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  1. That's so true, everything's so homogeneous now. I remember at my sixth-form there were the goths, townies, punks, geeks, surfer dudes (my uniform was quiksilver and mambo and I listened to Reef non-stop!). Interestingly, the hipster subculture is the only one where it's members don't self-identify ('I'm not a hipster!') and it has no basis of it's own, it just borrows each element from other subcultures.
  2. I'm consistently surprised that the economy isn't suffering more. I'm being kicked out in January - landlord selling up, local slumlord buying. One interesting anecdote I have is the decision for my staff christmas party to go from the traditional tuxedo's last year to christmas jumpers in a ex-serviceman's club this year. And we're not even in an official recession. But most of the work force are under 40 and are spanking large amounts of cash on rent and those who aren't live so far out that it's not worth coming back near work for a night out or their mortgage payments are pushing them to the hilt. And the kicker is that the majority of us got rebanded higher about 6 months ago, with a nice wad of backpay too.
  3. So true. I live and work out west and there is literally zero difference between here and everytown, uk. In fact, because everything is spread out and transport links are still crap, it's more of a pain in the ass than when I lived in Norwich and could walk everywhere. And yet, half a mil for a 3-bed terrace and £6 a pint. Three people leaving work next month and heading out of London. All state the same reason, you can guess why.
  4. Paper Mill Yard again. Nicely placed pillar! But just look at the Last Sale price in Oct 2007. That can't be right?!
  5. WOW. This is one of the most ridiculous prices I've ever seen! I can imagine the high earners who could afford such a place popping into the local Hollywood Bowl or maybe a glass of 1974 Chateaux Lafite in The Queen of Iceni
  6. So true. Norwich is great like that. Living in west London, I really miss being able to walk everywhere.
  7. Had someone reply to my comment saying there wasn't a rent ceiling as rents have been going up for 15 years and will continue to do so.
  8. Yep, and considering the standard £90-120k for one bedrooms, I think it'll be reduced by next month. Reminds me of this property. Pity we can't short individual house prices. I'd have made a fortune by now!
  9. Sums up the UK's media: 2 minutes on national housing crisis that influences the socio-economic future of millions of people - then about 5 minutes on bloody what type of jam you would hypothetically give Bob Dylan.
  10. Soooo landlord came round this evening. Planned on chucking us out this summer and converting the house into flats, for mad yieldz (Z6 London). Now he's selling and we can stay on a rolling contract until it's gone. Bit of a u-turn.
  11. Temping/Contracting is different from zero hours. I can't imagine a contractor turning up for work at Conoco Phillips on Monday morning and the boss saying 'Sorry Dave, no work this week' like it's Sports Direct.
  12. Very interesting. My old landlord trying to shift a standard 2 bed terrace (small garden) in a bog standard part of West Ealing for only £75k less this one. I think she maybe looking at a reduction in the near future! However, even if it's reduced by 11%, they're already into negative equity.
  13. On properties up to half a million pounds! That's like applying for financial aid to buy a ferrari.
  14. My father claimed I have been 'dicking around' and needed to buy a flat. In his defence, he did think flats in Ealing still went for £70k.
  15. Haha, so true. Apparently, my weekend in Munich last year stopped me from buying a £350k studio flat in zone 6. If only I'd not spent the extra £40 upgrading to Club Europe.
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