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  1. My dad always calls MFI "Manufactured For Idiots", but your colourful description beats that hands down. I'm not surprised Wickes is doing well. Their stores are clean, tidy, with the shelves literally packed with product all sitting there waiting to be bought. No gaps where stuff has sold out. Contrast this with B&Q where it looks like a pack of rabid dogs have raked through everything, mixing it all up. I've walked out of B&Q a few times having given up trying to find stuff amongst the burst bags of product scattered all over the place. Last time they had only 1 length of 15
  2. I think people would be lamenting the price of milk too if they were buying 50 litres of it at a time. Please note, I'm not putting across the tired old argument that somehow the oil companies should reduce the prices at the moment. I'm simply stating that saying oil is still cheaper than milk doesnt really count for much since most people 'need' to use far more 'oil' (directly and indirectly) than milk, hence the seriousness of the threat to our current 'way of life' (for want of a better phrase).
  3. I'm sorry, but I don't have a clue what you're asking here, so I didn't vote!
  4. I did my bit to lower the copper price at the weekend by replumbing my bathroom in plastic piping. The price actually never really came into it. I used plastic in an attempt to cope with the mess that is my floor and joists courtesy of the 'experts' in the plumbing trade.
  5. Very interesting. Thanks. Would you have concerns over holding GBS because it is priced in dollars? I would have thought that this would not have mattered much since you can always convert those dollars immediately to something else. Besides, surely if the dollar really tanks then your holding expressed in dollars would go up accordingly since it's still gold that you're actually holding and not dollars themselves? Or am I missing something here? I see your point and it's something that concerns me too, but surely you are still actually holding a set amount of gold, so if the dollar re
  6. Can you buy GBS in the ISA? I can buy it outwith the ISA in the normal dealing account (never actually completed the trade but just tried it to get a quote), but when I tried within the ISA it said that I couldn't trade this security in this type of account. I assumed that there was some restriction on ISAs that meant this was not allowed. Why do you need to phone the trade in?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am familiar with the history of gold backing of currencies and the moves away from that to our current totally unbacked paper. Is this book an old book then? I'm sure I've heard Buffet saying "cash is king" too. Surely he can't mean dollars as we know them today? I'm keen on gold myself but am worried about the physical security of physical (i.e. theft) and the political security of the likes of goldmoney (i.e. government theft/taxation/confiscation).
  8. Durch, the term "cash is king" is mentioned as the key to surviving economic deflation in the synopsis of that book, yet I believe you are keen on gold. When people say "cash is king" are they really meaning cash as we think of it (dollar, pound etc) or are they subliminally saying "gold"? I'm intrigued, as we often hear "cash is king" yet at the same time, "fiat currencies are worthless". Am I missing something here?
  9. Note how they don't show the bottom of the bed. This is because it has been sawn off to get the thing to fit in there. Tall chaps like me would have to sleep with our feet half way up the wall in that place. It's bad enough having to sleep diagonally in beds with frames but because the room is too small is ridiculous. Compact and bijou, Mostin.
  10. I understand that Goldmoney's customer records are in Jersey and Gold stored in London, whereas Bullionvault is run from London with a choice of storage in New York, London or Zurich. Then I heard about GBS.L. Are there any other contenders for safe, secure, non-physical gold buying? What are the pros and cons of each of these? It seems that GBS.L is subject to CGT (although it's not at all clear in the prospectus whether it's CGT or income tax. It says as much!). Are Goldmoney and Bullionvault holdings subject to CGT? I think there's been plenty of discussion of the pros and cons of ph
  11. Every married couple on earth (or at least in cultures where gold bands are used as a symbol of marriage) are guilty of supporting this dirty trade then. IIRC the vast majority of gold produced (and EVER produced) has gone into jewellery production. Only something like 16% (again, IIRC) of all gold ever produced is held by private investors. I take your point and am not criticising you for bringing it up, but there's another side to this other side of the story!
  12. Give over. If you killed a child while doing 29mph (in a 30) you would feel no better, and what difference is there between that and doing it at 31mph? To continue in the same emotive vein, let's think about all the children in Iraq lowered into the ground in small wooden boxes. When will Blair be policed with the same zeal as those committing a minor (unintentional in very many cases) act of slightly exceeding a finger-in-the-air arbitrary speed limit? Speeding legislation is the classic case of making something that is easily measured important rather than measuring something important i
  13. Unless, of course, you're the deputy prime minister, if you believe the allegations: link
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