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  1. i guess getting it right 2 times in a row is out the question -->
  2. The general consensus on twitter being that this was a horror show... read the comments if you will
  3. Yes its a complete joke, more like sesame st than wall st
  4. https://livewiremarkets.podbean.com/e/grantham-this-is-a-bubble-this-is-serious/ Grantham's CV is 2nd to none - great overall interview perfect for the weekend / 1.02min in if you are time sensitive (some quality issues here and there)
  5. Straight from the horses mouth. Physical silver. Message ends. https://m.facebook.com/UnitedStatesMint/photos/a.331791684458/10159719548979459
  6. for you @warpighttps://silverseek.com/article/peak-mined-silver-reached
  7. #dxy needs to pass/fail* the test ---> *isuagoldbugboyyyyy!
  8. so HSBC says no no to bitcoin, meanwhile in other news: https://twitter.com/MichelleSchlen6/status/1397155628813062150?s=20
  9. he also shills non-allocated pm investments - lost a lot of respect for him after that
  10. I'm interested on your take on this then: https://twitter.com/MagicPoopCannon/status/1396274437952053251?s=20
  11. looks like i called it right AGAIN - but that's funny bcos charts don't work 😂 https://twitter.com/AzogarCom/status/1392777070372065283?s=20 https://twitter.com/AzogarCom/status/1394032851033763849?s=20 https://twitter.com/AzogarCom/status/1394159025743441922?s=20
  12. enjoy your echo chamber guys - it's a big world out there
  13. someone else posting the arc that only exists in my head https://twitter.com/NorthstarCharts/status/1392395151113433088?s=20 and probably the best chartist on fintwit to boot - tho i was there with the arc first
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