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  1. He understood the evils of tyranny of the majority...the cause of most of our woes... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyranny_of_the_majority
  2. My interest is in the injustice created by deliberate inflation of house prices. Why are you here...to argue for the status quo to ensure we are made to fight over housing and bid up prices and rents?? I've block you....I can't face the you 'are a racist because you mention immigration ' retort.
  3. Why would they think they could make money? They would struggle to resell it or let it...without real occupational demand it becomes a tulip, a matter of faith...only worse as comes with burdensome maintenance and tax responsibilities.
  4. Haldane has said that 'dramatic price gains were very likely to worsen inequality..." ...what does he mean 'very likely'...??? This is a certainty as sure as stealing all of someone's money will make them poorer.
  5. No it doesn't...if there are 10 chasing 5 dwellings and that falls to 9 chasing 5 the bidding is still intense and price still directly based on amount of credit available. if it was 5 chasing 10 however...that would be different but it seems entirely beyond the imagination of most.
  6. I trust all your HMOs are full? achieved new highs on the rents extracted??
  7. Precisely - it was entirely absent from the OP video.
  8. I think we need to be more imaginative and imagine plentiful housing supply to meet occupational demand. Most people have never experienced this because TPTB ensure this scenario never arises. Most people cannot even imagine this and as such don't factor this into their thinking as a variable. They see only conditions of scarcity and intense competitive bidding...therefore they see the price of housing as directly linked to supply of credit and don't see beyond that.
  9. You don't understand how markets work.
  10. Which institution is most responsible for creating inequality and societal disharmony...?
  11. All the evidence indicates the role of the BOE is to inflate and maintain high asset prices.
  12. Purbecks is nicer and you don't have to pay for what I believe is still the most expensive water crossing in the world.
  13. Usually they say FOR SALE/TO LET when they are struggling to do either.
  14. Yes okay...but does he want people to have access to better and cheaper housing or not. I don't think he really does. If he did he would have included high immigration as concern and not scoffed at it
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