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  1. Most pubs /hospitality are now benefiting from a vat reduction on average for a pint of beer /lager of 60p, this from Rishi's generosity with our money. Then in Oct 2021 it drops to around 28p a pint reduction and holds till April 2022 . So anyone pushing up prices with this in mind is just profiteering.
  2. Yep our local opened today 10p on all beers from Jan pricing, also no service at the outdoor tables you went to the bar to order only 4 people allowed inside at any one time they put your drinks on a table at side of the bar and you took them to your table outside to consume, what a farce of the reg's wont be going back anytime soon freezing as well.
  3. Managed to get in the hairdressers today my haircut had gone up £1 thats a 20 % increase , the manager had put a sign up which said due to losses from being unable to trade we are sorry to have to increase our prices. Bet this is replicated all over the country in so many small business. But the next inflation figs will report somthing ridiculously low and irrelevant to the actual figure
  4. I enquired about this and got this reply The rate on the 123 current account will drop from 0.6% to 0.3% for new and existing customers from 12 April
  5. I asked my next door neighbour has been furloughed since the start by the council a similar question as he told me nobody was doing his job, I asked him if he will be going back in September to a mountain of work he just smiled .
  6. Been told that on a 2nd home purchase of say example 175k if you complete on the 1st sept or before stamp duty would be £5250 on the 1st oct it goes up to £6250. Is this reverting to the old system or a new policy change
  7. Just lifted this from the telegraph comments think it sums it up in a nutshell. The effect of the whole shoddy ponzi scheme is to enrich developers, builders and associated hangers-on such as solicitors, estate agents and financial advisers. Many of our M.P.s are of this ilk..
  8. Yep but thats history now mistakes were made re joining the EU as it has turned out to be a political block not the common market which we all envisaged back then .Its moved on deplorably in my opinion and we are where we are today now and looking at all the other EU countries present and future prospects as opposed to ours . I am really happy where we are today and feel we have really dodged a bullet just in time. Its not just me but millions of other citizens not just leavers but ordinary decent folk who voted remain who maybe were just following the left leaning medias narrative and are n
  9. Think financers along with ordinary people are now realising just how much the EU was holding us back.
  10. Was told yesterday by a senior council person that they are still furloughing people now as its being extended by a further 6 months , the payback for all this is mind boggling
  11. Honest answer - Yes from me and No from the wife, had some really good life times there not to mention escaping the weather in the UK, was lucky also to get in with a good crowd of people but the pull of our grandchildren was too much. When we first started going the cost of living was nothing compered to the UK we were really living the good life dining out going outmost days etc. My feeling now is unless people are stuck there or have blended into the Spanish life of jobs / schools etc most would want to come back to the UK now if they could. even the Holiday homes without the Bars / people
  12. When we sold our in Spain property we just about broke even, this mainly due to the pounds fall against the euro over the 12 years. When we sold they were introducing somthing called a think it was called a Plus Villa tax from reelection it was so the local municipality could get a cut of the proceeds and they justified it by saying the work they have done to the land and surrounds was making your property more valuable even tho it had gone down in price :). Many of my friends returning to the Uk (we had a group of say 20 or so brits only 4 left there now) say they are getting hammered with
  13. Yep hoping for that as we are not in any particular rush. We are wishing to get out of the big City really is a pain now re getting around roadworks everywhere also poor social behavior / burglary's are on the increase.
  14. yep never really dawned on me that , my good lady who looks daily at them also commented on the amount of Bungalows not being sold now and also new stock coming on the market
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