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  1. "Solve problems"...That's a joke..I'm concerned about the problems he has created..
  2. Who would have thought joining a stampede could result in poor outcomes?
  3. But the union Unite hit out at the Bank's decision, with its general secretary Sharon Graham saying that it comes at a time when "millions of working people are facing the worst cost-of-living crisis for generations". "This rise will put even more pressure on household finances as inflation and energy bills continue to skyrocket." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-60763740 ....don't they understand what BOE policy has meant for the young, poor, asset-less?? or do they make these comments because their members don't understand?
  4. Which is it...are we struggling to make ends meet...or are we drowning in money and able to over bid £100k on a semi..? It appears to be both. It doesn't add up.
  5. Last year I received a letter from Yorkshire building society informing me of a savings rate increase, great I thought until I checked to discover my particular account was excluded. I complained and my complaint was rejected. Surreal.
  6. I doubt the Israelis are pleased...you'd have to be very naive to believe this money will really be ring fenced. With a democracy I buy the argument that the debt is owed to the nation but is a debt owed to the Shah really owed to the clerics? A questionable decision on a number of levels.
  7. I sold in 2006 to go overseas and was back by 2008 but never bought. So I sympathise with your friend. I wish I had bought in 2008 of course but situation is not as disastrous as appears due to investments in shares, even cash I held in p2p did okay for many years. Who knew events would unfold as they have and the UK Gov' s and state apparatus's capacity for successfully transferring wealth to their chosen privileged cohort. I Try not to be sour but I certainly have a dark view of TPTB...they evidently do not govern for the common good, young folk particularly are treated very poorly and I am amazed by their placidity.
  8. Great news for those that own land...they can extract more per square foot from the servile masses.
  9. Exactly...surprised this isn't reported as good news in similar fashion to reporting of soaring cost of shelter.
  10. House prices are detached from the fundamentals...this time it's different.
  11. Lloyds buying existing stock is entirely different and yes I agree should not be allowed, and wouldn't be allowed if our leadership worked for the common good.
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