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  1. Just been in a pub in Otley West Yorkshire nice venue by the river you still wasnt allowed to go to the bar so ordered 2 pints of lager at the table price was £3.95p each suppose average price for the area, when they came they were 2/3rds of a pint I questioned this was told that they are now a standard offering and that is all I could order(no halfs or pints) when the bill came it also had added 10% service charge. Wonder if things like this are included in the CPI rubbish
  2. My wifes going to a monthly 'my house has increased more than your's' party next week , wont tell her this 😉
  3. Went around 10 diy stores yesterday in Yorkshire for a bag of cement to finish off a project at home with no luck , even tried to borrow a bag from a local building site near us which I was informed was shutting down apart from security work due to lack of materials.
  4. Thanks for the replies to my query , very enlightening would imagine a real storm is brewing and begin raining sooner rather than later, very few people i know could even begin to save the amounts needed.
  5. I call myself just an ordinary guy and receive a works final salary pension of 13k which i took at 55 and now a state pension of 6400 (serps reduced ) and manage quite well was looking at the amounts my sons would have to put in to achieve a similar works pension anyone got any ideas they are 40 /41 in age
  6. Not to forget a bit of tax to pay as well on the 13k
  7. Council tax up 5% virtually everywhere dont think thats in the figs but should be, so somebody living alone in say an average house on a average state pension of 6400 pays 30% of that straight back .
  8. Starts reducing to 70% in July down again to 60% in September, this is set in stone i believe think its Oct when Rishy starts plucking the magic money tree once again
  9. Well we welcomed another 562 in from Dover yesterday with all their skills and whatever else , and thats not counting the ones that we dont know about now shipped off to the hotels around Heathrow , this total madness has to stop or is it being welcomed which i am beginning tho think so.
  10. Just back from Scarborough lots of shops businesses are still closed, those that are open lots with job adverts in the window seems nobody wishes to work anymore with all the freebie handouts available.
  11. Most pubs /hospitality are now benefiting from a vat reduction on average for a pint of beer /lager of 60p, this from Rishi's generosity with our money. Then in Oct 2021 it drops to around 28p a pint reduction and holds till April 2022 . So anyone pushing up prices with this in mind is just profiteering.
  12. Yep our local opened today 10p on all beers from Jan pricing, also no service at the outdoor tables you went to the bar to order only 4 people allowed inside at any one time they put your drinks on a table at side of the bar and you took them to your table outside to consume, what a farce of the reg's wont be going back anytime soon freezing as well.
  13. Managed to get in the hairdressers today my haircut had gone up £1 thats a 20 % increase , the manager had put a sign up which said due to losses from being unable to trade we are sorry to have to increase our prices. Bet this is replicated all over the country in so many small business. But the next inflation figs will report somthing ridiculously low and irrelevant to the actual figure
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