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  1. start your own website cgnao, many are interested in your views.

  2. Thanx m8.

    Its all in gold and pension fund in goldmoney as well.

    I will not ask you to come back again - brill treads sent to the cellar are no fun even fo the thick skinned.

  3. start your own blog or website cgnao, you're posts are the only reason i bother to vist hpc!

  4. keep it up old bean, at the very least you annoy people who deserve to be annoyed and intrigue the rest of your audience...

  5. CG; partly thanks to you i removed intermediaries between me and my investments last july. It was the right thing to do. I have protected myself and it also was the right thing to do. I am in your debt.

  6. Recently I noticed a number of posts taking a pop at you. I for one want to say thanks to starting the Credit Derivatives meltdown thread and shining a light so well on an issue I would otherwise been ill-informed. If you stopped posting here IMHO it would be a major loss to the site. You obviously have some pretty big inight into what's really happening.

  7. I dig your contrarian viewpoint. Keep up the good work, your posts are the most consistently interesting on this site! All the best, TBM

  8. Another log-termer who appreciates your persistence - keep it up!

  9. Hi Cgnao

    To be honest - I may not agree with most of what you say but I'll happily defend your right to speak.

    Please keep posting and ignore the negative comments you may get in your posts.

  10. ignore those people non believers....keep posting.

  11. Thanks for keeping us informed about things from another perspective.

  12. I've learned more from your posts than twenty years of schooling. Please don't abandon me to ignorance.

  13. Thanks for your efforts and input.

  14. Thank you for your warnings, I have very little to protect, but I shall take your advise and protect what I have. Good luck we will all need it I think . Rough times ahead .Thanks again Eightiesgirly

  15. I have recently developed a more effecient method of gathering infomation on Hpc.

    First stop... main discussion forum.

    Second stop...view your posts.

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