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  1. Anyone seen this- you can now invest your ISA in a lender who specialises in bridging loans and Buy to Let Mortgages!! https://landlordinvest.com/ifisa https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/feb/18/innovative-finance-isa-tax-free-high-returns-risky
  2. So where is all the money from BTL going to go to then? Whats the next bubble? Some of the papers are touting Commercial property, but I think that's a crazy idea given the state of the high street. Any ideas?
  3. If a General Election is so off topic that we can't have a link then I can't be arsed
  4. Gold coins in your wallet would work, it gets scanned and looks normal just a bit heavier but the only person who picks it up is you.
  5. Next bubble? Rare Earth Metals "China currently accounts for 93 percent of production of so-called rare earth elements — and more than 99 percent of the output for two of these elements, dysprosium and terbium, vital for a wide range of green energy technologies and military applications like missiles" Not so Rare, but takes a long time for new mines to start up
  6. Agency told me she had 230 applications in 2 days for a £20K Helpdesk job. Obviously half will be completely hopeless but that still means I'm competing against over 100 hundred other people for an entry level position. My 3 years experience isn't worth anything against others who have SQL, advanced Citrix or Cisco skills. I'm not whinging or making excuses but believe me, its harsh out there.
  7. Make sure you leave before they fold or you'll join a huge queue waiting for a PAC code and will be unable to get broadband from anyone else without it.
  8. Sorry Furious but think you've got you're sums wrong The only calculation needed is value of ship and contents $100 million They better hurry up though, the pirates have started siphoning it off into jerry cans
  9. These properties aren't going to sit emtpy The banks want their money back and they should be sold for 20p each if needs be
  10. Bit in the Metro this morning Falling House Prices are bad for 1st time buyers you couldnt make it up
  11. Moved onboard last October Our mooring is zone 5 London, takes me an hour to cycle 12 miles to work in Camden, towpath all the way! As for figs Bought for 28k Mooring 250 a month versus our old 1 bed flat in Kilburn 800 a month Now I know they depreciate and maintenance costs a bit but £650 a month goes to repaying the bank loan + living in a community where you know peoples names, BBQs at the weekend, curry nights, feeding baby ducks out your window... you can't put a price on that I think the number of boats on ebay is about the same, look under Cars, Boats, Narrowboats and theres about 60 in there I don't think anyone would Actually pay for it on ebay though.
  12. Some Advice: DON'T!!! They are the biggest con ever 1. You need a special mortgage 2. You can't sell to whoever you want 3. If prices rise then you can't afford to buy the rest 4. I f prices fall then obviously you'll pay more to get a bigger slice of something thats now worth even less! 5. Almost always ground floor (less security, damp, smaller) and invariably no parking space 6. You pay maintenance charge of about 100 quid a month for a lift that is only used by those who live above you 7. You pay ALL the insurance, service charge, fees, everything! Please stop now, consider it if you must but then come to the only logical conclusion We walked away from one before and bought a canalboat instead, aside from marrying someone alot smarter than me, its the best thing I ever did.
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