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  1. Shrink Proof

    My Favourite Scabby 'for Sale'

    So, almost 4 years ago this one had already been on the market for a year with no takers, despite being reduced from the (frankly delusional) £450,000 to £360,000. After four more years it's with a different EA, there's been another drop (down to £340,000, back in January) and still no takers. So they've dropped the price by a quarter and still got nowhere in five years. Your 2014 idea of offering £250,000 is looking more realistic by the day...
  2. Shrink Proof

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    House of Fraser becomes the next domino.
  3. Next in line is East Sussex. Let's hear it for the party of sound financial governance....
  4. Shrink Proof

    Scarborough Liquidity

    On another thread, back in January, I wrote - "As you say, this one failed to sell for £360,000 back in 2013/4 (as did all the others on your list), despite having been reduced from £450,000. It returns to the market for....£360,000." Six months on it's still there. So, if five years is the time it takes to sell an overpriced place in sunny Scarborough, they've still got some waiting to do...
  5. British farmers have managed to elevate whingeing to the level of an art form.
  6. The post-Grenfell safety checks (official name for the closing of the stable door) are throwing up some interesting results. Very much in keeping with this thread's title - Grenfell Tower Fire Domino Effect & Ripples Making Some Lose Homes... You can read it here.
  7. Oh...come back have you? It's like you were never away...
  8. If that's your choice I have some magic beans you might want to buy.
  9. Shrink Proof

    40 bed portfolio for sale- RUN FOREST RUN

    A massive property portfolio in Sunderland? Where do I sign?
  10. Shrink Proof

    New Housing Director General Appointed

    A cushy number if ever there was one....
  11. Shrink Proof

    Estate agents are useless

    I was expecting the same crap that you experienced when we sold up two years ago, flb. But the EA we used was polite, efficient and, yes, professional. Measurements and a floor plan were standard, the photographer was a real photographer (with decent kit) who understood how to show rooms and the outside of the house at their best, everything that happened was relayed to us by email and followed with a letter the next day. We were sent draft copies of the brochure first for approval. The survey showed the need for a check by a damp specialist in one room, which in turn showed the need for some repair work - the old damp proof course had failed. When the damp guy recommended that, he told the EA first. They then let us know, and their email included quotes from 2 local firms for the work that they'd already organised for us. Likewise when the buyers' solicitor raised the question of an electrics check, they immediately sorted quotes for that too. Made me realise how utterly useless the previous ones had been when I saw how it ought to be done.
  12. Wow! Just think how many DUP MPs they could've got for that money....
  13. Shrink Proof

    2018 versus 1998

    From talking to folk at the time and since, it seems that the 1997 Labour landslide wasn't due to people actively choosing Bliar. It was due to people voting in whatever way they could to get their local Tory out. If ever a party really deserved to lose an election it was the Tories in 1997.

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