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  1. I wonder if more land and planning will be available for the new builds or whether these grants will go to home owners only. One certainty ..price of development land will be supported...
  2. +1 This is a master stroke, following gems like HTB....appear to be standing up to bullying China, defending democracy, loyal to terms of the HK handover treaty whilst at the same time putting a rocket under occupational demand for housing. And if we object to the creation of even more cut throat competition for housing and resultant HPI we are racists. Owners of land and property will be raising a glass.
  3. oh yes remember that! Brexit has been taken completely off the news agenda for months but recently has started to pop up again and reportedly the negotiations are heading for a disaster.
  4. no not a natural Lib Dem just someone who understands the forces at work here that underpin our woes.
  5. Yes the majority didn't want it ! Sounds fair? Well the result is pro HPI policies, rocketing debt and the young made a modern serf class working principally to support lifestyles of the over 55s.
  6. The government acts for the rich and powerful and a majority persuaded they share the same interests. This majority then exploit minorities and voiceless, in the case of HPI and state debt this is the poor, young and unborn. Tyranny of the majority - the cause of most of our woes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyranny_of_the_majority
  7. Some have been putting beds in the bathroom to increase one bed to two bed. You may think i am joking...I am not.
  8. Evidently all pretence that HTB was to help buyers has been abandoned and the reality that it was a cynical scheme to inflate prices and boost house builder profits is being openly admitted by shameless and seemingly untouchable house builder bosses.
  9. Well yes the Tories are the party of the free market and small government..😂
  10. Surprise !! Concern over councils’ investment in commercial property Concerns have been raised over the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on councils’ multibillion-pound investments in commercial property. Local authorities have borrowed £6.6bn since 2016 to buy shopping centres and office blocks. However, the British Property Federation has reported that just two thirds of office rents and one third of retail rents were paid on time in March. It expects those figures to halve again in June. This week Rob Whiteman, head of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, told MPs he was “quite worried” about councils “overexposed” to property. He cited Spelthorne BC, which has spent £1bn on offices and shops in the past five years, including buying Elmsleigh shopping centre in Staines for £40m 12 weeks ago. The council says it has amassed a £20m fund to protect against the financial impact of lockdown, and added it is very confident in its approach to investing. Reported... The Times, Page: 2
  11. you are quite right...the losses should be picked up by the taxpayer.
  12. Hopefully the banks will lose money on those reckless 95% loans and their shareholders and bosses suffer the losses...
  13. This is the key to the whole evil HPI racket...why don't more people see this.
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