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  1. Suprises me, I'm seeing large numbers of openings everywhere from minimum wage to jobs paying 120-150k. Linkedin email inbox always getting stuff from recruiters. LinkedIn sent me an email telling me over 25% of my connections had changed jobs in the last 12 months. Theres reality and then there's what people want to see and think. Often these are two very different things. If I lost my job today I'd expect to be in another job on an absolute min of 85k by end of Jan and at that rate I'd expect it to be remote working.
  2. Seriously I suspect the 4 or 4.5 times single income won't happen again unless the gov makes changes to lending multiples. I suspect in most of the country its never going below 4.5 joint income. Maybe up north somewhere I might be wrong. Scots generally seem more subdued so possibly there but like I said unless the gov regulates that I think difficult to see.
  3. Of course there have been periods when you can but look at gov policy. It's do anything to support house prices. Will it go wrong one day possibly. That could easily be 20+ years away. I don't run multiple accounts that really is paranoia. As for 8 years to run on io. That's another weird thing about this site. Your beliefs are wrong. I've changed lenders a few times and have 21 years to go. So riddle me this, what would it take for you to buy % off current prices, or prices to come down to a specific multiple? Or some other measure? I'd love to know.
  4. I have a small amount of tech stock but not ms, apple or Google. I've a reasonable amount of bitcoin which I've held meduim term approx 4 years). Buy to let's not dead. I intend to buy another one next year with my sons name joint on the paperwork for tax and inheritance reasons. Tbf this site was far better maybe around 05/06 when loads of people like Wadsworth, ripenon the diversity of wine, sibley, Bruno, masked tulip etc posted. Got some really opposing views then. Now it seems to be an echo chamber for people who even if there was a big crash couldn't buy or wouldn't have the balls to get a mortgage.
  5. Paid 140k in 2004. Mortgage valuation was just shy of 300k. 1250 is a good price for a central Brighton good area flat with allocated parking. Plus we allow the tenants to keep a dog. I find tenants with animals are more stable and rarely move. Typically I don't up the rent each year. I normally do a big jump when a tenant leaves.
  6. Probably out of a morbid sense of curiosity to see how long people will stick to the same plan. Totally accept members of this site could not have forseen QE post financial crash but the writing on the wall has been clear for years now. The crask only really happens if you value houses in something other that sterling.
  7. This is hilarious. I fixed my buy to let mortgage on a Brighton flat earlier in the year for a 5 year term. IO mortgage in the region of £350 a month. Tenant pays £1250 a month. Why would we possibly sell up. This site like a cracked record and following the advice on here is potentially very financially imprudent.
  8. In my view you are being robbed. How much would this be in Hove? Loads of affordable low income buys round here https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/107783126
  9. Hmm how much is declared tho. Lenders aren't to keen on self employed income.
  10. Gen X turned out to be pretty hard workers. Most people I know in early 50s probably have paid off or nearly paid off mortgage many have small amount of buy to let 1 maybe 2 properties. This is South East. Given wages in North aren't that much lower than periferal SE but prices are much lower I would expect those guys to be doing even better. Listening to advice on hear for years should carry a wealth warning.
  11. I got 320k mortgage single income dirt cheap interest rate via Halifax recently.
  12. 5-6% yield blue chips... That's pretty poor rate of return. I doubled my money on 8x8 last year and my other cloud stocks have all returned far more than that.
  13. Comes around goes around. 'more than half of the UK’s total spending on transport networks is invested in London' so why shouldn't rural areas get investment in broadband? Source https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/feb/20/more-than-half-uk-investment-in-transport-is-in-london-says-study
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