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  1. St Leonards / Ringwood, (Western edge)
  2. Totally agree with the above, i see it exactly the same - fantasy and reality finally colliding after 20 plus years. Judging from her indignity i got the impression shes been fairly unencumbered buying 'em flipping 'em and walking off the lot with mad gains. Seems the music appears to have stopped for her, must remember popcorn for lunch next time i'm there.................
  3. Ear-wigging a conversation yesterday whilst hanging internal doors. Heard the above comment from a friend of the customer who came round to gossip/moan - turns out she had her house on the market here in the New Forest for nearly a year and no one had viewed it and shes on EA number four now and still no interest. When i mentioned maybe the price might need adjusting, well - if looks could kill, still - i went back to my sanding with a lovely warm fuzzy feeling the rest of the day. To say its a sea of for sale boards around me is putting it mildly............
  4. Dox the person on FB. I i got nowhere recovering a not inconsequencial amount of money via a gumtree scam from both my bank (HSBC) and Paypal. Even had a crime number but apparently none of that mattered so out of pure frustration and anger i put the guys name, address, FB account and picture of the ad on facebook. Having returned the faulty goods and hearing nothing from the guy for nearly a month, i got a full refund a few hours after posting his details online. Turns out shamings still a powerful motivator/deterent......................
  5. I think thats significant, i can't remember where i read it, but there was an argument for brexit insofar as actually getting these greedy MP's actually working for their money. Think it was Kate Hoey who i first heard mention the fact that the majority of MP's use the EU as a convenient excuse for doing very little yet still award themselves outrageous pay increases so it'd make sense that they want to keep the edifice going.
  6. Its not about that, this is where you're side of the argument get it so wrong - none of that matters to the person doing three jobs to make ends meet, it was the people, not the politicians who decided Brexit. FWIW i couldn't give a fuq about who was fronting the campaign, Brexit's the result of forty years empty rhetoric from politicians on all sides and Cameron was dumb enough to put it to the public. And unfortunately for him that included many who've been continuously shat on from a great height by the likes of Thatcher, Blair & The (Austerity) coalition . So when a 40 hour week isn't enough to provide the most basic essentials in life, i.e. a decent (free) education, a secure job & affordable housing what did you think was gonna happen? Fun fact: 40% of London voted for Brexit............................
  7. Parliament is overwhelmingly pro-remain hence the 'turd' comment i made above - whats your point? That politicians lie? Promise things they can't deliver? What? Lets just sit back and watch it all burn, i may get a cheap house outta this yet..................................been a long time coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adgx9wt63NY
  8. Exactly the same in my industry. I agree Brexit is very much a repudiation of all things Neoliberal/EU/establishment hence why parliament is desperately trying to figure out which end of the turd to pick up so as to keep their masters in Brussels happy and not get lynched by the masses here in the UK. I voted for Brexit and get a kick out of watching these overpaid errand boys & girls (MP's) getting more nervous by the day as to what to do - me - I have nothing, so i'm happy to watch the whole fkn thing burn including the housing market with a bit of luck........................... *EDIT* Also in my circle its the ones in remarkably safe public sector jobs (who are largely insulated from any economic woes) who rather vociferously keep telling me (the self employed chippy) how its all gonna get worse, its hard to bite me tongue sometimes but i do.
  9. Sounds like you've swallowed the darling/osbourne coolaid to me............................................
  10. burk

    What a ****

    Just another seppo talking shite
  11. Amongst many firms i worked for Mitie (scottish-based services company) used to do that, one of the managers i was close to on a project in the west country told me (i think more out of frustration) how they'd win a contract say, for £2m then tell the site managers they had a million pound to do the job. Pure greed IMO and a reason so many of these companies have gone to the wall now just greedy management up top. FWIW back in the day (2004-8) you could throw a rock at any construction contract and earn £2-500 a day depending on experience, location etc, sometimes that's all i earn in a week now. Average pay for a site joiner today is £25-35K and expect to travel, pay for your digs out of that, CSCS card, £2m public liab ins, own tools, own van etc etc..............just a joke. From the the posts I've read here its heartening (although completely depressing) to know many are in the same boat as me be it in a different industry & yet more and more come here. If the earnings are as bad as mine here in the UK the continent must still be a bloodbath?
  12. So it seems we're all taking a hair cut regardless of industry, job & experience...............................but where does it all end? My inner paranoid nut-job thinks if (in another ten years) we're all on the bones of our collective arses when all props are finally gone (credit, HTB, 100% mortgages, migrant labour etc ) won't the authorities fear a rebellion if there's nothing for the working & middle classes to work/live for - the sham being finally exposed once and for all?
  13. Really? All i hear from mates that got out of my industry and into yours was how good the going was? A few years back mind you. All this reminds me of Mark Blyth's comment on the EU intergration, "its not there to push EE wages up, its to push everybody elses wages down". My late father told some thirty years ago, "the problem with capitalism is it'll eventually disappear up its own arsehole" I didn't know what he meant as a 13 year old kid - now i do, its just a race to the bottom...................
  14. And that's the problem with the building industry: its mostly populated by incompetents, bullshitters & liars and that's just the 'trades' side of things don't get me started on the mgt 😃, two words 'Willmot Dixon'. The only house builder I've subbed to where they had more clipboard dollies/HSE drones goose-stepping around the site than actual blokes building the fkn houses - absolutely incredible. On a more cheerful note nice to see Interserve finally getting the bullet (although its a pre-pack i understand), they tried doing the 90 day terms number on me & the other subbies, needless to say that was a short working day for me - induction in the morning then walked out along with 90% of the room an hour later! Three months to get paid, err go **** yourself! And yet all you read is how the building industry is chronically short of skilled trades just like the argument surrounding the NHS and its supposed staff shortage. There's no shortage whatsoever of people, the only shortage is of people who won't work under those onerous terms for next to nothing, that's the real problem, hence our successive govt's open-door policy on immigration.
  15. Thats a good point you make and i understand alot of people are infact skint as ****** but unlike me are desparately trying to style it out by MEWing and credit cards whereas i've pretty much burnt through all my savings pot now. Plus people are making do and mending rather than having new, i do a lot of kitchen re-sprays and re-dooring /re-topping of existing kitchens and bedroom furniture. The higher end of the market is always the worst to deal with they're the ones with a £5k TV on the lounge wall and a brand new Range Rover parked out front and under the stairs 50 year old bakerlite fuses! Yeah no thanks. They're always the ones desparate to nail you down to two decimal places when giving an estimate - I don't do quotes as i've got caught too many times sorting out unforseen problems, usually dodgy electrics or plumbing / gas or in one case pulling the flooring up to reveal completely rotted-through joists & the client expecting me to cover those costs as according to her "i should've known", me: "I dont think so?" For me personally its been going down hill for me since about 2010 in terms of hourly rate and continuity of work. Makes me laugh when anyone of those twats from westminster appears on the box to tells me things could get a lot worse if we leave the EU and i'm thinking i've been eating a turd sandwich along with everyone else since 2008 and yet they give em selves above-inflation pay increases and keep the gates open. I used to think they were incompetent but i now think it by design, just finished re-reading an updated version Peter Hitchins book, ' The abolition of Britain' and found myself nodding in an agreement with alot of what he says. Still it could be worse i guess....................by how much i don't know. cheers
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