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  1. Its generally tax free even if your in the country. You get £4250 allowed tax free under the rent a room scheme. I go over this with airbnb (we live in a 6 bedroomed place and there are 3 of us).Normally I make about £7000-£8000 a year. However relative is a tax partner in major London firm so helped me out filling in the tax return - you stick half the mortgage interest on that plus half your bills (internet sky movies etc) and then surprisingly you've made a loss.. you then get recompensed via your paye .
  2. MS Lync not a bad UC product - sure its market penetration is fairly low at the moment but its growing rapidly
  3. I take it your a first time buyer - take it from someone who's done this several times either get a local recommendation or use a fixed price online job
  4. Why do you think you need a specialist? Is it a normal buy/sell?
  5. mixed bag really I've used high street solicitors and online ones. I used a fixed price one for selling and then 6 months later buying and found them a lot cheaper. Many solicitors that do the usual divorces, property, probate wills etc are really just old boys club rip off merchants. For the normal non complicated buy sell I'd used a fixed price online firm. One last point local solicitors drag their heals and take for ever. Online ones are more of a production line and just get in done quick.
  6. Hardly surprising with your work record at the time. Who would lend 100k to someone who had only just got a job after being made redundant and who's wife was still in the probationary period.
  7. I imagine the developer just keeps the deposit - I thought a lot of this happened up north in Leeds when the market crashed - a lot of southern BTLers put down deposits on off plan flats but failed to complete as when they were built they were worth less than they thought. Could be wrong tho
  8. Funny coz I keep doing that on bungalows in TA9
  9. Area wise I'd go for Bangor - Gold coast its where a lot of the middle class moved during the troubles about 30 mins from memory from Belfast centre
  10. MMR seems overrated to me. I ported £234k (sub 3%) between 2 mainstream lenders on Monday. Only basic questions and usual id/proof of income were required. Wife is self employed (Ltd) with 1 employee and a couple of contractors but only has a couple of years post NHS proof of income. We're south coast not London. To be honest MMR seems more lip service than anything - i think most mainstream lenders were operating in the same way previous to implementation.
  11. I'd move out side of London down to the south coast if I were you. Most in the private sector can find a job 30-40mins commute from the south cost housing is relatively cheap and wages largely the same as London (in some cases more). London just seems a complete rip off to may same wages, higher cost of living and unfriendly people..
  12. At exchange your solicitor draws down part of the mortgage so its then a done deal with your mortgage provider
  13. Its not illegal to speak to people in the Uk! Incidently I have some sympathy last time I needed a mortgage the bank forgot to forward certified documents and basically had to be monitored and supervised in every step of the process. Making an official complaint did help.
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