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  1. It is still early days, very early days, to think this rally will surpass the last. People are posting as if it is a dead cert and we will not go below $5k ever again. We may not, but we might...
  2. I have been looking too but have not found much and have read it is illegal for any that were made to be published. The nearest Proxy I have found is by using the Betfair betting markets. The market for Brexit party share of votes had some fluctuations on the day but has settled as pretty much a two horse race between 30% and 40%, with over 40% slowly drifting outwards and being less likely. The market is here: https://www.betfair.com/exchange/plus/politics/market/1.158459621 There are other markets too and it is not close to a perfect guide of results but if any unofficial exit polls had been predicting anything significantly different then the "smart money" would be betting accordingly.
  3. Facebook are planning on launching a crypto currency. I am not sure what this will do for Bitcoin, I can see it going either way. I think the hype will certainly make another "moon" for the whole sector in 2020/2021 quite likely. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48383460
  4. There is no need to be rude, he (or she) is making good points politely, that is the whole point of a "discussion" thread. If you just want to hear your same view amplified by others then I understand that and it is very nice and comforting but you will never really learn anything new and in actual fact it is pointless. BTC has already been a success by most metrics if you asked people in 2011 what would success be by 2020. That doesnt mean it will always be sucessfull and talking about the pros and cons and the other options is in the interest of everyone.
  5. There is, and there is no reason why it could not happen except, Bitcoin was there first so has credibility and sucess breeds sucess. I think it is a bit like when Ebay began and a few years in there was no reason why someone else could not write auction code and do exactly what Ebay did. Many tried that. BUT... Ebay kept going, because it was already number 1, so it remained number 1. The others could not get the users to switch once Ebay was dominant, that was that. It is not a perfect analogy but I think its that sort of idea.
  6. That is not actually true, you need more buyers relative to sellers to initiate a price rise. In theory you would only need 1 person willing (and able, which is a key point) to pay $100,000 a coin if there is 0 people willing to sell for $99,999 or less. In that scenario one buyer is enough to set the market price. I dont think Bitcoin is going to those levels in this wave, I think there will be a lot of sellers, but if there are not... I have a small number of Bitcoin (less than 1) and other cryptos but like an idiot having bought most at $35xx I sold about half at between $4.2 and $5 expecting a retrace. Oh well I have learnt my lesson now, no more selling from me.
  7. I have no idea what the price is going to do and neither does anybody else and talking about it certainly wont change anything. What will give Bitcoin (crypto currencies) a long term value and become "Gold 2.0" (remember that one) will be if it is treated as a store of value akin to and in fact more trusted than national FIAT currencies. It is beginning to happen: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47553048
  8. 1) You are 100% correct, it doesnt make any sense at all and nobody who is logical would consider it. 2) The vast majority of people are not logical.
  9. An extra £1Bn for some submarines which can move about undetected with the ability to destroy the entire World three times over but no more money for Police to stop me being stabbed walking around London. Im not sure the Submarines are of much use to people to be honest, call me old fashioned but I personally would rather have some more Bobbies on the Beat.
  10. Is anyone else watching this? Does he think this is "Stand up" comedy. He has been going on for well over 5 minutes, made half a dozen very bland/cringey jokes, and as yet not one policy announcement. Man is a moron.
  11. For anyone who wasnt around for the insanity of last Winter, or who was but has forgotten quite how mental it was and that "mania" is the only way to describe it, here is a reminder... You can skip the first minute but a summary if of the best quotes in there... "about a month ago I learnt about Bitcoin", "the main thing about Bitcoin for me was it was going up in value", "maybe I will end up doubling my savings that would be really cool", "I bought a bitcoin debit card so I could put all my savings in it", "I took out 3 credit cards", "I took out a £20,000 loan", "I ended up putting in £35,000 into Bitcoin and that I considered as the low risk option", "I got all my financial advice from Reddit", "Overnight, I lost £20,000"! He tried trading, in the end I think he lost about £5k and called it a day. The remarkable thing is if he had have bought and held for around a month without looking at the price, he actually would indeed have doubled his money!!! I am not sure we will see anything quite like it again in my lifetime to be honest. I know Bitcoin has spiked several times, but each time before was not mass hysteria.
  12. First in 2019... John Lewis? (The Christmas advert had better be a good one this year I can tell you!)
  13. 1) The past is no guide to the future and any perceived "patterns" are just coincidences as far as the Bitcoin (crypto currencies) prices are concerned. 2) Is it possible the market was irrational before and is now actually rational? 3) Yes the market does reward the patient IF they are holding the correct asset class (or individual asset). BUT if you are holding the wrong asset patience does you no good whatsoever. (Japanese property since the 1980s, etc!) 4) I think it was Warren Buffet who said that first. The collapse may be completing the cycle surely thats actually more like a "cycle"? And its not actually true, "time in the market" doesnt beat "timing the market" it's just easier to do. 5) I am actually buying crypto currencies now (all major ones) and I do believe it is likely to "moon" again one day, BUT I am drip feeding the money in, I am prepared to lose it all, and I am aware that could happen. This is not a one way bet (just a value one in my opinion)
  14. £470k to £375k (over about a year!) and still not sold... https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/43173694?search_identifier=50abbb948aa725b1b23bfc5611088e91 (Norwich outskirts)
  15. I like this one because of the agents description, which is actually true now as it was then, BUT... that was five months ago now, five months and the market hasn't gone up in that time has it! They will (I expect) have to reduce again soon, and by quite a bit to actually get someone to buy because my word there is a lot of two bedroom "luxury" apartments coming to the market in Battersea. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-55190841.html
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