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  1. Not sure if this is the main 'build to rent' thread... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-57145516 I think an important topic... Lord Haughey plans to build 11,000 affordable homes Business tycoon Lord Willie Haughey plans to spend more than £1bn on building 11,000 homes affordable homes in Scotland over the next nine years. His Glasgow-based company, City Facilities Management Holdings, has formed a partnership with property group Ediston. He said the plan would reduce rental costs and make renting preferable to taking out a mo
  2. They simply need to maintain the intensity of competitive bidding. Frustrate supply of housing, boost immigration. Job done. We fight like rats in a sack over housing and the wealthy owners of land and property hold the power.
  3. Civil servants run focus groups to sound out the response to possible housing policy ideas...I know because I attended one in approx 2012. I was given a £10 m&s voucher for my trouble. I remember HTB type idea being discussed amongst others. Most people in the group could see how stupid and cynical these ideas where. The financial crisis was still fresh in poeples minds and believed the price of housing was likely to be staple in coming years and the UKGOV would not want to stoke high HPI. how wrong we were...This thread reminds me of that dreadful day.
  4. Where is The article about the £30k scammed out of aspiring home owners this year alone due to the deliberate policy of inflating the price of housing? £9k is nothing.
  5. The market has never been more manipulated...they will run out of road eventually. Question is when.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57100259 Campaigning for higher rents and more intense bidding for housing in Glasgow..
  7. Yes we can..when we see exploitation, cynicism, greed...we should complain.
  8. Their plan is working in so far that prices are increasing and wealth is being transferred from the likes of meg and Sam to developers and wealthy land and property owners.
  9. Spent six months in India in 2006...great experience. I don't remember it being particularly clean or fragrant. You soon adopt different standards / expectations and look through it, particularly in hindsight when it all is recalled through a rosy lens.
  10. Yes agree...inevitable given numbers of new arrivals over last 15 years or so.
  11. I thought stocks were a hedge against inflation...why are my steady Eddie stocks down so much today. Most businesses should be able to ride out inflation...isn't that true anymore???
  12. All it took was a stamp holiday to create a chain of events leading to mania. I think the move to the country narrative is overplayed. This current hysteria I think has more to say about psychology and FOMO. I am sure this is by design but they may have surprised themselves how successful this has been in delivering rapid HPI and therefore wealth transfer.
  13. I had no idea, thanks. Might have a look as alternative to my premium bonds.
  14. ...what prize do they have for renter savers...or is misery and exploitation all they have to offer?
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