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  1. Compensation for what? They have no right to a view. Traffic congestion..? Amazon wouldn't go there if the infrastructure was not in place and besides I expect the developers will have to fork out a fortune in planning gain, including road infrastructure. People need homes and jobs and a handful of wealthy self important nimbys will have to accept it.
  2. Reported on national news now...BBC radio. I expect many people will think this flyer is fine ...house prices increasing and therefore all is well in the world.
  3. So long as accommodation is scarce and there is competitive bidding , those that own and control it will have the power.
  4. Is this for real..?.!.. "The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government told me that it was “completely unacceptable” for developers to charge a premium for help-to-buy homes and that buyers should report suspected price inflation to the government housing body, Homes England
  5. Only after a real shock ...much worse than financial crisis or covid..
  6. They have been spending young peoples future earnings on holidays and the like for years...not a surprise they are straight back at it...
  7. Fact is they enter a dangerous time now as all of their enemies will test Biden...Trump was too unpredictable that they didn't dare...they will now.
  8. Yes..apply a higher rate CGT. CGT arising from investment in productive economy should be lower.
  9. Seems un-English to confiscate or CPO someone's property without very good reason but the disastrous policy of distorting the housing market the way they have leads us to this...and I expect worse to come.
  10. ...ah but concluding with overall benefits of immigration...(presumably renters irrelevant)
  11. On R4 news now...openly talking about benefit of falling rents as a result...heresy.!
  12. “It seems our kingdom has been reduced to a land of bewitched men living outside the natural order of things…the contradictory truth is that our wealth is all paper blowing in the wind…contracts, bonds, letters of exchange, coin but nothing fruitful or productive. Thus the kingdom is finished, revenues have collapsed…”… Martin Gonzalez de Cellorigo, Spain, 1600. [posted before but seems appropriate to this thread]
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