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  1. richcrashman

    Radio 2 now

    Just heard the crash word used!!!
  2. Did i read 19000 £1m + properties on market and only 213 sold in April!!!!
  3. richcrashman

    No more No DSS

    Isn't it the case benefits claimants get the rent money and spend it on other things so the landlord doesn't get paid!
  4. Hi Folks, Do any of you know if residential property owned and rented out by British waterways is covered by right to buy?? I think BWB property was excluded from the old right to buy, but i'm not sure about its more recent incarnation. Also BWB is about to become a charity, will this alter the situation?? Any help in this would be much appreciated.
  5. richcrashman

    What Do You All Make Of This?!

    It says "Newly Fitted Bathroom" Look at it ! Who fitted that?? Steve wonder?????
  6. We went to Freeport outlet mall earlier so the youngster could splash a few quid. Before Christmas you couldn't get a parking spot, it was packed. Today was way way quieter, the car park was maybe 1/3 full. Got to admit i was surprised at how quiet it was.
  7. richcrashman

    Slimy Toad On B B C News Now

    Looked like he was about to start foaming at the mouth! I can't believe the slant on that segment from the pravda pair. lol
  8. richcrashman

    Sarkozy's G20 Not Hitting The G-Spot

    Looking at that picture it's not just the french banks that have taken a hair cut.
  9. I wrote what i thought was a fairly sarcastic message through rightmove and i got a reply!!!! It's a "super place" apparently! lol. If this is super i'd hate to see the bad stuff on his books. I've sent a reply, he must realise i'm yanking his chain soon!!!!! lol
  10. Nice place. Very tempting, i just mailed to see if you can fit a bed in the small room and still open the door!
  11. Yes, i've told him this. From what i know the vendor is now in Australia or somewhere and he is unsure exactly wht the EA has been instructed to do. I think the EA should have put the offer forward, i mean how long does it take to email?
  12. A very good friend of mine sent me this last night, made me laugh for a while. He's ben looking at getting a place for a while, but is desperate and wont spend more than he can afford or wants to spend. Made an offer for £115,000 on an house listed at £135,000 on Saturday. Today get the phone call saying "my offer has been rejected and how much would I like to increase my offer by?" I say "my offer was £115,000" He said, "yes that was to low, how much would you like to increase your offer by" I reply, "No, that is my offer, £115,000" Confused agent "So you don't want to increase your offer? I think you would have a much better chance of securing the house if you offer £125,000" "If I thought it was worth £125,000 I would put my offer in at £125,000. I don't think its worth £125,000, I think its worth £115,000 so I offered £115,000" "So you would like to stay with your offer of £115,000?" "Yes" "OK I will try that to the vendor then." "So have you spoken to the vendor about my offer?" "We didn't want to put such a low offer forward to the vendor whilst we have other parties interested in the property." Pausing for a while.... " Well If there is another party also interested in the property, I had better rethink my offer." ( can sense the agent thinks I'm going to increase my offer ) "Can I formally withdraw my offer as I don't want to get involved in a bidding war with a 3rd party please." "Withdraw.... But you could get this house for £125,000, you don't want to loose out do you..." "You have my details don't you? Call me in 3 months when the house is still up for sale and I will make you anther offer based on the market then, but expect it to be lower than £115,000, OK? The B*stards hung up on me !!!!!! Shame as I quite liked the house, but still plenty more fish in the sea, its just I'm running out of Estate agents now....!
  13. richcrashman

    Ed Miliband: 'these Strikes Are Wrong'

    I had this playing in the background whilst reading another thread. I thought the BBC player had messed up and was playing the same 30 second clip over and over. Talk about keeping to the script. Our current politicians are pathetic. Or is it that the public really are that stupid that the politicians don't dare deviate from the script as Joe soap hasn't the mental capacity to interpret it??
  14. richcrashman

    FUKUSHIMA earthquake and tsunami thread and aftermath

    On the news they are pointing to the Fukushima as the location of the Nuclear power station some distance inland. I just checked on google where they were. They are right on the coast, the sea comes right to the front door. There are two plants close together. One sits in what looks like a cut out.
  15. richcrashman

    Noticed Veg Oil For £1.09 In Lidl

    I'm pretty sure the likes of Tesco and Asda etc are tracking the price of diesel with their veg oil prices. I've been using it since 2003 and was buying it at £0.42 a litre only a few years ago. It's hardly worth doing any more. Mind you Tesco had a special on Crisp and Dry a bit ago so i stocked up on that. Crazy that the branded stuff was cheaper than the own brand!!!!

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