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  1. Keeping a firm eye on bungalows Scarbro Brid Filey area, only ones selling are those that have been heavily discounted example 170 to 147 k.
  2. Looks like the Banks are in party season just been notified that my Santander Current acc that pays 1.5 % on 20 k is to be reduced to 1% ,overdrafts are to be 39% from May also cash backs on standing orders will be a max of £5, dark days ahead unless your in top management at the Banks.
  3. Yep our property values that's the main issue, never mind all the other massive issues on the table, unbelievable journalism :(.
  4. The new dryers are to loud for me and many others i know with hearing issues, they should fit silencers
  5. Democracy is about voting and the result of such being implemented , have a read up on it it may help you to understand, a vote from a remain newspaper with a circulation similar to a parish newsletter is not democracy, do catch up old boy
  6. Its too late for the main players they have both totally lost beyond regain the trust of the UK people, Libs are a joke so there is only one way forward and love or dislike him he is going to make massive inroads and change our corrupt undemocratic system forever
  7. The middle class are upset because they work hard for a reward that's barely meeting their needs nowadays, they see thousands if not millions getting weekly handouts, people from abroad getting housed for doing nothing to contribute and living equally as well as they are, disabled people who are not disabled getting a car every 3 years private rents paid Council tax paid or reduced etc etc etc
  8. Was on a cruise lately 6 out of the 10 on our table said they had sold 2nd homes and paid no tax on the profit or even declared tenants income, there must be millions evaded UK wide
  9. I worked for a leading US soft drink company they didn't really want anyone over 50 so gave me half my salary as a early retirement package for the rest of my life, so took advantage at 52 65 now never looked back just a few more months and the state pension will kick in will be drawing similar to if i had stayed working
  10. Yes but the BBC dont know about it, or dont want you to know about it
  11. The greatest ever bubble blown in history with fake money etc looks like it could go pop anytime now get ready to duck .
  12. Eastern Europeans have taken over an old I think Methodist historic church in Farnley Leeds side of the Nags Head public house if anybody knows it. Children and woman are living there in freezing conditions also doubt very much if there is any running water, seemingly the only help the council have given them is by putting up letter boxes outside so they can receive mail, this has been going on now for around 6 months I am led to believe.
  13. Builders will have to build more attractive houses to would be purchasers in the future, lets be honest looking at new developments the vast majority look like yesteryear's council estates and are not as well built. The market downgrading is going on lots of media news now on what is really a building scam where the real beneficiary's are the companies and their Chief Execs / Managers /Directors. When and it will the markets starts to really decline we will be left with thousands and thousands of ordinary people trapped in negative equity and they wont be happy as nobody has warned them of this only ramp ramp ramp by Gov EAs builders etc.
  14. Paragon Bank was 1.82% for a two year fix last Monday.
  15. If you are on facebook join the I hate the bbc group loads on there giving information on how to legally ditch the fee.
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