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  1. A mix of the fighting Irish and philosophising French and kabooooosh! problem is too many of the Brits do live in pods! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7seqpRhMes
  2. http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/laurie-penny/2010/10/vodafone-police-young-hear Hmm, perhaps anger is starting to spill out on this side of the Irish Sea - took a while!
  3. And then the polis kick your head in if you have the nerve to complain about it! http://www.indymedia.ie/ http://www.indymedia.ie/article/98070
  4. What's happened is it's all subcontracted out to scumsters - the corporatist take over of education. Maximising profit - that's all they want. They really don't give a shit if you're contracted in to eat on some of the worst canteen food ever cooked at eye watering prices. They don't give a damn if you pay through the roof for shitty bedshits in badly managed horrifically substandard halls. They want you to get p***** every night. It's all VIs and their agenda is to maximise profit. Simple as. At the expense of their students. Shame on them.
  5. That's one hell of an awesome photo! I don't reckon they're all students - ordinary Dubs must've been out in force as well. http://www.indymedia.ie/
  6. landlords each every way you look Always amused me the thing that you hadn't been to uni properly unless you'd left home - that was culturally pushed by the unis I'm pretty sure. These scum used to sell me pizza and chips for £6 a pop and then chuck me out of the dining hall for corporate entertainment sessions.
  7. Yeah, I agree, but why should education be corporotised - even the accommodation block landlords massively cream off our cash - we are put in halls sometimes where we have to compulsorarily buy shitty food, with profits going to you know who - we pay £100 a wekk for bedsits - we pay massive tuition fees and then there's no work. I'd like to do a one year degree - guess who doesn't want it - the unis - less money to be made see!
  8. There's a big UK student protest next Wednesday organised by NUS and kicking of at Horseguards Parade at 11am. Be there or be square! http://www.nus.org.uk/ - 10/11/10 Should be around 500,000 if on the same scale as Irish protest (I wish!)
  9. I just read a book about him sending 50,000 Irish as slaves to the American and West Indies sugar plantations after killing a few hundred thousand Irish, about a third of the population with his wars there and such like. No wonder they hate him!
  10. Look at the second photo with the Irish Times article above. Here's more on the trouble: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/two-are-charged-following-angry-clashes-with-students-2406942.html Even the organisers were shocked by the turnout - they were expecting 5-10,000 apparently. A bit like that Vodafone protest in London and places the other day - nobody could believe the numbers, etc.
  11. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2010/1104/1224282635055.html Wow - never seen such numbers out on the streets in a generation - the guards baton charged the protest repeatedly - lots of bloodied students. Is this the beginning of an Irish revolution - the people really are so angry about everything, stranger things have happened. And all because of the property lunacy - and corruption - and the resulting reverberations Viv
  12. http://www.fleetstreetinvest.co.uk/daily-r...fall-54114.html “The low interest rates signaled... that credit was inexpensive and readily available... [then] the Federal Reserve moved from a low accommodative interest rate policy to one of a steady and consistent increasing of interest rates between 2004 and 2007... and became a prime cause of the financial services mortgage crisis of 2008.” Today, central banks use the same computers, same theories and same maps they had 7 years ago. With these feeble instruments, they set out to go where no central bank has ever gone before – borrowing, in
  13. Answer: lets encourage more debt http://www.uknetguide.co.uk/Finance/Articl...ans-104190.html
  14. http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2009/05/15...he-uks-bb-debt/
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