ft.com/cms/s/6863b3e0-e8c2-11d...000e2511c8.html Oh dear.
  14. Why the hell does the US have someone like Greenspank incharge of the IR setting commitee if he hasen't a clue, they might aswell have Ronald McDonnald setting the bloody IR.
  15. I don't get it, if IR fell 1% are you suggesting flights will become cheaper.
  16. The bit about living in Essex, what sick people.
  17. It will do well because me mate John down the pub last night said so and he should know he runs and Estate Agents busniness in Leeds and a Mortgage brokers in Hull.
  18. I remember back in Dec 1999, when the FTSE was riding high at 7000 and economists were predicting by the end of 2000 it would be nudging 8200 or there abouts, truth is by 2003 it was 3300, all this goes to show is reseach done by the those who have a vested interests in the market will produce whatever they like to support their business. Ask the question how can research done on behalf of someone who flogs mortgages to you or I be ever be independent, the 1% by 2009 is the biggest load of horse sh** I've ever heard, this statment is intended to deter folks from selling up and renting and also to encourage FTB's currently renting to jump into the makert knowing its only going to fall 1% in next 4 years. I predict a fall of 50% over the next 2 years because thats the price I'm willing to pay, now then who's going to print my independent reseach.
  19. My Average's mortgage is currently £450 a month and at an IR of 5.5%, any additional cost in relation to the mortgage can be worked out as follows. X = [(5.5) * (450 + 14.52)]/450 = 5.68. So it will be the equivelant of raising IR by 0.13%. Whats more striking is council tax rises, Mr Average currently pays £100 a months in council tax, if the rebanding in 2006 causes this to rise by 30% like most are suggesting this will be like raising IR by 0.36%, compound this with higher fuel prices and a 2p in the pound income tax hike and it will be effectively a 1.12% IR rise.
  20. I believe a rate cut is probably going to happen sooner rather than later, the down turn in the economy is alot worse than the bank and anyone else is letting on, my company and many other have reported that the last finicial year was a year of two halves, the first half was great the second halve was pretty bad and that ended in April 2005, since then in the last 3 months is got even worse, Companies aren't recruiting as much and have started to layoff, the sentiment has definitely changed, I would even suggest an IR cut of 1.5% right now would do jacksh**, yep its looking it bit like Japan 1992. its at times like these you have to spare a thought for the mugs, sorry property investors who have welcomed this as good news.
  21. Each time I renew my car, I have a choice, a brand spanking new Ford Mondeo or a 3 years old BMW, it happens every three or so years and the Beemer wins hands down, it works out cheaper than owning a new Mondeo. Can't be arsed to do the sums but thust me it does, as for the BMW dealers they can all go **** themselves, currently charge £120 a hour labour, find a good indie one usually chrage 1/2 that. Go on treat yourselves, its cheaper in the long run.
  22. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/mor...page_id=58&ct=5 Two problems with this research by mortgage lenders, it doesn't say whether the mortgage is interest only or replayment, if the latter that would add 30% on to this figure, it also implies this is a couples income rather than a single income, so this would up the figure again by 50%, this leaves us with a typical mortgage is now costing a single person on repayemnt mortgage (18.5% *1.3) * 2 = 48% of disposible income. This is almost inline with the crash of the 90's.
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