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  1. What do you think of my business prospects? I am also thinking of exporting 'SOLD' boards to America.
  2. As usual you are talking ********. How do you think you know better than I do about my friends. The friend I have got is a very good friend of mine. How am I a good friend to him? Because I will help him out during hard times regardless of whether I get a favour from him now or in the future. Taking the piss out of him is only because he made a stupid mistake. I hopr by doing this he will become a bit wise and learn his lesson.
  3. I think that what it is. People are sitting on the fence enjoying the spectacle of seeing the BTL arrogance go down the pan. One of my mate has done a BTL. I occasionally ask him, how are the BTLs going. Interested in doing more BTLs and I point him towards a property which I saw on rightmove that will make an excellent BTL. His reaction: Oh well..... and changes the subject. I ENJOY it very much. Oh the buzz...... One moment let me go and give him a call.
  4. Just did a check on rigntmove website hits. Seems like a lot of people are checking out properties. Does this mean interest in the property market is still strong? Or does it mean sellers are panicking and checking out by how much has their neighbour's house dropped by? http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_...rightmove.co.uk Reptile
  5. I do not think that women entering the workforce has increased house prices. This is due to the fact that doubling of workforce has resulted in halving the wages. However due to the independence induced for the females in the process of earning independently, it has given rise to more single households and therefore the demand for flats.
  6. Emigrate. Something which I am going to do anyway. Why people want to stay here is something I can't understand. Income to house price ratio is nowhere to UK in Canada.
  7. UK is more or less self sufficient in oil. Price of oil going up or down does not make a difference to UK trade in oil. Higher oil price means more money from UK consumers to UK oil companies (shareholders). It will contribute towards local inflation. Similar to a price rise in home grown potatoes.
  8. By the way, I am a firm believer in God(monolithic). I know this is off topic, but due to a considerable interest shown in this thresd, I would like to post a couple of good articles on a website. The articles collect information from all dimensions of life (materialism, creation, society laws etc.). Once you have read them, we can argue. http://www.harunyahya.com/70the_fall_of_atheism_sci34.php http://www.harunyahya.com/refuted1.php
  9. Sorry slightly disagree. I know people who went through it last time and still were bulls an year ago. Spot on. I think this is the overriding fact. Spot on again. Very dumb people in this country. Herd mentality. If everyone is doing it, it must be the right way. They will do it again in 15 years. Of course it would be really different that time. Large, I have a question for you. If people in a society are this dumb, what is the future of this country? What will be the situation like in 10 years time?
  10. Dipstick, No you are not talking rubbish. It's a very good question. In my opinion, if IRs go down by 1%, I will seriously think of packing my bags and booking a flight.
  11. How to predict a house price crash? More at http://www.jenman.com.au/CA_November_5_2001.php Excellent stuff in 5 parts written in 2001.
  12. 'Peak' Oil Not Coming Soon Brad Foss Associated Press 6-24-5 WASHINGTON - Global oil production is not likely to peak anytime soon, contrary to talk that has helped propel prices close to $60 a barrel, although lower prices may still be a few years away, a prominent energy consultancy said Tuesday. Cambridge Energy Research Associates said that, instead of a crest being reached sometime this decade, an inflection point in world oil output will occur sometime beyond 2020, after which production will plateau for several more decades. In a report that builds upon earlier analyses by the Cam
  13. YOY will go negative in August. Very high chance of going negative end of July.
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