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  1. I get this too, its the only thing i got right in my life so far (never getting married), its strange, as i have concluded women seem to think you're well off because you're self employed, "you've got your own business have you?" Me: "er yeah, could you leave me alone?". Like you say they don't know what to do hence the shaming and anger tactics I've witnessed first hand in this scenario from what were fairly ropey-looking, average women. When you find out they've got kids its a definite "please go away".
  2. I couldn't agree more, if i work 9, maybe 10 months of the year at the moment i'm doing well (self-employed joiner) and i too hear this BS day in day out (the £2k a week myth) from other trades i work with. Then in the pub after a skinful you find out they're upto their eyeballs in debt trying to maintain their lifestyle, hang onto their marriage etc or as the plumber who does my gas work did, take out the £50K covid loan to finish your massive house extension and buy the missus some trinkets he can't afford to shut her up. FWIW I get it all the time from customers ribbing me that it must
  3. Yeah you are, and my comments are based on real world experience living out there for extended periods of time, and given the prevailing anti intellectual attitude of your average kiwi its no wonder unicef are so damning of NZ's educational standards: https://e2nz.org/2016/04/18/nzs-education-gets-a-resounding-f-in-unicef-report-why-you-shouldnt-educate-your-kids-in/ It certainly echoes the sentiments of family out there who started their education here only to continue it in NZ, the thought is to send them back to me here in the UK in the next few years so they can attend Universit
  4. I've been all over NZ for extended periods of time, I could bite but i'm not going to and for what its worth with an attitude as condescending as yours, trust me - you would last literally minutes in NZ, as i said go for it you'll love it out there...................................
  5. Seriously, go for it - go to NZ. You'll love it.............Honestly.
  6. Mine are too, about 25 years back (so yes it is hypothetical) but if i had my time again now i'd go to Germany and a pay a few hundred euros a year for a much better quality education and a better life. If i was told i had to go to NZ to live and study based on what i've experienced i'd take a long walk off a short pier.
  7. Go for it, don't say i didn't warn you though
  8. Everything. Crap internet, feck all decent paying jobs, housing that's little more than a caravan in terms of construction (plywood covered sh1te with no insulation - you'll freeze to death in winter) that you'll also pay through the nose for, shitty driving, moron kiwi blokes who dress and act like gangsters and think they're living in Compton, mainly mauri's to be fair. The average kiwi i met was as thick as **** & couldn't hold a conversation past anything to do with rugby. To quote the two kiwi blokes i employed over here, "all the ones with brains got out" And unless you like l
  9. A step in the right direction and only took, what - 15 years?
  10. I was listening to David Starkey on Peter Whittles podcast tonight about covid 19 and the govts response to it. Something he said that i had completely overlooked was that for all the talk of how the pandemic has highlighted the weakness in supply chains and the downside of globalised trade especially with a country like China. Its the fact this also highlights the glaring stupidity of having a good deal of UK's economy based in the service sector. I agree its going to be a good couple of years to get going if we ever do and whilst i myself have collected some handouts in recent weeks i'm
  11. Exactly the same in construction, its normally construction news wailing about where the UK's gonna find the 250,000 people needed to fill existing vacancies, the answer is simply, not from the UK not on the rates i've seen of late. Same as the NHS, same as...........well just about every sector in the UK. To quote Mark Blyth when questioned about Brexit and immigration: "its not about bringing their wages up (to western european levels) its about pushing your wages down"..........................
  12. Is it me? Everytime i log onto any social media at the moment i'm jumped on (not literally) by "an ordinary bloke just like you" who extols the marvels of working online (dropshipping), every fkn day these ads appear and are everywhere on all my accounts. I do buy stuff from China, (Aliexpress, gearbest) is that why i get these ads i wonder? "Its so easy, work from anywhere in the world by letting us show you what to buy and sell at huge profits, click the link" Turns out most of them are subscriptions, mmm...........no thanks. And also whilst i'm ranting my work email is slowly filling
  13. They should be shot............naturally
  14. Cheers LG, its hard knowing a member of your own family is completely ******* themselves over and you in the process through their 'generosity' to others. Just kills me, i go to work now grinding my teeth and come home doing the same whilst spending the day mumbling to myself about it. I find the Philip Larkin quote about parents particularly apposite.
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