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  1. Wayward

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Many people think twice about going out for meals too often when they consider that one meal out somewhere other than wetherspoon etc with wine is likely to cost more then their entire weeks food shopping. Many know too that they are not paying for the meal...it is mostly rent that goes straight into the pocket of a wealthy landlord...enough to leave a sour taste.
  2. Wayward

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    I saw someone obviously down on their luck collecting up discarded cigarette stubs the other night...I haven't seen that in a while.
  3. Haven't Money Week been bearish on UK housing for years...?
  4. Perhaps they wanted some travel sickness pills considering that it is tumbling...I hope they aren't looking out of the window with everything spinning around so fast...urrrghh pass me the sick bag....
  5. Wayward

    Purplebricks share price

    Goods of ostentation or Veblen goods - increase the price and demand increases. More common that folk realise. Designer clothes, perfumes, high end wines and spirit and yes even beer. Seems folk in the UK are particularly susceptible to this nonsense...look at the designer clothes that cost £2 to make in Bangladesh but sell in the UK for £80...many European fashion houses are laughing and falling off their chairs when they think about the Brits saving up to buy those jeans / T shirts...
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46538831 BBC reporting on the RICS utterances...usual sort of thing. They very much stress their view this is a temporary hiccup then ...off we go again up up up... all is right in the world when wealth is being transferred into the pockets of the owners of land and property and out of the pockets that of those that don't.
  7. I expect their solution is a guest worker programme with very restricted citizenship rights. If you are interested in the best outcome for the existing population this is the only sensible approach.
  8. Even the Koreans are regarded with suspicion...Arabs, Africans?? I cant see it.
  9. “Rate cuts won’t be aimed at re-inflating the property market but supporting households with a mortgage to offset the negative wealth impact on spending,” Oliver said, Hmm...sounds familiar... I think the events in Oz are a laugh a minute and one to enjoy watching unfold...what did they expect?? That prices can continue to rocket forever...? Hilarious.
  10. Looks good.! I have corrected a section of the article for them... "The positive negative feedback loop of recent years of rising prices bringing higher demand and further price gains has given way to a negative positive feedback loop of falling prices leading to reduced demand and further declines,” Oliver said of housing
  11. Wayward

    Did you get help from Bomad

    ? It is a matter for me and my parents...I don't think it is a question of right or wrong. Depends on the circumstances. ..and I know what money is for thanks !!
  12. Wayward

    Did you get help from Bomad

    Yes I have lent my parents money...more common I expect than many realise...
  13. Wayward

    Renegade Inc: Why YOU can’t afford a home!

    Not had chance to watch the linked vid but the idea of a no NE guarantee has to be fantasy or something the state can try to achieve for only so long...?
  14. Interesting that Spiegel includes rising house prices in with a list of negatives...
  15. Does his banner call for higher rents/ house prices and lower wages ?

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