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  1. Entirely defeats the point of a land value tax if the tax is levied on the buildings too. IT's about making the most efficient and fair use of the land.
  2. https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/savings Perhaps this deserves a thread of its own as an interesting topic. Looks like storing gold in an official sense counts as savings. Maybe you could bury some gold coins in the woods, just hope a metal detector doesn't find it! What about bitcoin?
  3. Nope, rents have barely risen in real terms over the last decade. House prices meanwhile...
  4. Yep, they would want to announce it as late as possible (yesterday's announcement was effective the same day!), but i think the Spring Statement is deliberately light on policy ,so don't know when would be. Remember, I'm only talking about a 300k exemption for all. Even if announced in autumn, the current 500k exemption would still have impact for the remaining months.
  5. I think they mean 'temporarily replaced', but Bozo has talked before about abolishing Stamp Duty at the lower end and I remember thinking the £300K exemption would end up applying to everyone (and therefore screwing FTBs, despite claims of the opposite)
  6. If you're a FTB of a house under £500k then it is absolutely better to wait until the holiday ends, assuming rates go back to the original levels in April 2021 (they may well not, of course, e.g. the exempt rate may go to £300k for everyone). But basically now you've no longer got an advantage over other buyers, but still have to pay the same inflated prices that will inevitably follow this tax cut. Also the 2% non-resident buyer premium kicks in April 2021
  7. but if the discount is now for everyone than sellers will increase prices. Net result: most first time buyers worse off
  8. The age of those eligible for BNO passports will hugely affect numbers. CAn anyone give a broad outline? We know they have to be at least 23. The majority of economic migrants are generally young, unless pensioners are offered exceptionally generous terms?
  9. Interesting how most of the major housebuilders have voluntarily suspended construction, even though they are allowed to continue. What does this tell us about how they see the state of the market when they return to business?
  10. Perhaps speaking to soon, but I believe the housing bung days are over. Government is leveraging to the hilt to protect business and workers rom covid effects. There is just no money left. I also expect housing to be a primary target for future taxes to pay for all this
  11. at least it sets a precedent. will only ramp from here, Tory or Labour
  12. PM hinted at something big on housing coming up... another bung probably
  13. Just looked this up. Government's official release says they have "closed a loophole". Wtf, do they even know what a loophole is?
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