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  1. Gulf of Tonkin incedent got the Americans involved fully in Vietnam I recall
  2. Here in Australia the impending crash is looming, agents are struggling This is the advice from what I believe is a respected propertyrelated consumer advocate, http://www.jenman.com.au/news_article.php?id=237
  3. Hi I considered that there may be better places to live some 20 years ago. since then visited Australia and New Zealand, I traveled back and forth between the UK and Australia for the last 20 years, trying to find that ideal home. I am presently living in Queensland and all my children and grand children are also here. My sucsessfull ambition was to give my kids a better life, and have my grandkids born here in Australia. We all have duel nationality, so we have more options on where to live. Moving to a new country is not easy, its been a difficult process, and ha
  4. I live in Australia, on the gold coast. sold up in Uk 3 years ago (a little too early) Renting in Australia, A small house will cost around $300 to $350 per week to rent Will buy when prices stabalise or fall. Cheap properties still selling well $300 to $350 k above that market stagnent or slow.
  5. Queensland property prices falling. Real estate agents want you to price your house realistically Here in the Gold coast, builders and developers are reducing their prices and offering reduced interest rates for 3 years, (Stockland) Also an interesting article in the local free paper by a real estate agent, advising that if you want to sell your house, you must ask a realistic price. I am still waiting for the crash, but I am amazed how resilient the market has been here in south east Queensland, the lower price properties ($300K) are still being snapped up quite quickly, but the mid ran
  6. I sold to rent 3 years ago, and now rent for around 6 months in UK and 6 months in Australia Having a brilliant but hectic life at 56 years of age. Presently renting Gold Coast Queensland I am a pessimist regarding the forthcoming recession and house price crash, having seen this happen in the 1988 to 1990. property collapse. At that time house prices had rapidly risen and then stalled, as no new blood could afford to enter the market. With interest rates at an all time high, new redundancys and company failures listed every night on the news, it was a sad and unhappy time for most p
  7. If you were realy ruthless, Mc,Millian nurses are the best indication of when a house will be coming up for sale. I have dabbled in property renovations over the years and have purchased divorced, deceased and re-possed properties. I have never gone out intentionaly chasing these types of property, but they are always the bargains at the time. Ps The wife has relatives who are MC,Millan nurse, Solicitors clerk, Undertakers girlfriend, and Hospital operating room nurse. So If I was that way inclined, I would have a head start.. Or should it be a "dead" start
  8. New today Australia needs 20,000 new migrants needed to fill skills gap I spent lots of time in OZ and firmly beleive that the migration system is used to boost the economy. 20,000 skilled migrants, will have money and assets to bring to Australia, they will need homes, cars goods etc. If they cannot find work, there is no dole payments for 2 years. Its not that skills are scarce, it often pays as much to do simpler jobs that dont need apprentiships or training or do no work at all and still survive. Its not an easy move, as often skills have to be updated or retraining needed to work t
  9. As I said on a post earlier today, all the indications are we will have a repeat of the 1989 90 recession and crash
  10. Im another addict of this site I'm, one of those that remember the last crash and recession. I have been observing the recent economic indicators, people I know are already struggling with their finances, there are the lonely estate agents with no one to talk to, rising interest rates etc. Now the cracks are quickly appearing, with companies struggling or closing down. Redundancies now being announced, on a daily basis in the local papers and regional news. This from memory, is what happend last time. 1989 91 As I have said before, batten down the hatches. the manure is soon to hit the
  11. You can tell that the Australian economy and property market has started to fall. The government has announced that it intends to bring in more skilled migrants. The migrants will bring their savings with them and help prop up the economy. Firstly though, any UK migrants will have to sell their property in todays falling market. Look at the expats web site to see the trouble they are having selling. As said before the house price market will be set by urgent or forced sales, Divorce, Deaths, Job moves, Redundancy, and Emigration,
  12. ABC NEWS Skilled migrant quota increased The Immigration Minister says increases to the Federal Government's migration program announced today will help address Australia's shortage of skilled workers. link http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200504/s1345325.htm The house price fall is well underway here in Australia. As I posted a few weeks ago, a solution help prop up the OZ economy, would be to import skilled immigrants with pleanty of funds. (Unlike the UK where you mostly allow in those who imidiatley seem to need housing, benifits and assistance and drain the system) I must b
  13. I like the analagy of the state of the economy being related to hang gliding after sunset Yes the sun is about to set and bring on a dept and house price crash. Hang and paragliders dont fly after dark as you cannot see the soft landing place. You will either crash into a tree and wither away, Crash into the ground and struggle to survive the broken bones, Crash into the power lines, to crash and burn. I think the economy will crash and burn. Dont touch anything that may burn you , at the moment that may be Property
  14. I agree this site does give a realistic evaluation of the Uk property market http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=204223 These are the folks who are urgently trying to sell their houses to move abroad. If going to OZ you have to get to or visit Australia within 12 months of getting your visa granted other wise your visa is invalid. so the pressure is often on these folks to SELL NOW !!!
  15. My Thread Does the economy, high price of housing, high taxes, council bills, etc, now deter the hardworking responsible classes from having children. Thanks for all your thoughts on this subject I raised, I am happy to know its not just me concerned with the situation in this country. This thread wondered away from my origonal comments at times but on the whole it does seem like there are lots of others out there working hard just to keep their heads above water. In the forthcoming recession, and house price crash, these will be the poor buggers who may end up loosing their homes and j
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