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  1. The only people who seem to care about the colour of the passport are remainers looking for something to cling to. No one cares but you people.
  2. These people are just irrelevant greased up pointy shoe'd monkeys doing the bidding of greedy house sellers, cut loose lending and it'll show them to be the pointless glorified hotel porters they are. If people trust EA's more fool them.
  3. This global ponzi has got legs yet i fear. Was speaking to a 30ish year old American lady from New York here in sunny Thailand tonight... got on the subject of work/life balance to which she said she is moving from NYC to southern America as the cost of housing there is unreal and she could never afford a place. Said she is giving up working in the old sense of the word to run yoga classes! Central Bangkok has got flats on the market for 300 million BAHT approx 7 million GBP in an area that is a glorified brothel. when 7 years ago they were struggling to sell anything (ironically the building is on land where a now demolished apartment building from the 90s debt induced property bust lay rotting for almost 20 years). I'm staggered at the amount of building going on and the prices paid for flats that will never find a 2nd buyer without a vast reduction in price, most of this money has to be from China or derived from printy printy. Its absolute insanity whats going on in the world at the moment. Workers and the debt averse have been royally screwed.
  4. Love the way Brexit is blamed nothing to do with debt reaching unsustainable levels, or PCP prices going up. BBC is just the Carney/Hammonds mouthpiece.
  5. If the report mentioned the knock on effects i.e. less car PCP'ed less jobs throughout the economy it'd be worth a read, but it seemed to envisage broken people petrified about not being able to afford the car they currently struggle to afford. I looked into PCP recently to stick it through my limited company, the figures are staggering you'd have to have money to burn to choose this option for a Vauxhall Astra/Insignia type car.
  6. Makes me want smash a shovel in the faces of Brown Darling, Gidiot, Hammond and all at the BoE filth who stopped them going bankrupt in 2008 with QE /ZIRP and the rest. Vile woman though, hope Karma deals with this parasite.
  7. Someone doing good riding the printy printy/ ZIRP stock markets backed by central banks, not a whole lot different to riding the printy printy ZIRP housing market backed by central banks.
  8. Quite simply because there are no forced sellers and they know the Tory party/ BoE have got their back and theyll get their price eventually. Can't really blame them for wanting their extra gains, these people are 21st century entrepreneurs.
  9. It (LIBLABCON) created much of this homelessness, family breakdowns, and mental illness they've gone out of their way to create this. If they actually wanted to resolve it, to a greater extent they could, that truly vile POS that is Hammond threw a couple of hundred quid in the kitty starting after 2022 to fix it, though continued pouring tens of billions into the system to keep house prices up. I can't believe anyone voted for these people, then i see the other useless self serving mobs!
  10. The entire system of the last 1000 years in the UK is designed to keep the rich rich for doing sweet FA.
  11. Most people dont buy new cars, but if they did then cant afford it theyll buy a few year old for 1/3rdof new price as i did. They'll feel richer than they actually areno matter what they but if its bought on tick.
  12. Good sentiment but there is bugger all coming on the market where im looking and what is, is so vastly overpriced even just from 12 months ago that anything relatively of value sells in a month. Needs a catalyst for a crash we just got more props even if this years is only printing another 50bln or so on top of TFS and extending HTB.
  13. See she bought via HTB, lost all sympathy for her at that point.
  14. Hardly scary just means the people dont buy them and buy a 2nd hand car, which stops them being a mug. "Scare", "fear", that article is written by an imbecile.
  15. Young people are more likely to kick off. But they have been raised in a police state where their every move is tracked and they've seen the prison sentences dished out in 2012 when they dissented. Best they can do is vote for Corbyn and hope he doesnt prop up his probable soon to be banker/builder sponsors.
  16. All ive heard from these traitor politicians since the referendum is BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT how they're going to stop it, the games and deviousness they come up with to stop it is endless. But If this scum and they are scum put just a fraction as much effort into fighting for affordable housing and spoke the truth then it would happen rather quickly, yet all we get from all 3 parties is its a housing shortage. When its not and they know full well its pretty much solely to do with loose cheap lending and LIBLABCON + BOE policies.
  17. James Dyson owns more land than the Queen so he's an easy one as presumably he bought it as a hedge and for the free money it brings in, as for Noel Gallagher well like everyone else in the 1% (bar the few) he's said sweet FA about the financial rape of the non asset owning class that is QE, ZIRP, TFS and the rest. By the way i am only playing devils advocate.
  18. Because he sells mortgages and owns a bank. Take away the props and 2-4 times average salary were enough to buy an ok house, less people would be debt slaves. (presumably)
  19. So it'll be Brexit which means one less layer of incompetent bureaucrats dictating our lives and not the fact we've had artificial growth for the last few years (HTB,FFL,TFS, 0.25%) and are approaching peak debt.
  20. Think the bar has been lowered so far as to whats classed as disabled. Hyper active kids fall into this bracket and their parents are financed for this. I say give them sweet FA and use the money on genuine cases. My kids piano teacher has MS, works fulltime but for some reason the taxpayer reward her with a brand new VW, quite why a shiny new car is needed i don't know.
  21. So prices still going up they claim, dropping from some utterly insane asking price to a mere ludicrous one doesn't excite me too much. Love the way the journalist of that vile rag blames Brexit for their own family and friends not being able to get the free money they deserve.
  22. What difference would a vote on this issue have made, the fascists in the EU would have had done as they pleased regardless. See how Irelands referendum on this was rejected and Quislings on here salivate over this fascist regime
  23. So instead 14500 families having £8.8k to put in the economy buying lots of "stuff" we've got one family. This is a perfect example of misallocation of money and why the economy is screwed. I'm should be amazed Labour havent said a word about this.
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