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  1. "Now we know when furlough ends, is it worth retraining as a repo agent?" Definitely. The life of a Repo Man is always intense.
  2. Yes but a snap YouGov poll has just revealed that 68% of those polled feel Cummings broke lockdown rules and 52% feel he should resign. And Cummings himself will tell you that 52% represents the will of the people....
  3. Not just National Holidays. The whole group (Specialist Leisure Group) has collapsed. So that's National Holidays, Shearings, UK Breakaways, Bay Hotels, Coast & Country Hotels, Country Living Hotels, Sporting Breaks, Wallace Arnold Travel and Caledonian Travel gone too. Numerous shops and 44 hotels shut as well as the job losses. Plus the knock on effects in tourism-sensitive places....
  4. Can't claim originality. I lifted the list from HPC a while back, mainly because I could barely believe it until I'd re-read it a few times. When I saw the article it triggered a memory so I hunted it out and reposted it.
  5. Well, that's what it says here at any rate. So, are people finally deciding that working from home is feasible and they can leave London and other cities, or is this the idle online musings of bored dreamers trapped indoors for several weeks? And is this really good news for areas like the West Country or the North of Scotland (Inverness & Shetland topping the searches list)? Also, I suspect that very few of these folks have considered any of the downsides to living in rural areas (potential isolation, weather, limited facilities, time and costs of travel to places like schools, hospitals, anywhere "urban", etc.). You can't eat the scenery....
  6. Sad for Wales that Brown will be spending loads more time there. But hey, look at the upside - that's good news for Scotland.
  7. A head of procurement for the NHS has set up a business to profit from the private sale of huge quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE)... The medics and nurses issued with bin liners will be applauding the entrepreneurial spirit.
  8. The seller is pushing you. There may be a number of reasons why they are doing this but NONE of them are your problem. Though if you don't pull out it's very likely they will be. I'm sure we'll see the survey report in due course in "Best Horror Stories of the Year, 2020."
  9. From the Guardian article:- "Miles Shipside, a director at Rightmove, said: “During this slow-motion period we do not expect significant price falls, as home sellers will not be prepared to cut their prices..." Well Miles, these home sellers can certainly choose to pick a fight with Reality if they like, but Reality is one hell of a tenacious enemy.
  10. I'll see your Vista and raise you Windows 8.... EDIT - But I grant you, Vista absolutely stunk.
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