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  1. Can recall financial commentators saying at the time of QE commencing years back that it will all end in massive tears and was a mad policy , didnt really understand what was happening and to be honest still dont apart from my initial thought of you cant do that it doesnt make sense at all.
  2. The company we use for our investments have moved /or advising clients to switch to low return investments funds for those who may require funds in the short term ( 5/7 years), If longer they are not proposing any move as yet. Dont really know where or what they are but suppose they are safer low risk maybe fixed interest investments / bonds.
  3. Yep thats whats caused all this or at least been the main driver
  4. Dow Jones went up ? also who cares about real world events when we have a Birthday cake to discus.
  5. They will always find a reason not to, and find reasons to hit the printer again in the near future
  6. Free cash close thread know loads who wont work now or lets be more precise wont work on the system so get black money and also the handouts
  7. Blackpool and Scarborough have them already along with the feral kids
  8. So the state pension will rise by just 3.1% when they should have been getting around 8% under the triple lock or at the least real inflation of around 6%, how many votes has this cost them with these manipulated figures.
  9. Thats just it nobody wants to work after so long doing country walks days at seaside etc etc and not having to do anything for it.
  10. Its being reported that council tax will rise 5% to cover the shortfall for social care as the local councils dont believe they will receive the central money raised from the NI increase. Double whammy again
  11. 100% this, could you imagine the outrage if lets say Boris and Rishy held a joint news conference and stated that no more free money was available as we are so much in debt . So fit and healthy people of working age will unfortunatly now if they want money will have to earn it
  12. Just been in a pub in Otley West Yorkshire nice venue by the river you still wasnt allowed to go to the bar so ordered 2 pints of lager at the table price was £3.95p each suppose average price for the area, when they came they were 2/3rds of a pint I questioned this was told that they are now a standard offering and that is all I could order(no halfs or pints) when the bill came it also had added 10% service charge. Wonder if things like this are included in the CPI rubbish
  13. My wifes going to a monthly 'my house has increased more than your's' party next week , wont tell her this 😉
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