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  1. What is the state of the country's mental health? Lousy and getting worse. Quite possibly beyond the tipping point.
  2. Justice Minister resigns over Partygate. Behaviour of Boris Johnson and others in Downing Street was ‘inconsistent with the rule of law’.
  3. Not only is Johnson the first sitting PM to be convicted of an offence while in office, he's also the first one to pay a fine in roubles.
  4. Hell, I thought it was only the cost of living we had to worry about...
  5. Not only that, but with the value of the rouble now sliding towards toilet paper, all those donations to the Tory party are going to cost the Russians far more....
  6. OK, not an Opposition politician, but the Chairman of the Select Committee on Transport, Huw Merriman MP (Tory), actually DID visit the lorry queues. And found himself in the shit - literally. Poetic justice...
  7. "It's time to move on from endless talk of vaccinations. The government has delivered Covid and the fastest Brexit in the G7; now the people want to hear about our plans for levelling the North...."
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