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  1. Not been here for a while - so, did the big crash ever happen ?
  2. Sorry, don't know Glasgow at all but just spotted this :- http://www.vpcuk.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17032
  3. The Nationwide. "Proud to be different".
  4. Bet the developer's wife gives him a good skol'ding if it all goes pear-shaped!
  5. Bottom line is offer what you think something is worth and not what someone else tells you it's worth. Offer what you are prepared to pay based upon how badly you want a particular property, simple as that.
  6. They'll be calling their CV's 'CIP's' before long ('Candidate Information Packs')
  7. And I bet you walked away safe in the knowledge that there are plenty more fish in the sea - just don't foget to tell the vendors and the EA's that!
  8. Strangely, it's now back on the market again, at an asking price of £250,000. See here :- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property/18650123 WTF ?
  9. ...and the hammer price was.... £280,000. OTT if you ask me, with only two bidders once it got beyond £220,000. The ones who eventually won it were seriously distressed, I think they knew they were paying too much for it but they wanted it badly it seemed. I was speaking to one chap there and he said he was really interested in the place but wasn't going to pay any more than £200,000 for it. He laughed when they started the bidding at £200,000. It was all over in about 4 minutes, and there really weren't a lot of people there, so I guess interest was generally low. But hey, it sold.
  10. According to the details it's been owned by the same person(s) for the last 43 years, I guess they must have passed away, and it's been the EA/beneficiary's greed in asking such prices for it. From what I've heard though, the bungalow itself is in such a severe state of disrepair, local informants tell me it needs bulldozing and then new build(s!) putting on it so I guess that's what the EA is after. But no doubt about it - absolutely DEAD around here - the sheeple havn't realised this yet and therefore havn't seen prices dropping, but I know at least one who lives in a very nice place who i
  11. Believe it or not, this house was originally up on the market for 'offers in the region of £400,000'. They obviously had zero interest so have decided to auction it (last resort/quick sale if you ask me...). The guide price is £250,000 so we'll see what it goes for. The auction is on Monday (8th October 2007) - I'll go down there for a laugh, and report back with the hammer price. On a different topic, I'm still seeing houses up for sale around my locality which have been up for sale for six months (possibly longer since I didn't really take an interest until about March 2007). i.e. the sa
  12. Ok, picture the scene... (slightly off topic but a bit anecdotal, as you'll see if you read to the end...) I have a customer who has some technical difficulties with installing some software for which I provide technical support. Without being specific, the correspondance goes something like this :- Customer: I have a problem with this software, it doesn't do X Y and Z Me: Ok, lets look at a few things with the installation, can you confirm A B and C ? Customer: Yes, it's all installed correctly I've already checked that out, that's why I'm emailing you, idiot! (on the offensive almost fro
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