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  1. I had the same experience as @PeanutButterlast year when we got our mortgage. Went through a broker anyway as I knew one personally, and he did us mates rates. He did in the end advise us to get the same product I had picked myself already. However, I would say it was worth the money regardless as it took all the stress off me for that part of moving at least having someone experienced filling in the forms, chasing things along, dealing with a little hiccup along the way and so on. I would certainly recommend using a broker for the whole affair, even if they don't find you any amazing brokers
  2. So you remain unable to create a coherent argument, and your narrative is I’m an entrepreneur and I’m telling you this so you’d better believe it as I’m right and you’re wrong? And of course being so incapable of creating any sort of argument, out you come with the insults again because that strengthens your argument how? What sort of timescale does your Armageddon have where healthcare collapses and people are rioting on the streets? Or should I not question the validity of that because you said so and you’re an entrepreneur and stuff? As for the second bit, I don’t know if you are
  3. Surely this boils down to a question of how long you see yourself in any particular property. If you are mobile, wanting to go travelling, work abroad, whatever, then renting is the obvious answer. If you brought somewhere and it was somewhere you could see yourself in for ten years at least, then that to me is the obvious answer. Nobody has a crystal ball as has been demonstrated on here multiple times over the years. I brought at the start of 2020 as a property we loved came up, and I just decided to get on with life despite the precipice that plenty thought we were staring down with Brexit
  4. If you want to wind your business down because it’s not worth it anymore then nobody is going to stand in your way. One of your competitors will gladly pick up the slack I’m sure. That’s capitalism for you, nobody is forcing you to do something. As for burying my head in the sand? Based on what? I’m fully aware houses could drop in price, I’ve said as much many times on here. I’m cognisant that QE has happened, debt has increased and so on so forth. You’ appear to just be angry fullstop. Nothing you’ve put above really makes any sense. Lots of vagaries and then your usual make someth
  5. Gonna keep this short for you... What is my generation? So you have 700k cash and a house, and then however much extra lying around? And you're still this angry? I do place a value on wealth yes. Most people do. Not sure that sentence makes any sense? Take a deep breath and give it another go? As per the above, no I don't have an idea why you're so angry, but angry you most certainly are. Raging angry. Instead of chucking insults around you could have a go at explaining why you're so angry so that the underclass such as myself can understand? (Little bit of sarcasm there F
  6. The thing is, in the long run everyone will be proven right. Those who are saying there will be a fall in house prices at some point in the future will no doubt be right. Someone saying house prices will always trend upwards will be correct as I would be more than happy to bet that prices will be higher in 50 years than they are now. Given the cyclical nature of markets, you will always be right in the end. I don't think that people are unthinking sheep, and I don't think that the average Joe places financial gain at the centre of their decision making process. I know we didn't 18 months ago -
  7. I would imagine the incentive to carry on with your business is that it has made you three quarters of a million quid in cash? Seems a little strange to question why you should carry on if you are that successful? Just as it seems a little strange to be quite so angry about house prices given that you could buy in cash pretty much anywhere you want barring a few exclusive postcodes. Indeed, if your reality is the same as that which you post on here, I would suggest that the vast majority of people would be quite the opposite to you - very happy and grateful that they are in a reasonably exclus
  8. So I think for both of the above, I can accept that there has undoubtedly been money spent on propping up various housing schemes. I just don't accept that it is the only thing that money has been spent on, or even that it is the majority of what money has been spent on. I also personally take the line that every politician is doing something to line their own pockets, labour, conservative, green whatever. Those in power have more ability to do so, but I was neither shocked nor bothered that contracts had gone to mates of whoever - as it was, as will it always be. Cash for honours under labour
  9. And yup I know that’s not borrowing per se and is budget, but is there anything that spells out how the borrowed money has been spent other than some high level figures on supporting jobs, bailing out the airlines etc. I can find the below which shows for the C19 crisis it’s not really all been spent on housing. In fact If anything most of it has been spent on public services.
  10. Except when you search for data it doesn’t back you up. Where are you drawing your conclusions from that the government has blown most of its budget on propping up housing? What I can find (below) shows housing as being a very small part of overall expenditure. Now I’m sure you feel that there are all sorts of other things that go unrecorded, but can you show any sort of evidence for your claims as asked for above?
  11. It's alright matey - you're perfectly entitled to have a go at predicting the future, and you do so in a balanced way, not by chucking insults around and adding any nay sayers to the 'troll list', so have at it. I'd agree with you to an extent - interesting couple of months in store indeed. I differ from you perhaps in terms of saying that I don't think there is much / any fallout coming from the end of SDLT, but I would certainly side with the fact that we will see a slow down as no doubt people have been hurrying business through to try and beat the end of the stamp duty restrictions. If we
  12. Agree with you completely. I can’t see how the current boom can continue, and at some point it will reverse. It’s a question of when that point is though, and I am perhaps alone on here / in a small minority in thinking that it is still many years away 2025 - 2030 sort of range. Your point about time in the market not timing the market is as relevant today as it’s always been.
  13. You’re certainly very angry about house prices given you are someone who has 700 grand of cash in the bank and a hugely successful business. Some might say suspiciously angry. I’m going to pay my house off with a mortgage just like many others in this country. <semi sarcasm>
  14. You know when someone has dug themselves such a hole that they can’t see daylight anymore? So no, that bit was not sarcasm and was a serious point. Do you disagree with it? To break things down further for you - first part laughing at TCON’s post. Then I go on to make a point that the western world is awesome. Then make serious point that there aren’t hoards of people trying to get into North Korea or Iran. I don’t know if I can make it anymore basic than that for you.
  15. Oh dear. You’re taking a statement of go buy a three bed house in North Korea I hear the weather is lovely as a serious comment? I know sarcasm can be lost in text, but honestly? As for the rest of it, yup, joined this site in 2005 at the age of 4, and luckily I got a nice big mortgage using my lucky crayons. My mum pops in every day to feed me, and I’m hoping to get into my first choice primary school next year. PS - the above is sarcasm just to be clear for you…
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