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  1. Has anyone had experience of this ? Here's a typical clause indicating you wouldn't get paid if you "had reason to believe that you might become unemployed". Now, what if you work in a bank ? It is likely but not definite by any means... would they not pay, based on the fact you work in a bank and everyone knows what that means.... ?
  2. With house prices and probably interest rates dropping, isn't the BTL party back on ? Apart from lack of available credit, I can't think of a reason against it now yields are back up.... SP thinks so too (as always). "so lower prices, lower rates and considerably better yields.....i'll have some of that If IR's hit below 4%, frankly i will be the first to fix for 10 years on what i have and buy as much as i can" http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/thread/577369.aspx
  3. I still get x5 on the "how much can I borrow?" thing. I've been watching this and it used to be x4.4 so I think it's actually gone up !! :angry:
  4. I keep thinking as to who is the ultimate winner during rampant HPI and it always swings back to the banks. When you think about it, a house built in the 1930s may have been sold dozens of times, each time mostly for a larger amount. However, the original product, the house, remains the same (with the exception of maintenance, extensions etc.). Therefore, the banks are effectively able to re-sell a product that they never owned themselves many times over for larger and larger amounts, the price of which they directely dictate (i.e. 3 x incime, 4, 5, 6 and so on). Each time it sells, a new generation in encumbered with a loan that takes most of their income. Oh wouldn't it be good if houses cost what they originally did plus a bit of inflation so that we could save, spend on real services and products that would in turn employ people and therefore keep the economy working? You could even get a decent pension going !
  5. http://web.archive.org/web/20031119011643/...icecrash.co.uk/ Made me smile, 3.75% here and 1% in the US. How much worse this mess is now is just too difficult to quantify.
  6. "China gags property boycott protester Richard Spencer / London Telegraph | May 22 2006 China has silenced a businessman who called for a boycott of property purchases in protest at rising house prices. Zou Tao, who sells golf equipment in Shenzhen, was so outraged with prices that were out of reach of most ordinary Chinese that he launched a petition calling for the public to stop buying real estate for three years. Within days, he had 30,000 signatures from across the country. Until recently, demands for lower prices would have been tolerated by the government, which is trying to deflate the bubble gently and is also concerned about growing resentment of China's new rich, many of whom have become speculators. " http://www.propagandamatrix.com/articles/m...220506China.htm
  7. 600K for that ? They're havin' a larf.
  8. Of course that's if you want to live in it for a decade or two ? Are you so shortsighted and do you really believe personal situations can't and won't change ? Take a look around. It's the UK plc economy that's broken, not house prices. The prices are high because of misguided perceived wealth. Rest asured, that's all about to change and you won't want to be in a property with a sale price of 40% less than you paid for it. Unfortunately, there isn't a single rational economic factor left that supports the current inflated prices. It has to end soon and there will be a sharp initial correction. The old "you can't build land" and "prices never fall do they" arguments won't keep this mess going forever.
  9. Around 70/80K. I reckon the market is 30-40% over priced and work on that. If I have next weekend free, gonna try and build me one, see if it is possible.
  10. They're still around now ! Get this - self-certification for 1.99% for 2 years. http://www.moneysupermarket.com/Mortgages/BestBuys.asp
  11. This is the Portman's current fixed rate. I clearly remember looking in their shop window 2 years ago and it was 1.99%. Thos people who got the 1.99% should be just exiting the and looking at the nasty end of a 6.74% variable rate. How on earth will those poor sods survive ? I assume they were hard pushed 2 years ago ! The prices round here are around 2003 levels so equity can't bail them out.
  12. Can you pdf the flier ? I'd like to leave it around some places.
  13. Betfair's "National Std Price" bet has been suspended ... anyone know why ? Was looking to place a sure thing. Interest rate bet is making the 0.25 down look a bit more unlikely.
  14. I just realised, by not buying now and waiting for 40% to be skimmed off house prices, I'm kind of doubling my salary. For free, no extra work ! Flats my round my way were 220K. They're already down to 200 and if things go as planned, be down to 120 in anything between 1 to 3 years. So therefore, I save 33K a year. Nice thought to finish the day on.
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