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  1. this video cemented my logic - no biggie (lottery ticket for a year money)
  2. so... i post a chart you tell me im missing 3 x lines of support I say show me then you dont
  3. what happens in the nxt few hrs with btc here will effect the nxt few months i reckon....
  4. I will give you an exact price that will be reached at the back end of August next year / early sept (say 15-08-21 to 15-09-21) and give you a smallish price range (say +/- 10%) for 31-12-21. Are we agreed?
  5. Ok so same applies to your btc chart predictions? Also, i will make you a chart prediction for silver with a price range and timing and if im right i win, if im wrong you win. Agreed?
  6. you anti-charting guys don't realise the symmetry in nature is the same in charts 😅😁
  7. i never knew being innocent was so expensive
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