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  1. Eastern Europeans have taken over an old I think Methodist historic church in Farnley Leeds side of the Nags Head public house if anybody knows it. Children and woman are living there in freezing conditions also doubt very much if there is any running water, seemingly the only help the council have given them is by putting up letter boxes outside so they can receive mail, this has been going on now for around 6 months I am led to believe.
  2. papag

    The House Price Crash has started ?

    Builders will have to build more attractive houses to would be purchasers in the future, lets be honest looking at new developments the vast majority look like yesteryear's council estates and are not as well built. The market downgrading is going on lots of media news now on what is really a building scam where the real beneficiary's are the companies and their Chief Execs / Managers /Directors. When and it will the markets starts to really decline we will be left with thousands and thousands of ordinary people trapped in negative equity and they wont be happy as nobody has warned them of this only ramp ramp ramp by Gov EAs builders etc.
  3. papag

    Are Saving Rates Collapsing?

    Paragon Bank was 1.82% for a two year fix last Monday.
  4. If you are on facebook join the I hate the bbc group loads on there giving information on how to legally ditch the fee.
  5. Social media, everyone needs to look beautiful nowadays and then pose with a glass of wine standing in some exotic venue or next to their new PCP car to show everyone what a great life they are having on their credit cards.
  6. Yep I know but maybe there are ways and means of getting around the rules , the Labour MP for Derby may give some guidance on moving around the rules .
  7. papag

    Persimmon Quality Homes

    God knows what the Electrics Plumbing etc are like the poor young kids that have been sucked into help to buy etc will be in negative equity for years to come. How have they been allowed to build such crap where were the building inspectors etc ? or were brown envelopes in action again
  8. Some quality building here maybe a few corners were cut to help the bonus structure
  9. papag

    Close Brothers Savings?

    Think this is a typo or scam, they have never offered for years any interest rates like that on fixed rate bonds if they did they would be absolutely swamped , best on offer now is 2.6% on a 5 year deal which is virtually market leading with them. they are also competitive on 2 or 3 year ones, I deal with them and have yet to ever have an issue they pay interest on time and return your cash to nominated bank at the end of the term and are covered by the 85 k UK guarantee .
  10. Dont think anybody will be surprised by this , HTB Gov intentions were to prop up the ponzi housing scheme so that everyone believed we had a strong booming economy, oh and nearly forgot to boost the bonus's of Chief Execs and on both counts its been a massive success.
  11. The main reasons are the three Ds Debt Divorce and Death.
  12. I know people will say if you are on Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit you shouldn't really be able to save £50 a month, but if you can or maybe your partner can fund it for you which love it or hate it loads will do, and you want a tax free bonus of £1200 pile in . https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/help-to-save/about-help-to-save
  13. papag

    9.5 Billion in Stamp Duty

    Just goes to show/ highlight the revenue raised from just from one part of the housing equation and underlines why the ramping will continue by government / Vi's for ever.
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5596817/Stamp-duty-swells-9-5bn-second-homes-hit.html

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