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  1. 97% of funding for economic research within the UK is funded by [guess who] the EU... LSE receive nearly 40% of their funding from the EU and have not exactly been shy about how anxious they are in respect to loosing that funding.
  2. Again... where are you getting this info from? Genuinely interested because I voted leave but am a big supporter of the NHS.
  3. I see. You're inability to separate topics has lead you to believe that by going against brexit you are in fact saving the NHS?
  4. This is very interesting indeed... where did you get this information from?
  5. Did you know if you mix all the letters up and play it backwards it says "the EU is a non democratic federalist movement"?
  6. The actual message if you had listened and read into the red bus - like most who voted to leave - was 'Take Back Control' (says it twice on the bus as it happens). The EU extracts money from each member state and redistributes the capital in order to control society. The EU funds society in order to control society.
  7. A dramatic increase in suicide rate would suggest the lazy Greeks are paying the price for their skulduggery. A 20,000+ increase since 2010. That number pails into insignificance when you take into account otherwise avoidable deaths associated with lack of funding for healthcare and services. What was the name of that sponging, lazy Greek OAP that blew his head off outside Parliament?
  8. Comedy! Much more than first anticipated - you really do need to read up. The Greeks voted to leave the EU and the Euro in their recent referendum.
  9. That's a weak answer that skirts around the question my friend. What's your opinion regarding Germany not paying back the €279bn it owes Greece? The people of Greece did not commit fraud. To imply so is nonsensical... do you believe that the people of the UK are responsible for the current housing crisis or Quantitative Easing for example? The people of Greece are victims - victims of a corrupt financial system, corrupt central banks, corrupted central and local government and a corrupt politico-economic union of which there are 28 member states. Bond holders, banks
  10. All Greeks? Genuine question: Why didn't they get much of a telling off and why was it brushed under the carpet so quickly? Was it because - courtesy of Goldman - Germany, Italy and Spain were using the same mechanism at exactly the same time? What's your opinion on why [bankrupted] Greece - one of the smallest countries in the EU became the biggest purchaser of arms during early 'bailout' negotiations with Germany? Arms supplied solely by German and French Arms dealers.
  11. This isn't a discussion solely involving the BBC. The traditional 'Press' is struggling in the new digital age, due to a huge decline in advertising revenue - this is yet another undeniably brilliant move from Corbyn. The press have been working overtime against Corbyn since day one. He is offering everyone within the industry a lifeline. I can't think of a better way to get the press 'on side'? He's a genius. “I simply say this. I want us to have a strong and vibrant democracy and I support journalists who want us to have a strong and vibrant democracy" "T
  12. http://www.cityam.com/286252/brussels-elites-fiddled-while-rome-burned-may-soon-get "It is hardly surprising in the circumstances that the Italian electorate has supported parties which are pledged to overthrow the status quo. If they do what they say they will, the impact will be greater than that of Brexit. Greece and Portugal are in the same position as Italy, with GDP in both economies still being below pre-crisis levels. But they are small". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44214499 "In fact, despite the caveats I've listed above, what Five Star and The League
  13. In total agreement with you. I know an individual with an interest only mortgage who has just come into a reasonably large inheritance. She's aware of all the 'ticking time bomb stories' so is not going to do anything with the money except keep it in the bank and wait things out until Gov show their hand. Quite smart.
  14. Yes... I'd never considered the re-mortgage implications. So as prices fall potentially those who have used the 'scheme' could find themselves unable to re-mortgage and at the mercy of SVR? Just as rates start to rise. Not pretty.
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