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  1. In our local rag last thur/friday - could not find an online version. To quote "An estate agent claims customers have stayed away this week because workers have been carrying out pavement repairs outside his offices." ...... "Its bound to put people off because it's so muddy" etc etc, see pic below to read the whole article .
  2. Have you been past the stealership recently? The amount of cars for sale has reduced dramatically since xmas rather than being packed in there is loads of spaces.
  3. Further to my previous post and also here. Been slow going for the past months but they have now got to the top floor but no roof on yet, and also on rightmove all 8 remaining flats have been dropped to 89950 (down from a range of 119000-113000), see here - The estate agents removed them from their books after the initial listing so property bee only has the recent history. So looks like they stand to make 112350 minus the build cost and 1 flat not sold if all 8 go for the asking price. Hope the developer can sleep at night
  4. As usual get the local gazette and drag out the property (home) section for a ganders, flicked through and something hit me. On the McKinlays page 19 properties out of 30 listed have no chain! The breakdown is 1 x 2 bed flat 2 x 1 bed house 8 x 2 bed house 4 x 3 bed house 1 x 4 bed house 3 x 2 bed park home Cheapest is £74500 up to expensive at £219,950 Looks like people trying getting out and STR, bit late if you ask me!
  5. Alma Inn - Not seen the builders for 2 weeks now, all they have done is lay down about 3 courses of concrete blocks to show the layout of the rooms, err you could say they are a bit on the small side, I am sure it would be illegal to keep a dog in such a confined space! Also my work colleague enquired about the prices, they range from £113000 to £119000. The 2 front flats are bedroom - bathroom - kitchen/living room, the back one has a seperate kitchen & living room, a bargain I say
  6. They must be despearate to sell this 3 bed corner plot - Wot no garden! 27 Feb £210000 19 Apr £189950 23 May OIE £175000 2 July £157500
  7. Sounds like you know it well (the area I mean). No space for parking around here and lets not forget St Josephs Field where 3/4 bed houses went for £350K last year!, heck a flat went for £405k in Taunton, the mind boggles - St Josephs Field I work next to the VW garage in the big white building and have done so for the past 15 years! Schools days are a nightmare mind you there is a 6th form college just up the road
  8. Take one pub with declining trade and purchase for £225,000 on 9/2/7 Obtain planning permission and sell on 28/11/7 for £599,250 Houseprices.co.uk Plan is 9 x 1 bed flats over 3 storeys, no parking spaces or garden etc, no parking in surrounding areas as all double/single yellow lines due to central location to town, see overhead block plan
  9. 50k down! 25 March £550000 1 May $499500
  10. yikes mobile phone business rife for vat fraud.... £22m owed and that is not the only one
  11. I declared myself bankrupt back in 2005 and since that day my life has been better. It all started after getting into a bit of financial difficulty which lead to loans, ccs & huge overdraft just being dished out. OK i know I did not have to take it up but when you are up against a wall any help will do (i know better now). The final straw was lloyds offering me a 25k unsecured loan in about 20mins! 6 months later (2004) realising it was all too much and payments being £1300 from £1800 take home felt i was ready to have a heart attack from the stress, so sought advice from the CCCS who worked out my budget and what I could realistically afford to pay back, around £700 a month, phew. During this time, and before, no payments were missed/defaulted so no bailifs involved. Roll on another 8 months and wife is preggers, doh! Have a long hard think about it and decided bankruptcy was the best option (took a lot of convincing the wife as she asked lots of questions) so stopped paying the £700 and filled out the bankruptcy papers and booked an appointment with the court. Day arrives and I am bricking it, wander in and hand over £410 to the lady behind the desk, we go through everything I have put (you need a statement why you are up the proverbial without a paddle) and she says take a seat and the judge will be with you in a minute. 30 mins later she comes back and says judge is happy with everything here is your bankrupty notice, bit of paper stamped with bankrupt. You are then supposed to get a call from the official receiver going through your papers, eg assets etc (i had none), this didnt happen I just get a letter saying as I have a second car can I either sell it and pass them the money or they will take it away. You do not fill in everything you have eg computer, tv etc unless they are expensive items and purchased in the year before bankrupty (btw they have the authority to go through all your accounts to see where the money has gone). I was totally honest with him I did put down tv @ 300, 1st car @ 500, 2nd car @ 350 and a few other things but only wanted the 2nd car as it was not necessary. He them made me pay an IPA which has to be paid monthly for 3 years, this was actually less than the £700 before, then child arrives, wife leaves job so got the IPA recalculated down to £300 then had to move as renting so dropped to £55 for the last 2 years. I was discharged in 2005 after exactly 1 year but the bankruptcy stays on file for 6 years (defaults stay for 6 as well), so in 2010 it will all drop off my credit file. So the long and the short of it: If going bankrupt be completely honest how you have no money to pay your debts (gambling is frowned upon) If the OR sees from the above all is ok you will be discharged in 1 year The OR will only take sizeable assets to pay your creditors (antiques, any inheritance until discharged, etc) The OR can claim any tax you will pay for the following year so your tax code can change alerting your employer (mine didnt but told them anyway) While bankrupt you cannot have credit for more than £500 (even car insurance if you pay monthly) Bankruptcy stays on credit file for 6 years Your name and address appears on a searchable database for 1year +3months after discharge Your name and address appears in a london paper (and quite possibly your local paper) The OR will make an IPA (if you can afford one), fail to pay this and you will be hauled before the beak - this lasts 3 years (mines done and dusted) You are not allowed credit cards (like you really want them), cheque book, so have to take out a basic account probably with a visa electron card Oh yeah when I went into court that day my total owed (excluding interest payments) was 60k All I can say is yes I should not have got myself in the situation but took the right steps to get myself sorted rather than ignoring it all as that is when problems happen/life becomes difficult. Now I dont have credit and live on what I have at the end of the month it is much easier.
  12. and another... 4 bed 25 March £290000 21 April £275000
  13. As an update to my post from previous taunton drop here is my next find, 3 + 2 bed annexe 21 April 2008 Guide price 230k 25 April 2008 199950 (no guide price mentioned)
  14. Its not worth it anymore! 25 March 2008, 199,950 22 April 2008, 179,950 So far using property-bee, seen a drop of 5k-10k in the past 2 weeks (on 3 beds) along with numerous sold STCs coming back on the market (shame pb cannot track them up if they change EA to relist) No crash here, nothing to see, move along
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