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  1. Perhaps we should revisit the idea of building new towns/villages rather than bloat existing ones further? Some very nice villages in East Yorkshire are now unliveable due to the congestion. The infrastructure of many simply not designed to cope with the demands of x households and vehicles etc. However, starting from scratch and planning/building completely new villages around modern day infrastructure demands could work. IMO a much more productive way to carve up the countryside than white elephants such as HS2. Also no NIMBYS to content with, as well there will be no one there. Yes I’m sure folks will reply with Stevenage and Milton Keynes etc, but it’s 2018 not 1968.
  2. $hit I'm sure. Powerful people taking what they want in corrupt countries, evaporating their paper trails behind them. Shocking stuff. So why early in the thread are you defending the corrupters' rights to launder their ill gotten gains via the UK property market?!?
  3. Or those jobs don’t exist. quite handy having the budget for an unfilled role. it also feeds the we need to import skills narrative after pumping out ridiculous job specs. I also love the “there’s x thousand unfilled vacancies” canard. Yeah ok go on Totaljobs.com. out of a search return of approx 50: at least a dozen were duplicate adverts, either directly or in directly via different agencies. Over a dozen were adverts for courses and quite a few jobs which are always advertised. utter BS I do agree with others that good experienced IT people are in demand. Usually as contracts though.
  4. We had Karoo in Hull. 5p per local phone call (no matter the call length). Same with internet. Great back then, not to great them having the monopoly now as they’re very expensive. Heard awful things about BT though.
  5. Great post, but one minor flaw: Low wage/skill jobs are service industry based, and soon these will disappear too when everyone’s disposable income falls to zero. Zombie economy propped up with zombie debt.
  6. 10 years of state sponsored ZIRP, money printing and asset inflating tells me all I need to know regarding just how badly capitalism* ******ed up. There will be no recovery until complete collapse. *corporate socialism - crony/casino capitalism delete as appropriate.
  7. You called it, like I called build to let. Not very chuffed though I have to say.
  8. Like having their cake and it... Good to see this being ratified. Hopefully the debate won’t get talked over by the usual time wasters..
  9. Funny you should say that. Retirement age is increasing (and will continue to do so no matter what the trends in life and good health life expectancy dictate). To a point where many if not most will die before they reach it. So basically people are squirreling away vast pension funds they have a good chance of dying before they can draw from them. Also yes there will be no state pension as everyone will be on the rock and roll instead. AI/Automaton will take over most jobs, and not everyone can work for the few jobs left at B&Q. So basically the article is moot, as pensions will be pointless as you’ll probably die either at work or on the dole. Those who do cling on to this mortal coil, good luck in acquiring that pension fund with < 20 years working.
  10. ta dah. And there we have it. Crony Capitalism to be bailed out....again!
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