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  1. Not been here for a while - so, did the big crash ever happen ?
  2. Sorry, don't know Glasgow at all but just spotted this :- http://www.vpcuk.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17032
  3. The Nationwide. "Proud to be different".
  4. Bet the developer's wife gives him a good skol'ding if it all goes pear-shaped!
  5. Bottom line is offer what you think something is worth and not what someone else tells you it's worth. Offer what you are prepared to pay based upon how badly you want a particular property, simple as that.
  6. They'll be calling their CV's 'CIP's' before long ('Candidate Information Packs')
  7. And I bet you walked away safe in the knowledge that there are plenty more fish in the sea - just don't foget to tell the vendors and the EA's that!
  8. Strangely, it's now back on the market again, at an asking price of £250,000. See here :- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property/18650123 WTF ?
  9. ...and the hammer price was.... £280,000. OTT if you ask me, with only two bidders once it got beyond £220,000. The ones who eventually won it were seriously distressed, I think they knew they were paying too much for it but they wanted it badly it seemed. I was speaking to one chap there and he said he was really interested in the place but wasn't going to pay any more than £200,000 for it. He laughed when they started the bidding at £200,000. It was all over in about 4 minutes, and there really weren't a lot of people there, so I guess interest was generally low. But hey, it sold.
  10. According to the details it's been owned by the same person(s) for the last 43 years, I guess they must have passed away, and it's been the EA/beneficiary's greed in asking such prices for it. From what I've heard though, the bungalow itself is in such a severe state of disrepair, local informants tell me it needs bulldozing and then new build(s!) putting on it so I guess that's what the EA is after. But no doubt about it - absolutely DEAD around here - the sheeple havn't realised this yet and therefore havn't seen prices dropping, but I know at least one who lives in a very nice place who is incredibly suprised that their house hasn't sold yet. In fact after 4 months on the market they've only had two viewings! I intimated that the price they're asking and the level of affordability that people have these days somewhat don't go together. It fell on deaf ears...
  11. Believe it or not, this house was originally up on the market for 'offers in the region of £400,000'. They obviously had zero interest so have decided to auction it (last resort/quick sale if you ask me...). The guide price is £250,000 so we'll see what it goes for. The auction is on Monday (8th October 2007) - I'll go down there for a laugh, and report back with the hammer price. On a different topic, I'm still seeing houses up for sale around my locality which have been up for sale for six months (possibly longer since I didn't really take an interest until about March 2007). i.e. the same houses for sale, same/different EA's. Some are being stubborn and not dropping their prices (hence they're not selling) but even the ones that have dropped obviously still havn't dropped enough because they're still not selling. In a word, round here it's DEAD.
  12. Ok, picture the scene... (slightly off topic but a bit anecdotal, as you'll see if you read to the end...) I have a customer who has some technical difficulties with installing some software for which I provide technical support. Without being specific, the correspondance goes something like this :- Customer: I have a problem with this software, it doesn't do X Y and Z Me: Ok, lets look at a few things with the installation, can you confirm A B and C ? Customer: Yes, it's all installed correctly I've already checked that out, that's why I'm emailing you, idiot! (on the offensive almost from day one). Me: You'd be suprised at how many times we get told the installation is Ok and upon further investigation it turns out to be corrupt or incomplete/not installed according to the instruction. Regardless, lets take things one step at a time to figure out what the problem is and what's gone wrong. Customer: Ok, if you think it will help... ....Many many emails go back and forth whilst I get in depth technical details about the Customer's installation and system. I even write special software to aid this and provide me reports about what's installed/isn't installed etc. Basically I bend over backwards to help. End result ? Customer has not installed it correctly, in fact has made a real balls up of it (all technically proven). Me: Ok, your installation is invalid, you need to uninstall the corrupt version and install it again, carefully. Customer: The product is therefore faulty.I am not prepared to remove what you suggest and reinstall the whole thing again as you further suggest.I expect a replacement product and a representative of your organisation to personally attend at the physical address of my computer and before the representative of your organisation departs from my premises i expect whoever she or he is to demonstrate to me that the replacement product fully operates as it should.Please be informed that i am fully insured for Consumer Legal Protection Insurance in case of events such as these.Please advise me as to whether you or your company is/are prepared to comply with my request before i instruct my solicitors to act against you/your company.I will also possibly contact the Press and the Internet of you /your company`s inability to supply me with a decent working product.You have 48 hours from the transmitance of this email to confirm acceptance of my very reasonable request before i take matters a lot further and in accordance with what i have formally and legally stated in this email. Me: I state the facts regarding the case, and the fact that I'm only providing support for the software, all in the nicest possible way, and that his requests are totally unreasonable. I state the fact that the software is not faulty and supplying him with a replacement copy will not solve his problem, and also that to install any such replacement product would force him to unintall the previous one anyway thereby not saving him from going through the process. I also suggest to him that he should forward any legal threats to the software publisher. Customer: I have had enough now and your excuses are totally insufficient.I will send a copy of all our correspondence to the Vendor who sold me this product and to my Legal Advisers.I shall also instruct my Solicitors who will be paid by my Consumer Legal Protection Insurance and your blatant and silly threats to me me do not mean a thing because I am legally insured for any Legal Costs in any event.My Solicitors will also advise me how I can legally make this matter available to the Press and internet without any legal repurcussion to myself or my Solicitors.I am truly disgusted by your last response to me and you/ your company`s inability to provide a working and non- faulty product.However I will give you 48 hours to fully reconsider your uunreasonable stance in this matter.Please be advised that the Legal Action I shall take will be carried out should the time limit expire and without any further notice to you or your company; unless you fully rectify the matter beforehand. Me: We provide support for the product and that's all. You might wish to argue that your Operating System itself is the cause of all your problems since if it handled incorrectly installed software in a way that made it work then you might not have had this issue to start with. Therefore you might argue that your Operating System is the cause of your frustration and not the sofware which runs in it. Therefore you might argue that {Massive International Operating System Vendor} should be threatened with legal action. If you believe you have a sound case then you will of course be aware that your contract is with the company/person you purchased the software from and not with the developers or those who provide technical support as a service. You are of course also aware of the terms and conditions detailed in the End User License Agreement which you accepted when you registered your purchase. {Which also state the obvious}. Regardless, we will not tolerate being threatened in any way shape or form for something which resides beyond our responsibilities, therefore I respectfully suggest that you funnel your legal action towards the appropriate organisation(s) as this is our last correspondance in this matter. Good Luck, and Regards It turns out that this chap is an Estate Agent (via domain name search in his email address). Maybe he's having a tough time at the moment and needs someone/thing to vent his anger on ? What do you think ? Comments welcome.
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