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  1. With the house no longer being the closet ATM machine people will look elsewhere to fund their lifestyles that they have become used to. The most obvious place to look is in their pay packet. This leads to the dreaded wage demands.That is what really scares Brown,King and Bernanke.
  2. If Prescott goes, Blair may well go with him. It is probably that fact that is keeping Prescott where he is. However, there comes a point where Prescott's position will be unsustainable and Brown should be able to use this to extract a date from the P.M for the change over, subsequently allowing our economy to align itself to world trends.(i.e accurate inflation measurement and treatment as well as a re-balancing of the economy in general.)
  3. So if the likes of HBOS etc have been borrowing off the Japanese banks then effectively they have been enjoying a much better profit margin than they would have had they borrowed from the BOE. Now does this mean that the BOE have been too expensive as a money supplier for the last few years and that their actions have largely been irrelevant? If so does this mean that Brown can not really control the UK housing market and ultimatley it comes down to the availabilty of cheap money and not the expensive stuff the BOE and Fed are currently offering?
  4. Fukui appears to be confirming what we all feared would come to pass one day: What Gordon does, or does not do, is not longer relevant if Japan begin tightening the worldwide screw. This seems to good to be true. Could this really have the impact we've been waiting for?
  5. Gordon Brown? or if that's too obvious how about Bill Gates after that "touch" he got from Buffet.
  6. I've got cash in many UK high St banks. Does this explain why I've been receiving letters this year telling me they are paying less interest to me as their money has become more expensive to aquire? If so this could be massive. The BOE being controlled by a power hungry politician becomes irrelevant?
  7. Interesting article, the first mainstream which discusses UK mortgage rates going up regardless of BOE policy. Does this mean we could have higher lending rates despite the best efforts of Brown and Co?
  8. What do the Japanese public view as a "normal" figure for interest rates and how long do you think it will take to get there? For what it's worth I think you've bought at the bottom of the market and will be rewarded well in due course. Well done.
  9. http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=1...D1pM&refer=home
  10. Thought you might like this, http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsarticl...OWN.xml&src=rss
  11. Has anyone got any idea what effect Japanese rates being at 1.0% would have on the rest of the world's central banks or other lending institutions?
  12. And this time the rate rises will not be for the sake of "tinkering" with the UK housing market they will be because of worldwide trends and the end of the carry trade.This will devastate the idea of cheap money.
  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm.../03/ixcoms.html
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